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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 18 Mar 1937, p. 5

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thursday march lath 1037 the acton free pr prks mr george sopcr jr of kite lie ner spent the weekend at bis homo here mr and mrs gordon mckay of tor onto apcnl the latter part of the week at the home of mrs wansbrough mr and mrs grge agnew and master george edward of toronto spent the weekend at the home of mri george agnew mr and mrs elmer mckechnio and miss flora jean mckechnlc of jamrb luivn ny visited over the weekend with mr and mrs george soper mr and mr hoy wonshrough and family and mr and mrs harold warn brough and family of tjtiito spent sunday at the home of mrs waius hrough mr and mrs ale mcgregor wh lmv been vliilunjn an fruncurj col for the post two month returned last wcjck and uti vlsltlng ut the horn of their daughter mrs ix talbot mr und mrii midler guelph wbl lo announce the engagement of their eldest daughter gertrude may to george leslie ton of mr harvey leslie of aylmer the marriage to take place ill april george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite ryriebirks the wiuthammckeown wedding very quiet but pretty wedding was solemnized wt saturday at four oclock ut the home of mrjj mckcown when her daughter josephine became the bride of joseph wlu thorn xtev lr morrow officiating the ceremony took place lit hotter of ferns dalfodlbi and pussy willows the bride wat given in marriage by her brother lloyd mrs norman veil who played the wedding inarch also touig during the signing of the register swccti and holy tlie bride looked charming lit loithi furcd shell pink moire carrying roses uid babyji breath uhd wearing cameo broocli gift of the it room miss olive cannon wm bridesmaid wearing gown of pink silk nft ami currying bouquet if raws nnd buhy breath the groom was attended by mr gordon cook after the ceremony the guests nut down to wedding supper later the bride and groom left for motor trip to tlie united stuteit tlie travelling attire of the bride was dusty pint triple uheer gown grey coat with black accessories the happy couple will reside in acton on their return the head eyesight service huh expert skill latet style in eye gins comfort and lowest prices filvk uk calx ihonci 1520 for appointment head 5h st georges squatte gufclph caue of the sow an uttelt the brood tow should be in thrifty condition when bred mid maintained in breeding condition neither too fat nor too thin during pregnancy dally exercise la necessary and can be ensured by providing pasture in sum mer and feeding in on outside lot in winter previous to farrowing at tome little illtance from the sleeping quar ters during inter jjiiiic fresh nodi grcen feed and roots will help approx imate summer pasture conditions cure must be taken xo prevent the sow from hecoming constipated bran should be added to the regular ration tuo week or more previous to furrowing suitable meal mixture for pregnant sows consists of parts oil chop and port shorts or ground wheat supplemented with little sklmmilk or per cent tankage to prevent halrlcssness or goitre in new born pigs one ounce of potassium todlde bhould be dissolved in one gallon of water and each sou given one table spoonful of the solution two or three times weekly in feed if the sow far rows during cold weather artificial heat mill be necessary and special cure should be taken to present chilling the new born pip the use of small amount of cut straw for bedding an viunrd rails ill help prevent tramphv and crushing of the little pig when the sou become hungry utter farrowing he may be given little warm thin slop containing oat cfteip and bran after which tlie regular nurs ing feed pay be introduced and gradu ally increased cue period of several days to all the sou can eat in two or three feeds dally good nursing ration consists of equal parts oat chop and shorts supplemental with pounds of skimmllk per pound of meal ui 10 pci cent of tunica and little bran available if ilttli suet skimmllk with sifted oat chop shorts are provided for the little pigs in creep they will learn to feed at earlv an and re elve no bark at vwinlng cutiatlon should le utteiuli vi in pig are lour sw wnks of ae lhat thej will hi healed before ucininr weaning eiirrallj advisable at el lit wei sow and litters as outlined above at the uvperinii ntul iarni indian ih ut sas itjtchfwiii hv luvurlablv given good lesults gregory theatre htloay mauicu 19th captains kid picture for tlw whole family slurring sybil jason may hobsoil und guy kibee comedy just imalll ltolks cartoon happy family chapter llash gordon saturday mauiu zolh closer folks mileumlnute fun wllh johns dunn giving the town the worlr comedy lib marriage mixup comedy mb vie maniacs car toon tetched in the head novelty stars of tomorrow vox news momday mauch 22nd sing me love song cuckoo cast from headu toes mudcal riot where any thing goer starring patricia ellis zisu pitts hugh herbert com edy timid young man novel ty did you know that trea sure chest fast friends coming horn to dance starring eleanor powell the goodnight story of 1937 hockey in acton continued from page one was no score qulnn drew cheer from elora fans wlten he took puss from fisher in front of the net andjianged it past woods ax ton were ajartlng to lag now and getting little careless in covering tlielr men jew woods nearly iwd another one fur the tanners but ills shot hit the pottt walters also look ed like sure tiling but llrown beat him to it towards the end of the period the tanners started to turn it on and gave llrown lots of work to do woods war called on to make lovely stop when one of the lioeks wajj right on to of him flsher tlnully bunged in elorus third goal when hn wiui ullowed to roam around inside the acton blue line und he miured tin puck uwuy hob allderim imd very close cull when urown slop ped hi sliot then last the puck but it topixd right on the llnu und nobody knew where it was till the bell runf und hrown got out of the roud tlw pfrlod ended ia for acton no petml ticl tlie third standi was another listless ulfuir with notliing ut till to get excited oyer hlo faro scored the tielng goal for elora when ho banged the puck post woods while attempting to clcur the puck hrothur eyjo had patsed to him acton sent down dangerous threeman rush but it wiw broken up ut the elora defence for couple of minute both team turned it on and dished up god hockey but it woii very spotty hllnco put the homesters one up on nice solo nuji when lie went through uie whole team and slid the puck past woods hlo marao just about had hb fourtli goal of the night when he took another of terrys parses and went right in on brown but missed the net qulnn made it 04 for the locals when he took fish ousted from party presentation at greenock page ptvb hit itokkrtri charging that dr roberts liberal mpp for siiiill ste marie out hud iwen guilty or unethical be havior and had attempted to black mail the algoma steel corporation ontario premier mitchell hepburn read lib follower out of the liberal party in dramatic uiieech before the ontario log lslature ut toronto dr tloberui had accused the premier of allowing pri vate financier to announce public policy while the peoples reprejntatlve sat idly but not supinely by dr hobertn re ferred to sir jumes dunn dhituorql smith friends in the home community were indeed grieved to learn of the death on ers poke und cumc in nice from the wing of last week of mr smith to shoot one past herb minute later ilt nli hom nt 3a avenue defence man lindsay got on his horse turonto mr sm tuwerca heart agulnnnu rifled one from the blue line auacjc nnd val awuy very suddenly tliat again nicked the corner elora uas hls be year he came right back with another threat wa horn ln trafalgar township and enlng try but woodi uas on the job xw1 fton of thl late wlulam smltli illo nnd terry pulled off another one of iil 5pcnt ha tmrly acqn ftnd their smart puving plavs for the tielng resided here until twenty jears ago goal with illo again doing the scoring mooncy had enough perfect chances to score three or four goals but he couldnt even hit the net with his shots he was in mc and time again actcn again started to take things easy nnd elorn uad very close call when three men broke with just woods to beat but they when he removed to toronto for number of years he was municipal of ficer in acton which position he lllled very capably many friends here where he was so well and favorably known join ln sym pathy with mrs smith and the family miss jean nnd mac who both reside in couldnt beat him the final goal won tomnto mni smuh uu bt scored about 15 seconds before the end of the game when the acton players wa the early bird that makes most money its the early bird that gets the worm the early bird hasnt so much competition its the une with the early chick it hasnt so much competition so it makes most money brooding is well on before the rush of spring work the early cockerel gets to market when price are best the early pullet lays best when tgg prices average highest and she lays hio eggs in the fall when big eggs are nt highest premium dray xtrnprollt chicles en able you to cash in on all these advantages with the added lid vantages of extra size strength and pnxludng power get ilrav chicks under your iver right away or better make head sfirt by getting stnrted chicks weeks old mixed chicles jr seed pullets or seed cockerels tin re are some real bargains in oiti dil kpeeiit list ask foi tt fred ofay chick hatchery geo rttown ajvent nouval ontario watched ruftnells and walrcr fight for the puck in front of wood with wnlscr finally batting it in there were no penalties in this period the lineup was elora goal brown defence dryer runnells centre fisher wings qulnn runnells subs selling malt land bunco wither sub goalie figg acton gail woodi defence kcnt ner and walters centre morton wings mooney marza subs terry mario lindsay woods anderson referee fllmore fergus acton und elora met but it wasnt ln ii playoffs and what dif ference couple of hundred turned out to see these two teams in acton last night and acton took the tussle by 02 the game woe good enough but there just wasnt anything at stake elora had the best of the first period on tuesday evening of last week aboul eighty friends neighbors and ex schoolmates gathered at greenock sclvool house to honor trldetobe mlk3 josephine mckeown und her fiance mr joseph whlthajii prior to their ap proaching marriage delightful pro gram was enjoyed by all with mr basil johnston as chairman the program consisted of liuitrumeutul ielectloiui by mr george andenoil and mbs lorena locker ospringe duett by misses helen and wllrna west violin solo mr hum id fisher recitation choosing wife mlui jean mann piano solo mbvi jean llaiiiour vocal solo mr chtutur plank roekwood at the elne of the milsfcul piogruni mlui mckeouii and mr whlt ham wen tusked to take chairs on the platform when mrs norman mt lead tin following uddreu mis joephine mcktown mr jojeph whltham dtur joile and joe it is willi great deal of pjeasiire that tills happy group has gatheied here this evening our happiness is derived fiom the fact that we have this opportunity of meeting with you on the eve of your approaching mar riage although josio ypu have not been in our lmmodlato community for few yeans yet your volco hay re mained with mi we ure glad that you air not departing far from our niiijst and tlmt instead of losing very dear friend we ure gaining another well at whatever time you may return to our community our hearts will still hold memories of pleasant friendship and you may rest assured of hearty welcome to you joe we extend warm greeting and take this privilege of conguit ihitlng you on your choice of life partner for loth through the years of wedded life which will soon before joti we hold the slncjrj wish that each ytar may exceed the pre vious lu joy and hupplnesj mav each of you be endowed with tfios royal gifts of patience and cheerv smile which are assurances of happj married life may gods bitt ing id upon your new hoinu mav me guide each of you in whil evei is honorable and true manifestation of our good wishes your many friends who have assembled here this evening beg you to accept this gift it is merely uikcn to represent the esteem in which you are held nnd our feeling toward you with it comes from the heart of each and everyone present the hope that your wedded lire may be like the life of maple leaf becoming more benutiful as it grows older signed on behalf of the section mrs norman veit will johnston angus thompson reduced rates in permanent waves at the proper llnu beautiful two rligc ml catharine mcmillan and is sister of councillor jus mcmtlan the funeral was held on thursday afternoon with service in toronto at the home and the body was brought back to acton for interment ln falrview ceinetejry mr smith was member of the presbyterian church and the funeral at the graveside here was con ducted by rev rennlc the pull nq mantle clock was presented in bearers were messrs donald mcdougall wellchosen woids miss mckcown henry bell mclam samuel and mr whltham each thanked the eccles collison and carroll gatheiing for their kindness also for the klndlj words by mr fred wet mr jas moore mr charles mckeown mr mann after all singing for they are jolly good fellows delicious lunch was served the remainder of the even herbert coulson 50 is in hospital at ull mwnt names and dancing hamilton with serious head injuries motor accident in nelson township wiiin uti was discoviuii on the moon within two ears after its foundation suffered when he uas hurled through the door of his car lu collision near kelson it is feared his skull ls fractur ed car driven by jack keyes re cently assistant manager of the can elora pushed the play and uu times adiun bank of commerce branch new 1833 the new york sun claimed the acton was pretty ragged lindsay drew york now transferred to montreal col largest circulation of any daily in the penalty the first counter came at 13 lided with the tine driven by coulson world good newsgathering won some from terryron mooneysusslst three keyes father onetime lire chief ui jfaders but the chief cause of this mlnutis later selling evened the count gait died in toronto and keyes was mighty growth was the printing of one from scramble bus morton had en route to gait to complete funeral 1f tml most elaborate hoaxes in the hls rrangements he escaped injury in the tmy of journalism rash kiehard adams locke the suns chief the period ended couple of close at one each the second period saw seven pcnultie handed out and four goals scored by acton bus morton fooled brown when he brought the puck from the hack of the net and put it in the corner walters hlil school literary the third meeting of the literal went oil and mooncy made it three when society of acton high school was held acton was shorthanded he picked up on ftjday hi tty burkholdei gave herd his own rebound woods saved some iiiding and the meeting tool the foi englishman had discovered the moon nice ones from llnru and bunco was in of mlnstui show with tommy watson was inhabited and inhabited moreover seveial times joe woods went for as intirlo utor marie brunelle and by heid nf luown citiadrujwds having re tei hinged in another goal and dn thy arnold sang duett gordon all the external charm lerlstlcs of bison lie and brown rolled around the ice mecutciieon gave reading me girls but smaller pelty well tangled up brown tame of form louparl lu dance then ibe town sat up fingit politics vent out bus morton nearly fooled hiiu again tuk horse was led in and it perform lj and bought up eveiy edition of the wallers and dryer went iir for mixing ed hi ilit pint of tlie paper was iapei ucke wrote cm soon he was it up maio made solo ilforitnncr ienl liy delia vanwytk gordon bilton deserliilng monsters of blulslulead color scored lindsay went otr and run gave rtading doris hilton read the about the size of goat with head iiells followed him score 51 for acton second part of the pap gordon hilton btsird like goat und single nd nonnait wright sang duett and lu minstrl an their cloing chorus and the jierlod very much for the tan ho mtp the ria iit at rttent bauir in the cliunlte city native was vni prowling allow from stall to stall holding something under his overcoat finally he put hi burden in the bran tub do you want penny dip tlie uttudunt no mel was the reply giving my rabbit fed xsked just till 1ion and the mlltuou ten lei the inhabitants or dios imlnt uitle fown uiwer austria whin llun ii il from travelling lieu luv tied from the streets lo the ica heltn und left the lion lo dow the dnei ti streel alone it keep tue itur it bin in vain the bea mid tin he to his calls or thnit suddnlv it caught sight of it own una mr in the mil ror of shop front it tipped immediately then with eieal roar tlie lion sprung at lib mum with uash of bnkeu gla it found ltelf lulde the shop which foitiuiateh was emptj it summ there cowed and intimidated by iti strange mtiroundlngs it was bleeding from it liadlj cut paw appaiejitly il 1u ad venturous spirit left it tor when its keeper ui rived on tile scene it immedi ately ulloued itself to be captured with out resistance and followed its keeper home till pei tod llrown stopped half doun shot that looked like counters mkktinc bltneo wint oir again for penalty and stlls ueie going plettv high woods hie ti held their gula made nice ive on hlintos hurl sell meeting at the home of mi and mi ing oied on nice vvonin walte ci claiildfi tin thiir dav eveiiln roied on turis pas bus mm ion got is wee with tlie piemdeilt melvl the seventh on tttiy pas and th full ll 111 lhe ellul it wlls lie eighth wen in bus ugmn on terrv id to lnlte the to ti it iiivmt biown juigled hid shot ll the porum il the next lueitlii and 11 lolld ne ii the hue walters und artel nthit matt is were ell us ed tin itunnell inwd it up and botli went rollnwln poi un was ull letldeied foi nt selling was in but wood bed leading eonard tubman son him and jo it ended ut hh fci at toi iv ml wllla pi lie iecltatlon slightly inclined forward from the endlculat the female uas destl lute oi ho and ikud but had much lungei tall new yoik buvetl with tall of lint torn and like wonder in the valley oi the moon until lot ke in an iucailt ion moment lonhed thai the were no mil aulmil the ciieiiliitlon duck deplte llu ievt litloii the sun wa niade il sir allan balloon hoa tin sloiv of balloon that eiosed the allantle in tlue davs uhlih je poet old to mi vale beach ei olid owni cif he sun in 1iiu lustd but day otke week sttules mil foi ne he lineup was elora hrown goal dreyei and itunncils defence ruling centre bunco and qulnn wings malt laud itun nell and rtllniore alternate acton 11 woods guul vultels aiul helen mgowan gibbens defehce terry centr morion tlie leader mr it duv idsoilmhank and mcwiney wings marji mar ed those who had taken part in the lindsay wmwli iiiul anderson alter prngrum aiul also lliose who had bien jean mann an hiti unienlal by hi lu mcgowun wood johnston gave ve intel sting talk on the thiee pav poul li coirs held in acton mid fi fakcr sang solo accompanied nute ileferee jiki keiitner acton rtsponsude fm arranging it lunch wan served and dance held ufleiuunls sum somi iclidtaiion tt imply iucs thin veluciy between us mild the oldest inhabitant he said was llur and said he was one humph rejoined tlie village post master thats the llrst time eve heard ithei of you uiling the truth march 22nd to aimul 3rd regular 3m wave for regular 500 wave for muchinelcs pcrntttncnt jojiii ben net permanent for school iirls acton beauty parlor paone56 200 300 500 150 editorial writei hud been reading about the gieat astonomei sir john herchel who had no en looking ut the moon ilirough huge telescope ln uu observa loiy ijeai cape town south africa out of vivid imagination locke compoed herd of in tides describing how the set off new spring clothes with new spring hose fcnturinj the smartest colors to wear with enstcr ensembles in this most dependable chiffon and semichiffon hose fenturinp dcauville tropic tan pomppom coronet empire beige r1nglfss 75c nd 100 shadowless splashproof rachlin opposite tl art attack fatal to morenz howii moitln ilius wtls willten to the cari of one of hockeys greutcfb pluyeiii with the death of iimt moren of montreal canadiens howie wlio sutfered inoken lei during iime last january was contlned to liivspilul bed when he suffered leurt attack wuth wat fatal tlw leurold veteran was performing one of the uiratet coivhaekn that lurkey has ever hn when lie suutalned lib injury

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