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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 25 Mar 1937, p. 3

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thoresday march asth hot the acton free press page tbrbs ih mr bauimm of itort william is ylfiltln witto mr oco murray mrs tt mektaney of toronto spent last fttaay with mia oeo murray kxbmtc and un ii harrison of toronto visited la acton on sunday miss margaret brown speno the week end in toronto with miss ky 6twmrt mr and mrs ix johnstone of london are visiting with acton relatives this week mr and mrs donald minnie and mas ter bob of yale mlrh visited with mr and mrs george edwards ftiends are indeed pleased to see decree footilt able to be about oaln after his recent serious illness mrs cunie of chatham is spendln tihe ester holiday with her parents mr and mrs savage misses marjorie near nod patrlclu harrop visited in toronto over the weekend with mrs craig ned mia mortlmore mr harry olhbons observed his 85th birthday on sunday many friends here wish him many more happy birthdays and years of enjoyment mr frank winters sailed on sunday for england where he will hiako his home friends here regret bis removal but wish him success in the new home lived century on caravan old mrt honor matthews was bora in caravan it was her cradle her perambulator her earrlaae 13 years and in caravan she died never in all her life did this wondcr lul old lady spend day in liouse throughout life hlch began when wlllum the fourth as king she trav elled urst with iicr parents and then with her showman husband through the length and breadth of england almost to her last day slw could thread netdie without buuj and when for her catne the day when her yes closed for ever her sons and daughters were about her in the cara van njulxt output to bk cut falling prices of cultivated pearls liavc caused kokichi ulklmoto of tobtt japan one of the worlds largest culti vators to seek control of the market mlklmoto mahitaltu great pearl farm ut tooa wliere 60 per cent of the worlds cultivated pearls are produced iue to overproduction of such pearls in recent years prices have been steadily dropping and this has caused mlklmoto to ost twothirds of his pearl bods mlklmoto will concentrate ills energy on talcs policy he will buy products of othen on lare tcale the cultiva tion beds covering thousands or acre ulll be abolished card ov thanks mrs win finlay and mr and mrs orittin sjiroul dlre to evprcji their appreciation or the muny kind acu iwr tinned and njmpathctlc uords spoken during the recent bereavement in their home tlicu many kindly acli mil uords will alum be cherished caud of thanks the family of the late john william harding are deeply appreciative of the many kindnevf that were thouii dur ing hla illness and the sympathy ex pnsed in manj wajs at the time of his death tlies acts and uords ulll jiluajs be remembered ca1u of thanks for the klndnos shown in to many uajk by friends and neighbor during the illness and at the time of the deih of my beloved husband am deeply ap preciative the sympathy uhlch found exprdsuon in so many wajs and the nelbhliorllness and hclpfulncs ulll ul uays be gratefully remembered mrs murray george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite byriebirks wt panersonro 8ecfalm kj lfm mlll ii whn sl mot ta ouxlph phoira 310 qulttr lammr out of thejjack fif tyand in ottawa continued from psge one eatons cleaners dyers suits coats plain dresses mainprize barber shol positively no shrinkage 75 why delay place your order now for baby chicks or hatching eggs and be sure of what you want from our fainous strains of it hocks white leghorns new hampshires hatcheii off fcvery monday and thursday our sut uued customers return each year bocauto they know that our chicks produced on our form from our own stock will do more than wo claim for them willowdale poultry farm it 1l johtulon jb svoiu acton ontaltko gregory theatre pkiday ktaltch 26 th born to dance with eleanor poucll queen of tips in romance of rhythm chapter 10 of flash gordon community sing wendall hall billy janei kmle hare and jolly radloj famous sunday night fea ture nou on the screen saturday march 27th all american chump laugh laden farce unusual ani clever starring stuart eruln comedy hes prince car toon wolf in sheeps clothing novelty reel vaudeville monday march 29lh the charge of the light brigade plcturizatlon of tiiinj im mortal poem coiltnrrlng errol flynn and olivia de ilavllland snappy cartoon and the rules of the ilouscwcrc ably upheld and so mr marshall oontlnued and to hcu out itis time sjlowance quoted from hansard which seems favorite oiler hi many speeches then mr turner came to bat and this was his first speech la the house we couldnt see mr turner very well from where we sat and weiro told you we dldnt sleep very well the previous night it became more and mare dlfllcult to follow the speech we frankly dont know what he said but the desk thumping that followed when he took his seat rather startled us and we presume we must have dosed we had planned on staying until the house adjourned which we understood would be about ten oclock well mr mutch from winnipeg south followed mr turner and mr evans from maple creek followed mr mutclu and mr william hay hurst came on after mr evans and it was well after ten oclock the endurance test was more than we could stand we just had to set to bed those legislators liadnt been travelling the night before and were in better shape for lighting off drowsiness than wo were copy of hansard re veals that the house adjourned at eleven oclock most oltleg have rush hour time when car trail ic is heavy and street curs are jammed perl laps ottawa hai oiio too but weve never seen it pcr hapd weve been there at the wrong times but it just seems to lack the hutle and bustle usually found in city of it stxe we strolled the streets ul noon time and again before the even inn meal we cant net away from tho lmbit of ualklng some place for meal and fcem to require the walk as pre liminary to tlic meal we like thai ottawa ubure that secmi to prevade about the city it gives small towi etfect in big loan surrounding can never conceive of ottawa liuitlln7 or debater being milled or hurrying to complete the cerjilon it just couldnt be done at ottawa we had made iure of louer birth for the trip home and wc went to it immediately we do recall bump the engine was connected on the train but never knew when we left ottaua the porter called at 45 and after the uinial morning ablutlom ue met one of our fellow newspaper men he liad tried the endurance test nt the iiouu of com mann too but art out as we did haltons member came out of oil upper berth and later joined in the con versation he didnt beem fcurpriyd tliat wo hud been drowsy in the lefimpoad utout lout icar in the house haltons mem ber was baclc bencher nnd we looked for his neat in the same location this lear the plan of the house however how unit mr cleaver has been moved and in now in the second row its quite apparent that his ability has been appreciated sure miss annes mcphall was there she was bit late coming into the house nndaour guess was that the hairdresser had detained her she staved short while and apparently found the budfict as uninteresting we did if joure ever in ottiiwa dont mu lfliif the parliament butldlnf thej are underfill but dont be dlvippolnted if the houe is not tn ession this wefiks puzzle poem my first is in sugar and salt what flavor my second is you but nob in my neighbor my third in prescription but never in dose my fourth is tn near and also in close my fifth is in early so never hi late my sixth in slide but not in skate my seventh is in out andeer out of in my eighth causes error but cannot make sin my ninth is letter which makes lad glad while my tenth leads his lady to him when hes sad my eleventh is always part of your cousin my next is in twelve yet its not in doxen my thirteenth letter is always in me and my last not in ocean but always in sea the whole arc good articles wltliout the least doubt you can find tliem on main street tlio next time youre out only those answers to tlic poem sub mitted on coupon from tine jxrr pxcj will be eligible for the prlae dont phone but put answer in ut tut pxue pbksa office use coupon wolutlon name how im you sound when you ipeak you broadcast to thane within tarsliot thumbnail his tory of your life you indicate our jtute of mind your state of health and jour breeding it la surprising the amount of time the uverage young thing will hpciid on her appearance drew makeup and the like and totally dis regard the voice she doca not know what perfectly ood bet she is over looking voice may be as haunting and beautiful as face there arc plenty of examples in radio where lis tener have fallen in love with voice without having ieen the face of the singer or speaker prank la forge in independent woman good staut proud father already give my son good allowance and am now won dering how to ulvcjhlm really good tart friend thats easy junt tell him jouve stopped his allowance modern dairying 80 years old tb ftrtl milk fwt tki i927uuwm marks tkktu annvrory of modtn dairy ng it was yoft ago kit spting that go ftordn mtablliuj tk first utccmsfuj cotunfcuil pl to com it jays milk tar um mmat naxt mohtsi or mxt yar gall bojm urst snail factory start milk its way ta naw and woruwiaa marlwti evary dairyman skaras in tlta wxur markats aoj fjraatr usas of mill broasit about by itu lajrdiip karjn tk skmh ammivvrsary af maawa jairyimg pljgs to catinua tkls traitio sf isajsrsklp ta ajdaadis tw wst fo mill afttt rvschastn mkx mjlmuactuiis or mju saooocn tmitslsutosi 1hsoocmou1 tmi wotttd ford prices when wc quote prices on ford cars or trucks we give the total cost of the car ready for you to drive awuy license is included we dont ask you to figure in addition government taxes freight and lot of other items after all youre vitally interested in the exact amount of the investment thats the reason we quote prices that are not complicated but understood by all 1037 prices are from 576100 up when making comparisons be sure to get the complete prices and well leave the values to your own good judgment its the quality car in the low price field norton motors fortl v8 sales and serviee acton phone 6i kbltlls list of salls tuesday march 30th lntenlve auc tion si1l of rirm stock implement itr for ro aro eden mills at clock saturdav april 3rd win ecclcihal acton household elfccti tuesday april 6th slon era mosu clearlnn sale rrldnj april oth gurdfiitr an dunbar tck und implemen bananas celery stalks spinach 9c cn lioc sie oranges golden yellflw large dozen 6c cnsp medium larre sweet special dozen oifc cabbage 21b new firm green heudv uc carrots new sl7e bunches for uc potatoes good cookers peck 0jc tomatoes 21bsi firm ripe ruby red for 27c grapefruit jesi texas seedless medium large 25c lettuce large sue firm heads for uc turnips lbs table quihty for jc carrolls tjqra csuc oy ginger ale bll 12c dtposlt corn starch pcls 10c fc tiily hoi dil vitone tin 27c and 47c lir mliot chocolates pound 25c ruhs 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and our list or daily spelal fred bray limited chick hatchery gfco i1kown ajtent nouvai onta4uo

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