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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 1 Apr 1937, p. 4

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yjvj4iiwivn falittfirwhhyatianbi paqe four the acton free press tunnapay april ut 1937 neighborhood news interesting itema concerning other centres and communities in which many of our readers are interest eri nn mrs trancod underwent an opera tion in toronto hospital lasts week mid ia convalescing mrs ernest lee of almu sjcnt few days with her slitcr mrs geo roaxcl and mr ko6xcl mr and mrs george griffin mr and mr arthur oriltin attended the runerul on thursday march 18th of mr wm finluy sonlnluw of mr grllfln cprowl acum mluc wuternum and florence mcdowell will leave toduy thursday for philadelphia where they will spend the easter vacation with the former sister and brouwrlnluw dr duncan und mrs garfield duncan advocate ballinafad mr sopcr und mrs uonburn sopcr were in toronto attending the funeral of llir formers cousin oti sunday mrs cuhnir mr and mrs dun can ferguson ultcd friends in guelph bt sunday rockwood threeact play entitled wheres grandma wus well presented in the town hall last week by memben of the stone church under tho auspices of the summer und made rlendd who will the of the united church iuv teltrvt to hear of her eurly passing crewsons corners mr hector guthrie visiting for few days with his parents mr and mrs outhrh mr kenneth mcdonald left last thursday for south porcupine where he lias socurcd work hi the milled we all wish kenneth good luck in his new venture mr kduurd crlpits of acton was vb itor ut the home of his mother mrs mcintosh mr uhd mrs jack airdrlc and chil dren were in welland far idle weeknd attending the funeral of mrs airdries bister doris kirk who passed awoy last wtdncsday dork wo visitor here in taylor wui cludrman for the oc cuion and tlu artists all did their juris to perfection the cut of diameters was as follows grundmu mrs fleming gretclieji bluke young wjfe muis helen ben liam bab blake her brand new hus thind gordon leslie jack worlcy cretchcns brother ralph savers lucy king jueks sweetheart miss clara ivnri arline truesdale jahc naur mlstf hazel scott carol worlcy grctclientt slster miss evelyn plnkney midnight chocolate brown liouseman leslie doughty dahlia midnights bride mm peart between the acts some com inunlty singing uruler the leadership ox mr fred mcarthur und quartette num bers by mlsses betty mcarthur betty peart messrs do wingute and geo day were much trnjoyed on thursday evening the or the united church held their euuer tluinlc offering with good aa tendance tiie meeting war under the leadership of mr fred alton and the guest speaker for tlu evening was mrs powkcof guelph during the meeting mrs little brought felloes of meeting held recently in toronto when dr stanley janes of india was on the program also an tufflllatluii of the with the took place with mrs rev tfiylor presiding miss margaret thomas contributed vocal number und quartette numbers by mule quar lolie were enjoyed on easter monday evening the sunday visitor ut tho homo of mr and mrs george graham were mr and mrs george mcbuiu und hilly und mlis margaret chalmers of acton terra cotta nuiiibcr of our young people ut tended tlu farewell tuchrc party ut ua home of mr und mrs haymond on tliursday eevnlng after the progressive euhre games were unbilled tiie malnder of tle evening was spent in dancing terra cotta orclietjtra fur nkhed the muiiic while cralne und norman icum performed the dutirf us masters of ceremonies mr undmrs otiear tounjnd of var onto spent kosur with mr and mm mcdonald und family mr robert mccauley wlio has been 111 during the past week is now able to be around again as usual moving reems to be tlie order of the diiy in our hamlet mv and mrs geo dickson and family have moved to the halton brickyard mr and mrs stamp and family liave alw moved to the halton brickyard mr and mrs wm johns hac moved to the halton brickyard mtw wum1 hunter of toronto spent eister at her home here mrs wm stringer of toronto spent easter with terra cotta frionds number from here attended the play on tuesday evening at union church given by the brampton people people of tlu presbjterum church held their the nlay vul entitled utile women euter tiinnk offering with mra jos nniu im mr ernt reasley the clark guble of an irthllnghorough eng laundry has gone back to his job as foreman and the three hundred laundry girl workers he superintends are happy again the girls went out on strike for three hours recently when they learnt that reasley was to be transferred to another branch of the firm handsome mr reasley is shown arriving at thi laundry after the girls won their strike hillsburg gray presiding varied program of music and vocal selections by mem birs of the choir uas enjoyed by those present readings by miss muriel gray and mr angu mcphcrson as well as juntonitme by master douglas mcpher son at the conclusion of the program nil adjourned the basement of the church were recreational exercises were conducted by mrs gray and euart donell followed by refreshments and oclal time which all enjoyed lenten services came to conclusion number of our cubcns are laid up vith the flu at present ospringe last friday evening at st johns church the lantern slides shown by rev briulnger were illustrative of the life and ministry of clirlst dealing largely ulth the cricinxlan und death of the man of naiareth on sunday morning services were held and holy communion observed by good attendance easter services vterc the order of the day in all the churches and were uell attended at the presbyterian church mr young of icnox college had charge of the service eister visitor who were noticed mr and mri everett levinca of butfalo mr alex clark of st cutharlmv mr george torrance hunillton mlss eveljn pea re toronto miss royce toronto mr douglas patterson toronto messrs clarence and janie lynch toronto mr and mr chas pearson tvironto mr roy dav of univenitv of tor onto is home for hi holidas mr ytd di of hamilton spending his holidays in new york mrs chas ivarson returning to toronto this week after ueeks stay ulth her aunt mr mutrle mr and mrs dunby are in humil titn for the easter seosnu mr arthur rudd of owen sjiuihi alv visited liere during the holldav ik ronald spendltu the liolitiltv the village and ujini ulth mr and mrs utile the public and continuation schools losrd last thursdt for thu hulldav and the scholars uw enjtying brief break in their srhoul ihh mr ivtren who lias ben tin gneral iiopllu guelph for some time niuuruent an operation toward he end of lost wk nuny friends jt and ucquulntaiyes ulsh him sply recowry to hbl usual gool health mrs reg micks of pvtrntwiro sjklldilllf few diim with mr aiwj mrs oro uolton mr oilb of guelph has uvii appointed rnaivutier of the riiyul allnk iwre mr and mvs leslie webb and family spent sunday ith mr and mrs applcvard of georgetown miss mary struthers of lucknow is visiting at the home of her brother and family mr and mrs janw struthers miss jean kirk wood guelph spent easter weekend with mr and mrs brydon miss mary martin li spending the easter vacation with her parent at woodstock prof albert robertson of london was recent visitor at the home of mr and mrs vannorman mrs tliomas henderson of pulmey dlick guelph spent week at her mothers home here mlss violet block and mr campbell delwood acre visitors with mr and mrs mrs sunter one day lost week mrs snreta grundy is spending few weeks with friends in ouelph mr and mrs usheruood of ever tcn visited on sunday ulth mr and mrs wm mckemde mrs cheyne and betty stratford are visiting ut the her brother and tamlly mr und mrs gcar locker miss lyla millar of toronto spent the easter weekend with her mother mrs wm millar here mr and mrs geo bryan and irma slient sunday with mr and mra lance lot cheyne mr and mrs ii churchcr of guelph spent the weekend with the utter parents mr and mrs wm cheyne miss eva green of mimosa spent exiter monday with her friend miss erma bessey we are glad to report that mr anslcy gregson who has been critically 111 with the measles is convalescing slowij at his liome here mr and mrs cheyne and little sons robert and jimmle spent sunday evening with the formers parents mr and mrs wm cheyne mr stanley booth has had to be re moved to toronto to the hospital stan ley has not been wejl for some time now his many friends wlih for him speedy recovery ever ton the closing meeting of the literary was held on tuesday night at the school with fair turnout mr wm mckenzit was very capable chairman the fol lowing took part on the program mlsses dorothy church und anna jackson and rtfi damplcr of everton messrs albert alton alexander kingsbury the everton young peoples society entertained the rockwood society at crokinole soclil on march 19th the rockwood young people put on splen did devotional service progressive few dais last crokinole was plnjed very line lunoi was served und after lunch games were plaved the young peoples society held their regular meeting in the church on sun day evening with the president mlis eleanor alton in charge the roll dill was answer mi by verse of scripture beginning with the letter the leader rot dumpier took over the meeting anne of tlie topic was the lasl week in the home nf life of christ scripture was read and jiaprrs given on the events of each day of the edaium week miss dorothv pur gordon mckeown law und hurvev fisher of greenock com munity mnuing wii eiijoed with mr nt sunter at the piano after which lunch was served mister don mticlnnon of kitchener und mlis doris grey of orangevllle are viltlng with mr and mrs rayburn iollowlng the report school sr iv grace hurrtw honur george roberlum gordon altkeu oetirije ljicker jr iv marie anderson roy ivavoj iii hltkrtnun mekimiiue douglas tutisentt jr iii helen altken ketlh ur iws eminu tiiiiley ii kenneth ivuvoy helen sinclair honors avoy honors reggie xlnx primer to jr joyc mors kenneth hoberhum mcculcheon un taught rev church und mb anna jackson sang duett mr fred mcwtlllams of rockwood mr and mrs john alton und mrs walter coullng attended the funeral on wednesday ut milton of the lau mr mithell fasken mn fasken was lie fire her marriage miss edna patniure clutol at everton mcleiul mr norman and ml vi mabel mcleod ure attending live day course of training in toronto mr and mrs usherwood sunt sunday with mr and mr mckeusle ghprlnge mrs mcleod und malcolm of loral gilelph are spending the easter holl duvs ut their home here mrs robertson hui returned to her home having uieiit two weeks vbltlug friends ul mimosa ospringe und acton mrs muittn and son ralph of tor onto returned to tluir home sunday after sjiendlng some time with her sister mrs fountain und fumlly rev mcleod preached an easter toiumv sermon on sunday morning and mra honor black suhg there green hill burrjiws rar awa mc murtln teacher mu nriliborliooj nwn ou turr real bargain we know our dayold chicks und hutch big ek uri barguln ut our rcjiular prices because the iullels lutve the stamina to produce large quantics of tho largu egga tlmt bring top prices and thu cockervli ufe cosy to li pose of because lliey ure lure birds that sell ut the top prices whether for broilers or roasters wo have those three ieakkei rocks populur lireedi whitk lechorns new hamishikem why not couu out und see our suick compare our prices and seo our farm und equipment rciuember every kg und chicks we sell li on our ouu fumil we know our stock und whut our chicks wiu do fieafed brooder jamesway poultry equipment we are ugentr for thli wellknown line of poultry equipment come and let us demonstrate the oilburning brooder illustrated and ibe done with worries about the heating of your brooder hoiues unclassified small advertisements amiutious ani haui woatlkuh only sturti business of your own selling 200 dully necessities direct to consum ers everyone prospect no risk proposition metliods make success easy good districts open fitee catalogue and details box am station mont willowdale poultry farm the home of the buvinevi heti it johiihloki sons prapk acton ontario tenders wantkd saled tender addressed to inttit county clerk milton and marked tender for painting judgcjt chambers ami tender for laintlng court room will be received up to noon on satur day april 10th sccincalloni for the ubove may oe aten ut the treasurers orilce court houv milton lowest or any tendec not necessarily uccepud pirrrit county clerk snilru ohjurrii at eatiajla acton pastor kev mmrmw ma rldu paraonage sower avenue sunday airn 4th 1937 1100 holy communion mln utrs subject the spiritual dimen sions of the church 1216 sunday school and bible clasbcc 00 tho minister subject the mrrchalidlseo of god tuesday boo yountf people union everybody welcome prcuhijirriun knox couitcu acton ilkv ii ben nik mlnut mans willow street all men are bom equal impoittant cleaiunc auction sale in the township of eramosa high class rkrchekon houses farm stock threshing machine kmilkmknts the undesigned ban iecelvel instruc tion from storev lot third concession of eromosa situated on tho erin and guelph road at centre inn ernmosa to sell by public auction on tuesday apkil fltfi 1d37 commencing at one oclock sharp the fallowing horses black mare in foal weigh 1500 brown mare in foal weigh 1500 bay mare in foal weigh uoo dark grey mare years weigh 1500 maple grey mare years weigh 1500 pair drk grey gcldingi years 2fi00 dark grey mare years weigh 1300 dark grey yenrllng colt months old bay mure yearn old in foul pair show panics and years old cattls roan gov years liii time of sale roan cow years calf at foot roan cow ycant in calf spotted cow calf at foot blue co due time of sale red cow due time of sale part jersey cow duo time of sale grey cow due time of sole cow hereford with calf at foot pure bred black bull years old pure bred shorthorn bull 10 months old heifer calf shorthorn 10 months old baby beef 12 montlis old 14 breeding evvet few suf sunday apiul 4th 1037 1100 the sacrament of tho lords supper 30 hi tile sabbath school ood thu creator 700 let 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an out standing lot and all bred on his farm some good show propolthimj it kerr auatiamwi phone 3d acton forsythe clerk 402 sold by mill street acton ont young alhrrta miss is typing champion cljlmunt of the worlds crown for speed tjplng in her class sfvenyear old reta umlse elder of raymond alia pi ture1 here ut her machine has already win international fame through her ability lo tjpc 120 words minute ui hmt elfort nie young tjpist had her llrst typing training with num ber of oilier children in kindergarten mjer nient which included spelling and writing tlie young alberta miss ro cintlt mane tiiir of the united states here she was hailed as marvel but thmih she prictles regularly at jiei tlpewriler her general education ls ii iwln forgotten her general average bi 01 per ceno special coronation sailings from montreal to plymouth havre anil london april 23rdrauuniu april 29th ausonla april 30th lancastrla tsiuclil from quebec to cltrrbaur and southampton april 24th empress of 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possession frank day rockwood ont auction sale gardiner and dunbar rock wood wi hold sale of horses cattle hogs sheep implements at dun bars farm rockwood on friday april 9th at one oclock 402 kerr auctioneer 10c baby chicks se bredtolay blood tested chicks for march und april burred rocks ioc single comb leghorns oc hatches on march lflth or any thursday after order ut once as my supply la limited rockwood chick hatchery plume b0 rockwood iomr hlock phone 15 acton you tel oni lhe maiden aunt uas striving lo uinuse her small and very bared neplujw would youuke nip to tell you fairy story freddy she asked all right go ulwud replied her little nephew indifferently then ill tell you one about mue wejt for sale thompsons burred rock baby chick april 1150 per 100 reds 50c less weekold pullets 30c each 4wcfkou cockerels 15c each bloodtest ed hock thompson 395 georgetown route sale of horses an auction sale of 25 good young farm horses and some colts will be held on monday april 12th ut 130 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