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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 1 Apr 1937, p. 2

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pjlox two the acton free press uunsyiy april art 1037 2jlf arton jlrrr irpfis ivbulid ev7 tbnrwuy acta 0trio sttscriftion kates yer united suica je dditio stat coplc sc bll 4d and new ad4m should given wtm ol flhr rvqvented canccixations wrf find tht bn our mnty cribcra prefer not to hava tbdr tttwcrfocion interrupted ia ce the au to resit betor cxpiraueei while mo criptlob will be carried la imm mm htw4 period jet unl are outiticd cancel we miud tbe nobacrcocr wlehe the eerk co advertising rates on applet loo nd la vsrioua column kxj although ewiir precaution the free pre accept dvcrtiwff in it column wlu tdvcrlu will not te evotd cm ihe under tending that error in aay adtenel pubuahed hereunder unle proof uch edweriient reueiled in writing by the adcttlr and returned to the pre pre boainea offic duly bivnctl br the edvertiter and with ocli error or correction plainly noted in writing thereon wrf ta that me if any error noted ia not corrected by too free pre it liauiity hall not acted nch proportion of the entiie coi of bucb adertiednt the space ccnplod by tbe tuld error tear to the whole apace occupied by such advertisement arjof mixs editor tklemiowss editorial and klu lines oove residence itic only cojirsc wc commend actori council on its early passing of 7hc daylight having bylaw and arranging matters in order that there will be uniformiry of time in the town there has been sufficient experimentation with the time in the past and it is generally conceded that the plan used last year was the most saisfuctory of any that has been tried wc are not in accord with the daylight saving time plan but wc do believe trying to avoid confusion situated as acton is and with its industries constantly in contact with toronto and other points where the daylight saving time is observed there is really no other plan open we admit all the inconveniences that arc experienced by its adoption but they aro outweighed by the convenience of untorrnify of time in the municipal ity the period of change will be bit confusing as is always che case but the forgetting of any othci time than daylight saving or summer time will assist in the change not assuming immense proportions editorial notes true to form march had both iamblike and lion like weather and provided plenty of variety almost time for some announcement regarding the observance of coronation day in acton those easter fashions got rather chilly recep tion but their day will come yet for being paraded jgw limits the speed limit goes up after may 24th on on tario highways but it does not necessarily mean that everyone is obliged to travel at the limit and see how much over it can be accomplished while the new law docs not become operative for almost two months it is quite apparent that many are due for checking up in that interval speed under ideal conditions and with modern equipment is not particularly dangerous but the drivers who have an five car fatalities over the easter weekend in ontario is reminder that more motorists arc on the road the sunday school lesson iott hundday april 4th god t3ik chkatok old en ttatt in the beginning owl crvttuti thr tiravclld uiid the riirlll 15 2031 pluc tin hrumm ivxt grtltisu tlnw not known hruvens nnd uic turtli kxpijuoii tile crrvauon of uw ucuvcils mid thr kortii in um unit verne of gen wc liave all the clear and positive information that man txussessria about uio origliml creation of uio heavens and the earth the universe did not come into being toy chalice ood created it there fore nood lyjus benevolent design tktid la subject to mm tlio universe hot ood but god handiwork 5xt 11 the universe but separate from it an above it how he created it we arc not told there profound philosophy in the first four words of the alible in the beginning ood in uio beginning of the worlds malory god in the be ginning of ull true science ood in th beginning of all right philosophy ood in tlie beginning of all right living urul right thinking god in the beginning of every wise undertaking ood el tins llcliuhilitauon of tlio earth to llwomo tiie abode of moll 325 in vcrm are told tlu earth ww or became waste urul void the words translated uuat aiuf void ore used in tli bible to ckpreis god judgment upon sin jtjcr 2327 tlic word translated confusion and emp tines in isa 34 ll arc uie same uords uxl here isaiah telu us in ninny words that god did not originally the period for the annual confusion of times is create the uorld waste isa 45 ib due this month but not until near the end of vj it plain therefore that in tfae the month beginning of vercc ne have uie dewrlp tlon not of the crratoin of the earth but of judgment that came upon the earth after its creation presumably be cause of the sin of some preadumlte inhabitants what follous then not the storj of the steps of uie original creation but of the reluibllltutlon of uie earth to become tlie abode of man if often wonder if the provincial legislature would xlev ot tllc to correct uiero can never by any possibility be any conflict betu een anj thlntf geolofiy niay dlscoer in the record of the rocks and that uhlch here recorded not as the xi rmn steps of the creation but as the steps nearly 3g00 sawmills arc in operation in canada ln the of the earth seven ut 30 and so miles per hourunder all conditions is nnd provide employment for about 18000 people to times uc told god saw that what whom over 14000000 is annually distributed in hc ad madc uas thr persons of the trinity arc found in the first three verres in verse we have god the father in verse we have ti rv the spirit in ersc and god said the figures of earnings of the dionne qyntuplcts thc wortl phnlm would be just as well not to watch the speedometer demanded and received by hon geo henry and god i1 occur ten timer in the djnp too closely but rather drive at speed that feels now made public is another blunder chargeable tn er crcainc uort is also done through hl5 spirit cf pa 33 job 33 pi 104 30 mort majcllc declaration of the pouer of god is found number of motorists seem to feci that the new ram 111u be and llcht unr ulc ileurew thirty mile regulations allow forty or fortyfive in uord tor dm is oiicn xxrra of the towns twenty is still the speed limit until may 21th it lias continued with god blessing tlio hrst pair were commanded to be fruitful an4 multiply tills command has never been abrogated cf chap 23 17 jb go chron jtt 42 13 13 fa 137 35 one the sbui that threaten our national life uduy the rln of disobedience to tills conunaiidiiiciit man was to subdue uie 1urth thu tic ht doing but tiie earth ofun gets tlie mastery oyer man not till tlu tall brought death into uie world did therr come into bclna tlio predatory law of nature rod in tooh and clw whereby the life of one species ts con tingent on uic death of another cf 29 ch 113 with tlie coming in of tlie reign of uio itincc of ffcocw it uiajl no longer be in eftoct iso os 36 god saw that everything he had made uui good uut good a1 it was it was destined to bo marred by xln bcoh scrapbook by scott ukkftil jasper wtiy do you want rubber plant in your barden camper want to raise tire for toy garden truck the dtutesmctl today are like chauf feurs in hlghpowcrtd cars who know they road uj kllppery while ln 10u they were like chauffeurs who did nob know what sklddhwr was sir arthur wu lcrt xe had written spring editorial for last week it was rather fortunate perhaps that there was no editorial page in that tssue provide such stupendous headlines in any other cit cr town in the province ns in toronto idea that the new limit means permission to drive due for checking up the new limits are pretty high and will require careful driving if the journey is to be completed intact after all the speed is not as essential as the safety factor and perhaps it perfectly safe this leader of the opposition ftinj prices from every angle one seems to be meeting rising prices these days paper prices were advanced last week and metals have been on the increase in price lor some months it is predicted farm machinery will rise in price and nearly every commodity seem pro longed period and gods dajs are not 24hour dijs chp peter if the interpretation of thcus verges given above is the true one it matteis the towns with two papers are becoming fewer nit uu t1l dajs in this caseare latest to aw or 24hour dajs or lengthened iveriod god amalgamate are the godcrich sgnal rehabilitate this fallen to be on the upgrade we wonder if these increase and star the combined paper will be issued twice earth to be the abode of man in si are not coming little previous for the general good week on wednesdays and saturday hours each indeed lie of all to buy these highpriced goods workers and farmers must have recovered from former obliga tions and be in position to make the purchases are they yet in that position and able to absorb the more expensive goods has the heralded heftier times actually come into effect or is it just bettei feeling that is predominant those with the funds now available to proceed and make improvement an no doubt make considerable saving but just how much funds are now available for spending by the great producing clas after all it is this class where the turiwner is the greatest to us it seem the procedure is rather in rccrse but then adjust ments do seem to uork out that uiv some times cheques passing through banks centres in canada during lojti totalled s3su200 001 compared with l5lfi00 000 in lw5 gam of sj3ru00o00o the million canadian government has issued over licenses during the past ten months uiiers of radio receiving sets lowering ol ee back to dollai would he appreciated one the another sort of kef urination if the reecoinnicndntions in the madden report oi the guelph itefnnnutar are carried into effect would seem that institution is due for some radical changes thcipast few vcrs or so public sentiment has turned against the mollycoddling of criminals and it would seem that more harsh methods are he adopted in the reformation of these men wv think that the eitreme of good treatment has been the practise but it is to be hoped the other extreme will not he made the madden report has great mail features that will appeal to most folks how iniiiv times have those in this locahtv heard the expression when driving past the institution that wouldnt be bad place to stay its appearance from the outside was etrtuinlv no deterrent to crime one wonders the lack of punishment and discipline of voungei jveu has nt been the means of creating so uianv voun criminals while the punishment inn he little belated still it winld seem that it weie the null corrective means foi deterring mine one method hashad trial and us weaknesses hue been shown the actions ol criminals the past nn two lun turned public feelings against the pampering sort refoimation and it would seem linnm ss and strir discipline were ti he the lonemic measiiie with the issue last week the mount forest coi federate completed sclent vears of set lice to it community lis usefulness has grown with the ieit aniljt seventi its veteran editor mr wright can renew the three score and ten ol some great satisfaction ins paper willi aduiinistiiiioii of ibe farmers creditors act rn ne vear tioui april 1st ms cost this countii s7i20is md ii snider wiarton lawyer who was oililial leeciicr for the whole county of bruce until an assistant was appointed drew from the federal treasuri according to the lauditor generals lieport salary of 2150 and eipenses 1127 07 he fared much better than the persons who had advanced the loans and had lug cut made in prin cipal arrears and rate ot interest cheslev fntei piise he iiluierstiin obscivet brought omentum to light that is rathci inteiesiiiig it leported that hist recentli manufacturers of slol machin sheld heir annual com en lion in chicago moie than ifju mi nianiilaciuius line present and significant leatue brmighl out that not slot machine as we know them was iiianu acttn eil the hinted hi hioughl out also ihai 17 ol ilu is starts absolureh loibid slol machines and that ihe last gieat market gambling devices on tin aineiic eontlllelll is hi aiiada and llicv are packed up and shipped to ih iniiiitii as soon as stale toihuls tin in tlie state create orilllnally in idx dajs of 24 hours 11 he uould inlldels of an earlier at clearinghouse maov merry oier the nrt hapter of genesis ivenklni of lleiu before the sun ttu niadl but every well informed ennbt now lnius that there via smlc ilihl before the un beenrne eptrite and distinct body ill the cnitlon of man jgjl il us milce is full ol meanlni in rt ue hale the plurilllj of peroiu ihe godlu ad slliestetl 111 the verj mrs hapter of the hlble icf j2 11 pa lit this plorallti ali lailc 11 bj he 11 inn or god ill wbkh is lural noun man was be maile tin mure of the colhead this iniue and llkeni ferred rather to inteiu tual and moral uli ne than to philu1 lllciii col 10 lph 114 john hut clod doe inalilfist nlncelf in ill iterlal fonii ilhll ii ix 11 11 ia ii 14 and this form is aein litl in some peel like the human to in ilinuuli till limine ha been blur id and marred bi sin ll has not bed obliierild 91 this imiue ulil iltlkv uie ierfe til reahed in the perfel man ihe liplril man the ideal mull ihe son of mall jeais christ cor col is hi till lllorlous lmie is ompletely restored in riiieiieiallou and uhal follows it lpll lj col 111 john 21 god app intid man to have dominion oni eierj reited tlilni on earth cf is 4fl lie liiemiliur of in hie liilr fer in meaaire th this jlerfe dominion of ruin oler the animal dei llon but ll will be restored til the lamiallili and restllull ill ol all tllltu is 11 ij ss komulis ii 21 it loinad man out of the ilul of toe iiiirul uiidbri allied into him 11 uu bliiilh lortetrlll itom tills no on ol twi li ml vflt man tus ami ll ull iu is allied bi in orlim to loir nature tun hi 11 il ltiiil ll in hi allud tiiiue le iii god ihe dhlnc oiliihi ol 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moss etc balsam rtiin rt the total value of manufactured products made princi pally from rau materials of forest origin as to 1h5 1r toresr products in ijo alfordcd an excess of exports ovenmporis s15h560oo0 sen important to canada international trade tlie ilanl ofmontrcjl lias to operated uh everj atu ity of the foresr industries assisting in ecr phase of production and marketing ihcjjanl jus had the priv ilege of financing large share of the export husincss ol these industries lliousands of uorlers arc dcjxisiiors sharing in the safety and facilities of the hanl uitliilieir tniplojing companies some of die llanlt service ruoit frequently uied bj cm plttcrv and emplineci in tlie fare it trades commercial jiiuuiiis liuciin turicnc accounts financing of ilnpmeiits on ireirnul dim inj discounts collection trade ami nejit uiitimjt on v4ilreping leciiniici javfng accounts per umii mono orders travellers cheques banking in nuii bank of montreal littk 11 bmill aiiuinti lie ii cionic lonriis 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