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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Mar 1937, p. 7

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thursday mauch nth 1037 iiii ton hi vu ss page seven gkqwing mother soya ulllr iulher baya imall out the blrda ph ull in yuu urc tolll you lire lulii urothcr culla me iwvby dont believe he knows kur the rotes nhuf at twilight how she grows how hc frown falsler suys tiny but oil co heard toer butt1 buzzing uuszlntf inizzlii ulggcr mo ulckr ri inc lmila parr young buzzing no aid twfcntv yfca3 ago fyom the luue of tb re ihanday march 5th 1917 the members of mufl llillo prorjc ums sunday school clnvt spent socul evening at her liomo and presented hef with handrumcly bound volume of whjtueri poems the ladles of the itcd cross ioclel made canvaju for funds fur the pur chase of mater luls and received nearly iw the reception of mrs and mr harold nicklln was most interesting and largely attended function rev george utile of chal mers siibyu hun church guclph cave an excellent address ut the kings orderlies uiule ciu open meeting on jonduy evening mr und mr uuhop und family have lemoved to wtllund where mr lluhop ho cured position in the nurseries as gurdentr owing to the removal of scoutmoiiur coles mi military duty the troop held reorjjibliuon meeting and neu of iccrs were elected mr 0t ucarei mor uldresicd the scout hnprisilnif on them the principles and bencfiu heliiir the movimrnt ajututullt scoutmasle appointed here moore und jbav nc the scoutmaster appointment ui deferred till later mr henry hortop has wild his hour and chopping mill ut luden mills to jamis borden son of acton in cam ron at dlnubi cil day 5th 1ebruiry 1917 cuineron formerly of acton years chronicles of ginger farml written specially for th acton free ttesv owlndoline clarkfr supposing you were writing these chronicles week in and week out what would you write about alaybe you dont know just onmuuid but am quite sure lot of yuu could make belter job of it tluui do at timed there might be occasions when you would under wtiat to write about but if you were in my shoes just now one of those occasions would certainly not be this week because when thing obsessed you to tlio exclusion of everything else wluu you work ut it and around it think about it dream about it and when the wlieilc family finds itself subservient it tliat naturally is the only one thing that you can write about of course you will understand am reftrrlng now to the quilt pclt ill capital letters lets take the post week day by day monday lurtner uiul made bad tturt for the day we intended beliu up extra eurly itu lead of unit wo wen up extra lite there uaj the llvln room daily urrunged for the quillrrtj lajrtunately tile quubec heatci ust wacfu rairrn vn ui skatkl its to phluokm in mon cliarle uned 7g lilutish imxjstkhs working to capacity continued from iagc lire in llii yri of tlie world by ixeuvatint for ruins in out of the ntiiull lakes north of lulci lcun ilu knowledgi tiven her by the air port op rutor now uwoko whole new cliuln of rcasopiiur jf ilia amphibian whit laid landed at that lake wlicri her father lad been was yulidcll thcio wan new reason for apprclenslon can do anything elio for you oenorita aked tlio airport operator no thank you lie returned in panlh you vo told tnt uliat want ed to know and wluit iui ulat demanded di munded llrudley where we cull ilud dad he lookd puzzled then you think yalidell helen frowned wont accilu htm without knoalng xlut it laovr rather as though uc liud clue tlic next morning uu two tct out early towurd the northeast flying over the ragged cragnof the cordilleras over blue whltr and red painted udobe houses and tmall sleeping towns and hnully buzzed over the undulating bm of tlic junalc mnally tliey found the little lake which helen had designated on her nup and searched for landing held tortuuatt ly there ua narrow trip of bea uhen they could land two rulu bearded llgurea came runnlnif toward them vot moment had behaved itlf und did not go out hll uneasily utull bhe recog uurliu the night ihlrc ua ulo lll ilne behead or her ch clen to pr pare for the nun know futhtr nld raw the tu inkle in lib eje hould ull in if got in lu tor did voj cver tlnd llc dc tool ctre to make horti rloah mnnded cxultnntly partner uu lud the di he for me while jr inutll uar exluvatln rot on with other chore und wh herc ind ut he the ladle arrived at ten thirty the liv an umphlblan where jour plane had injfroom alt reudy for them the onlcd iik explained cpnifortuhle ch ilr taken out und liard vundell kceplnj prljnen here ollected from ill over tin hou mr wat on searching for umt for th convenience of the qijllter joli unp endiry maan city he found uould think they uca camine to do hld trctt urt aild pennalice cimtra upon reoi nldng his plane na the franus were jet up and the quil turull ie urloil to be preceded to put in the job uar hardlv bepun be ulmt lk lo hl nrit bl fo the lining began to dip in queer dl cmtr trlcd to the lidler looked at one another nroml to nothing of our find etch wondering what the other was do ralhni in thl he brought tu here and lng tlien one of them looked undi 1lu for enjmd to exhibit his photo the quilt and tuve one yell and that yell iwtore the clct bcnl lor there wai our mitchl heitn ubed hortlj tliev wont ttlng on one of the chain and clawing blll andill anjuay after hl hut the quilt doun every time he th co and 1l hnr nothinir to iw hum it tr unp who hud tin re pihitlui of lll th in wl ikfi ful hi kur in th id and hi wu1 go tl tl tnouiih ti uakgt that hi uld io it mix of itlitnd und nol it la aim ii ltipp in on din caslon to tnk thu bcuini hikl lo an alerdoiiian uu th limi inwn be relet laid 111 bit you utiytmni you 11l you cant beg in ab di fully hi trump woi onlldint that in ntuld makt itnu of lugging in tin grutilu city that in took on tliat umild oo hhd liliulf thitlier to th tmlid northern city ho di eldi thai he would not touch the small hoeiie iut hmcii truluht awiy for tlve villa at hit first cull tlu maid answered the dmtr und lu ankt to me the mutres 111 mlstres duly pp ared at tin door und the trump uild will you give twopence for tny bed the ml tre looked at him and uu uid will you bring it in till see lu flnt almost krlend fcjich night before go to bed wrlti my favorite thought down in my ciliirj it ny interesting dont on think woman indeed und how lonp iniv jou been doing thaf xylliid oh about three jtin woman then ou mil lue tin front ii ii nlv filled one of the fentu ultra tiorui ut the international ice carnival to held in ntw york will be the figure katint of the iley tl urr luxe uft and dorotl tlu two lovely ladle from thi granite skating club of loionto are pictured her they went tiiroui few of their whirl and turn ut the itorkeftlhr plnu itlnk in new york in prepira tlon for the carnival time tables nmian nationafflailwty at acton join et ddly ixeipt tuiulty 05 daily except founday 10 07 aum dully except aunduy 13pjn ttimiijy only 10 pm ooiag west dully exc pt sunday 59 001 dally exeej faunday ja jkl daily pt sunday ospm dailv ixeept unelay 13 40 am sunday only 11 33 pm siandajtd itmk lud or hand movlnir ncro hit bu iholoi rnpli wl brought the nllc top it behoved me to keep an eve on urltish lndutrits arc bus and tx pertr are showing contlnuou increneo according clew kuropein manager of the canadian national rtall uj ulio on hla annual business vlclt to canada not only are the en lnc industrie bu with re arm anient contracts but all industrie are working to their limit of capacity ultli iie result th it more wran are em plojed in eiillnd to daj than for man tir pa shlpbulldlnr ard ire xorklnc to cipiclt in tlil con cf merchunl marine vt eb iu well as ahii nuu contract the result statfl lr clewr that pro pec tr arc brighter in england than for many veara kx partf have been jvowlnr ttcady galru ueelc by week for the past five years and present indications are uiat thcc increases may be expected to continue at the pre cut time london and britain tenerallj preparing for new tourist nriux on account of the forthcoming coronation plans arc being made to handle the largest influx of visitors the british isles have experienced in many years apart entirely from impending coronation visitor said mr clews lon don and ln gland generally appear to have displaced continental areas as tourist ocntres ith the result that england tourist business at present might be described as boomlm the average britons interest in can uda is on the increase mr clews said and it is anticipated that this interest will be heightened with the visit during th coming summer montlu of tlie thousands of canadians who plan witness part of the coronation cere monials in london glisii courts ftct cokovayiov lau suits lawsuits based on contracu made in expectation of the coronation of lduard viii may be expected to arl mi result of the recent constitutional crkls reference ik made in the jaimarj lwue of the canadian chattered aceoemtant lo tuo caui which came before english courts in 100 whrn the coronation or ldward vii ua postponed in one care krell henry tiie de fmdant had ai ttd to hire tlic plain tllf flat feir the dajs on which the coronation proce ion uere schmluled to ls it although no reference te the proce um wan ntulned in uu eontract tile held that bottl par ies wire dl hirattl from further pi rfarm nc ulu the pruei leuii wen ubandomd in thi thi ai chandler web sur th cireiinatunci utr similar ex pt tint the ihee of thi nut was pi able in advance und the plaintiff hud paid i100 on account iu thu cas th plaintiff fjlhd to rriu the 100 al eady juld and wav made pa the bdtnci of tlw utreid ut jl tlie point in th di ulons whl at rt june seem mtrutllctorj ik that the contract at not rt eluded roin thi biilnuliil nil that any uiiunt jirevlouilj miieji or rtthts actrmsl will it lm dl tuibd ultehle atter that one ladj ild it 1th name like that naturally nieded lookint after about one clo that une irtv vo arrived el ht of them and promptly fell to uork tood watchlni fejr uhlle pre ently be litve could do that me mini th qulltlui why of cour yen can ild on woman ju sit rli ht lu ind try si myself diun ind mimnced ti quilt ind vi lwcn quilt ln tvr lnce nd ire tjity iaughinj it me about once day iomeonc ay here th juimm wlie knew nothinj ibout nm in quilt look ut her bl wk ee he quiltinf you lon put that one over us main wt worked that iy until 30 tuc iy th econd pirty of quilterj arrived at ij 30 and wo kid teadlly until fix wednesday tlil llrst irty returned apaln and worked the same length of time thursday uoj uppo cd to be hoi day had planned to go to town however it roinei soft did not want to take the throuph it one or two in lhbjrs came and not wanting to uustc time wl went on with tint quilt jviday party no is back again and there was till plenty of quilting lo do so we went light on working until 10 saturday party no wo on the jo again and vie worked with dogted per slten and grim de termination to have the quilting done that night at 8pm up joyfully put in the lat stitch by this time there ua just on worker left bejdcs myrelf and we lead the longedfor plea urc of removing uu quilt from the frame wt pread it out on my bed and wi did think it looked like nice piece of work then uc too it off the bed and wrapped it around in flannelette sheet and we lalel it uvvay in ltsory pre ently my trend wk her he rtht of the fiim ly lttled down to hmr the hockey match but not took to my bed with the idea of il tenlng tlu hocluy mutch re ted hturl tin middle of the iiurnl period which time thin was no scon during the ill el ile of the uh lit uukeiud otid ci hed in tlie bu dad that the pr of tlu uorld will recoguln pt tlu ith our photoprapll to ba tlum up inaell will finish him elf thl tuist mr wat on wi thoughtful iii cable him th it were free and tint he mi ne him elf thi linbarrn ment further ejiurl thin little cod in the weirst of and im nin l1 anekll anotln chance ilnclliy luiflud ju ive light und my nd is utricle ntly to il two pi injirs irk pmrto barrl it clo lt th in gu final city and 111 ome irl liter fnr hi murch they pripircd for dipirture mr wit run irked sometime he juiiiil terns to mete out trim rt ei jilttci th was great culllitlm here once thin the plopll folloutd ful ods tlu junrll punlhcd them by dt tryini their cltlc today ulu igaln ten the jungle mete out it rim justice in yielding thl treasures id hid den that you mifdit find me iiiihi fill iiiil lfiii ll ummjmmm mrst thought and the line was so hockiy match car the quilt and then the coiildn resist giving pirtnir dig in the rib and inquiring the score hrecone for the leafs he an wired iliepily tlilnklng lie was ju talkinr in hl leep dldn art any more but was lad to flnd net morniilr that it wu really true the end of uu quilt story will no be far few dayi yet when one or tw idles ulll be hen to bind it tlic foregoing is of course my storj of the quilt pirtner might have dlf ferint urslon lor instance one lady left book of quilt pattenv over which was enthu lnj kid pirtutr if wanted to look ut hum look at them no he piled and you don want to either thl quilt mnklne is all right for the in tttute but il ii you try making oni your elf if you do know where you ulll finish up you cant tell me lttlng for six or elj ht hour iy ls kood for anyone fo hiur ch ril of hear hear from tlu male me niber of tin aitei lri phi fori it iy th it in if th nmqullurs iwk ity uiv family and came in lie di el ill whele lot of baking feir us uiu gotui fa imur in ld 110 tlekil in tin quilt bill of fare only the loutem lieart entein res taurant diui proceed to order iilet of ixef lobster thrrniidor or even hani andenjis willioul firt coiisiilliiiii llir menu canl for here arc siijrirrsiions to scl the tastcluiels and priees hiiul marked shopping lor mcrchanelisf can he pleascintlv coiuliktcd in the same manner the advertising columns aie in cflvct hillolare it li prices tliat protect as illefridits in tlie leisure of jour home at the breakfast table yem niav eheek anel hefere starting tei town iiil what varied billoffare it 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