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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 18 Mar 1937, p. 7

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thursday march 16th 1037 the acton free press page aevbn giving divings trho law of the world tlicy tnv and im glad it is so arent you the clouds give rain to the ihlrly land and tlie land gives back the dew the sun by day and the moon by night olve light to the earth afar and the earth gives back the light again as steadfast shining star tls the law of our llvci as well they nay and im glad it is so rent you where many arc needing our aid wliat joy to know we can something do for doing is giving unci kindly deed no matter how small uicy be arc gifts wn may kcutler with lavish hand and be richer otirsrlvei you ee there li always ivoincthhig to give they tty and im glad it is st arent you tliough dollars have iktwn from he scanty puro and the dimes uro ull too feu flower land loving word wjll fccrve to gladden the friend close by and for those fur from uielr homes the mulls on swift white nhlloiu my so giving thu law of our life they say and im glad it in so arent you since love is as free us tile ulr wc breath and uarm us the sunshine loo song in the twilights golden hour to solace the hear til that grieve smile tear soft breathed prayer oh then chronicles of ginger farm written specially ror the acton free preaa wkndolvni claukk twenty minutes sat here willi pencil und paper and didnt wrlti word why well it may be because there is un cus wind blowing or 1l may be that was just thinking about lotters receiv ed just lately some from friends ljme from relation und ihije letters niude me wonder how many people urc reumy hanpy und what wu really consider hap plnes lo he ofv letter was from niece murnri about year ukohu months later her husband lost his job now ni jiwoi king uguln but not earning enough to keep them both jo ivugy has gone back buslnesj ugulh hi partnership with an other girl whleh means timt lcggy utxtl her huiband uie living in txo different cltleil ivugy writes quite selltlbly axvl jtcmi xtltui thut the has ner work to full ulwuys something to givel ck on but all can think of li la tragedy of 1l nil two yomitf people iio family und ununited after just one vur of married life ther are nmny mich culx und wondeni what ims the future in otbrc for these young couples when they tire in yesterday uccordlni xksinb you hadnt those dlslics to wusii those nocktto mend what would you be doing supposing you liadiil married at ull vou might be clerking in store you might be stenographer you might be teaching or hurslug jn any com would you liuve any more time to your self limn you have novrlind do you think having bofc to please would make life any easier distant llrlds uro ul ways green it is only natural for us to want to do uimelhlng out of the ordin ary alv friend is not unhappy just tem porarily discontented ivisslbly she needs holiday or new dress just let anything happen to any one of those four children und whut cliutigo there uould be in her moodl ho uouul tuy if we get notion ue unhappy irtu just stop feeling wirry for ourselves and we hull und those dishes much euider to wash and tliut pile of darning fur less alarming and then suppalng we take look ub our fumlly und uk ou reives whut whould the atlantic do if unythlng happened to utiy on of them toliitlkt tkavtl to anada shows siiaiu risk in ykak 1jtimaud thai in courw of season canada vultrd by numbcn quailing twice hrr population mfcadk it ik twkntv ykalls ago fcrom uue oi the free it thunday maxrjh 22nd iu17 spring come to tlu ulmanuc motor eur nre running in the lower end of the county on the new toronto hamilton highway mr james rumrhuw alio him con ducted the blickrmithlng buslnew ut the corner or mill street and lake avenue the pui year hui brought lib fjimlly from krln tneir new home on brock street mr john coleman hiu sold ill residence nn willow street to ml minnie mellon pto hubert mphersm of the heuv eir battalion toronto hiir been home on his iast leave the battalion leaver toronto today miisrii blow und cherholt of wood stock have purchased the goodwill of caldwell and will open llrit clawi machine shop and garage in acton mr john coleman janitor of th public and high schools for the past nine years via realgncd mr coleman has decided to remove to ilnmlola man tlie realgniitlon war received with much regret by the board prices fifty years uo for nrocerlus supplied by the late charles hill nre ia lbs suijur 50c down cgtfi 20c lb butter 10 lbs rugar 100 bar soap joc lbs oatmeal 25c lbs salt flc ih blaciclky at everton on wednes day march mth 1017 margaret jils tin uife of james blackley fn her 71it year unklatkrt at wlngham on friday march 9th 1017 christina widow of the late thonus unklattr aged 73 ears canada iiklps indiams under the direction of the indian affairs branch of the new department of mines and resources plans are helm made for the carrying out of com prehenslve scheme of fitting the indian to earn their own living by means for which they have natural bent in dlaun in canada are the ward of the canadian government as farmers many indians have done well but all rannot be farmers many are encased in wucoir4 itshlng or in lumbirlng transporuitlon conitructln and other pursulls but with the major lty of the indian located away from populated area and many of them in the northern parls of the provinces or in the northwest territories and yukon teritory it not feasible to train all able will they recitablbih their honv and find hupp new together again one wonders partner read pennys letter and once remarked well we have con throurh jonie mltihty touch hmes oar elvli but far vc have manuged jtlck together yes ue have lucl together and that is ii big thlni tlue day when oiint people iet married and then each ro their own way are they not choosing the lino of least resistance ierhap in some case no effort made at all to establish hume they arc so sure they could not posslily make do on johns salary so they done even try it is much easier to live with johns people they dont have to shoulder much responsibility then and they can ic and come as they pleiise and money can alwaj be found for show or dance ulthout anyone suffering any undue hardship are john und mary happy who shall say they would probably tell you they were having good time but happiness mirely isnt jiut imurur good time would say hapidnew ls only possible where young rouple is buildlnif for the futurev where they willingly sacrifice some of their freedom und cuicty for permanent hap jilness sometimes ue know it is impossible to voung married man to earn enough to run home but rather think the idea is growhik that to live with mum und dad and each eep their own job it hey both have one is far easier way of doing things than to start house keeping on their own but it lsn for young people to start shirking the responsibilities of married life it is neither good for them nor for the cmininb neueration so if may would like to say to lm other young people just what am going to write to niece if pas si jly can st 11 together never mind sujictlsg potatoes lob seed mjkiokes all growers of jed whetlicr it ie seed grain vegetable seed or uny other kind of seed should endeavor to pro duce seed of ulterior fiuajlty by starting with the most suitable varieties und ruins and selecting tlie very best seed for their own plantings in the produc tion of ued potatoe there in much room for improvement und nil too fre quently bruised damaged small otftype or otherwise inferior leftover potatoes lire planted particularly if prices have been alluring actual selection of super lor strains of potatoes is apparently no receiving the attention that is so fun damental to succers and yet the see potato grouers may be producers of really hlh quality cattle and other live stok and would not for moment think of using the same tactics in their breeding program why then not apply similar care and principles to the pro duction of high quality seed potatoe the seed potato certification service ha jeen advocating such system for many years uith varying success it is true thai diseie have been controlled or nuthnds for their control practised jit that is not the whole story an effort sh juld be made by every seed potato trwer through teietion 4o produce stac which in addition to being more or levs free from serious dbeares li also apparently dtsease resistant good seed shjiild be true to tjpe high yielding and of inod appearance tliat li to say tuber jhupe color of skin and eye char acters should all be considered and an effort made to cull any not conforming to certain set standard of oxohcnce in other words seed fcloctlon the tulier unit method of plant in of which much has been written is one big step leading toward such an end and crowrrs ould be well advised practise every means by which the quality of seed may he improved suca practices ae becoming more and more general in face nf modern competition tour bt und convention travel from the united states and other countries to canada during last year totalled in mimtwn approximately twire the popi latlon of the dominion maud howard manager tourut and conven tion biireull canadian nutionul itull wujs in review of canadas tmrlt tnttfic for luali bailed in montreal re cently fjul ycur we enjoyed con tinuation of the inertusing numbers of american tourists vllting canada und the geiierul view umong th directly concerned with the development of the tourist truffle in uili country ik highly optimistic iu to the prospects for 1937 thb healthy condition prevailed from the puciilc as report received from various tourlst organiza tion irom nova scotia to british columbia all indicate substantial ln erease hi busincv over tlie previous year after the jtback resulting from the economic upheuvul of few years ago the tourist industry lias again com menced on the upward climb to now helghbi when oificial figures first bc cin to be compiled in 1d20 the tourist tade wiu valued at 3373000 in 1020 it had reached high of 300 370000 und in 1033 the bottom of thi depression it dropped to 117124000 since then each yeur ha shown un inrrease until it now stands at an es ilftilsman from glasgow rkted by lh cn hag you tli nlr arrived ut king und of course wa ur usual dbnlnutlve cock istent ntreatieu of carry persuaded s4indy to let rhurnt of lib two heavy mllteue after walking uixxlt three mile they united ut tin boarding houm with tli poor little cckney pruetlcully ekhausl ed jiaiidy plaetd one roiiptt coin hi hand und started to wulk up th w1ia tlu atstiie tiuhjtgot ady who noon tlellly tilet boy re to mlnlur what thae on sundi war pawky humor or was it wit in the remark of boy omlng home oiu sunduy uflvr lth string or trout wiu sud nfronied by the mlnbiter wuy of escape but the wai the occasion he exclaimed dye sw roili uot for nubbin wormn improving leps kre he little fellow ay keel ik ulldy ill say guvimr wots thls rry kind of you hruili mipimve your futher riractlfes gikml deal suld mlul inquisitive to ulo dortors small boy nil replied the youiiuter he does not practice now he knows how time tables aoian nationalrailwftys at acton gain eact dully xcept sunday 705 arm dally except sunday i0n7 dully except sunday flilpju sunday only 719 pm tiolnr west dally except sunday 850 dally exeep sunday 333 pro dally except sunday 7nfip dully xeeit sunday 1340 am sunday only 1133pm standaitd time the free press says by these signs you shall know them up you joll are hard can stand it jou sepirate widen with th hethcr and you will your everjday life iu are young you your whole life is before now und the breach will passing yeirii stay to llnd happiness in result of work of them for farming or tor highly in but just at present she is suire dustrtulied occiiiulions tl teniprary lit of the blues ut big playing kether sentence in another lett ed strurk me quite forcibly am doniestlcatedvts as and hating evi ry bit of that letter was from friend husband and four cluidrtn un happy am quite sure she lsnt in fart am certain she ls perfectly happy ring from and perhaps soi rowing to receiv it run hen villi in the areas in which many of tin indians live the fur trult canadas oldest and still one of its large indus tries lias us main producing held thousands of operatives are required to carry on this industry and tlie indiana by heredity inclination und training ure its skilled workmen with respect to indluus living in tlie hunting regions efforts will be nuide to add to their tklll as trappers and to educate them liow best to care for the furs before disposing of them us well as what trade goods to buy from the standpoint of heullh comfot and economy throuuh indlun agents they will be given udvlc as to lur price so as not to bo taken advantage or by irresponsible trudi through the government doctors slmctinn will be continued and extend ed to precautions to be taken to ward off thoc disease to which indians ar most prone another line of is to reserve exclusively for indians areas that ale fundamentally hunting grounds in the northwest terry oies immense area have been set aside as native hunting preserves and outside of the presirves no while trapper may procure llcnse for hunting until he has laen resident for four jears iuji ii kcekuisiimvnts sotsuuiu hud prmulsed to piovlde tile fcclukjl treat wltii lujuid refreshment when the time eaiue he took llpm all to blu pond and taking imekit of sherbet 10111 hi picket ihirw it now tliii latm he said jump in mid drink while its lltzlng nd doesnt ieallj it she is clever woman she wants to be doim interesting thlis but she feels herself hemmed in by her domestic id illlcs there ure doixns of just such cases maybe vou who read ure one of them thut fettered feeling lis very common form of discontent we feel if only we had more time we could make some thini of life there ure so many things ue would like to do but there ure ulwus dishes to wash socks to darn rooms to clean there is no time for the thine we really want to do for the books we want to read or the music we long to practise but ut consider for moment sup rhe englishman speaks of the palnl or creat masters iu not half bad if lie lost an arm and leg in the war he came out bit shj if he is half starved he sajs hes in hole when the germans bombarded the yorkshlr coast he spoke ot it as liveliness the ivenchman as tar hbi lan uie goes lives in world of tracedleii passion and disasters he is crushed overwhelmed annihilated trans ported all sorts of things happen to him all the time stephen leacock 111 humor its theory und technique the kujillih have an extraordinary ability for hying lut great calm alexander woollcolt the rudeness of the french is more liracious than other peoples courtesy nancy bojd in uke americans whenever the literary german dive into sentence that ls the last you ar lining to see of him till he emerges on the other side of hls atlantic with hij verb in hls mouth mark twain in connecticut yankee in king arthurs court armenian eyes ure nearly ulways big big with thousand years of terror ivanz werfel in the foty days of musa dagb neveit civil th major you know havent seen your husband since he returned to ci vil life th ixcapuiins wife you mean ilnce he was released from the army dont ynu he never was very civil timuted value of 275000000 for tjv eison of 103g representing expendi tures for transportation purchases and accommodation of this total it lr es iljntlted that s20oooooo was siunt by lhae ittendini conventions another 210110000 by fishermen and hunters and 235000000 by tourist vacationbu lndnjllhv vaihjiis other forms of re creational aetivities in an analsls of the tourist statistic the pasl seasrui it is interesting tc that tourists came to canada from minv eountiies in addition to the unit states athuuih far the creatcr pr portion came from the latter coun try prcbibly no country lu the world visited byuch larje numlwr of tour ists as canada it is estimated that in the course of vear canada ls visited by numbers equalling twice her popula tion canada and the united states do not need uny bon ententes or peace cdvrfeicnces lo provide mutual under standing and coodwill the tourists are seeing to the development of tin kood neighbor policy quite satisfactori ly said mr howard last year canada plaed host to approximately 15000000 americans nuiiuer that exceeds the entire population of the dominion by bout 1000000 they represent of ciurse visitors who crossed the hue into caiada by all means of transportation the balance of trade however li not entirely lopsided for it is estimated that more than 3000000 canadians paid return call to the united states and ligured on per capita basls thisref preients pvetty fair ptrce of rcrlpro lty in neichborltness the total conventions held in can ada during 1030 represents substantial increase not only in the number of such imlherirgs but ulso in the total attend 1111 as cbnipared with the previous vear slated mr howard list vear lllee ejnventons held in the principal ct nt res across canada numbered 8g1 producliii an estimated revenue of 21 030500 to the cities concerned more than ion american organizations held inventions in canada during last year and already the indications are that thls number will be considerably ex ceeded during 1937 convention parly movements during 1031 to principal hotels and summer csorts of the canadian national rail ways in addition to allexpense tours and general tourist traffic to outstand lri scenic areas from coast to coast on or adjacent in our lines showed mark ed increase over the previous vear stated mr howard sportsmens traf fic alo continues on the upgrade the facilities offered by our repres en ta lives for outfitting and guide at some of the best hunting and fbihhig area on the north american continent being such as to fully satisfy an experienced clientele the result being thut many return year after year to enjoy this form of recreational and sport activi ties offer arrow bus effective sept 21th 1s38 leave westbound dally 015 atn dally except saturday 1145 ajn dully 215 pm suturdiiy onl 15 yn dally 515 pm dally 715 pm dilly 1115 pm suurdiiyi eundiiyi and holidays only 105 am leave eastbound dilly except sunday 700 am dally 010 ujn dally 1245 pm dally 30 pm sally 045 pm dally 900 pin7 think what this wo derful offer will mean in enjoyment through out the whole year for yourself and your fam ily magazines of your own choiceand this newspaper packed with stories time ly articles helpful departments ana color ful illustrations now is your chance croup croup select one magazine select one magazine it ls out of our impplness thut our vices grow out of our fear our cruelty out of our doubts our intolerance out of our weikncss our conceit out of our hunier our greed will dunmt madems 24lssnes iyr national home monthly yr canadian magazine iyr chalebhb iyr pictorial review iyr silver screed iyr american boy iyr parenls rvugazine mo can horticulture and home magazine iyr liberty maj52 issues yr judge 1yr parents magazine iyr true story iyr screenhnd iyr house garden emo ins f1he cak accident sickness etc harrop represent atrvtl gor district muttutl norwich union canadian ttrj loiitirainte compsiny the auluie awurmne the cikujthy of canada auurkice compmiiy the klercbuiu casualty co the krtaufcriiir motuj take your choice this offer ftdly guar anteed ah renewals will be extended offer no one magazine from group and one magazine from group and this newspaper offer no three magazines from group land tiiis newspaper whats the news news is changing con tilnntly events happen fast anil tilings clmnce over night only an alert newspaper can keep nbreoil of these happenings on many local fronts the acton tree press offers its readers complete service in news reporting and editorial features it answers the question whats the news regularly every thursday subscribe now ami keep up with the times the actojnfreepress acton ontario subscriptions for all slagathiefi taken at the free press omes muggs and skeeter bv wally bishop

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