Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Mar 1937, p. 3

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thuiusoay march 11th 1037 the acton free press ghip jfirp teaa fbtyart 8torg jungle justice ny john scott douolas nmjkn watsok divod off tlio droning aeroplane counted ten as she fell swiftly into apace and then pulled her ripcord her heart was pumping heavily as she waited for the parachute to billow open mnolly it cracked ttlth report that caused her eardrums to ring with detachment which slightly surprised her the girl gazed about as she fell she uw the whltecappsd mountains under broiling sun the thicklymatted jungle which spread like smooth green sea everywhere about her directly beneath her was the lake shimmering like hammered bronze un marred by ripple oven where uiat in flated rubber boat rested in midcentre was this inflated boat the kind carried by aeroplanes anticipating water landings which hod determined her to jump from the biplane piloted by her brother bradley ilia aeroplane now buxxed over the jungle to the west ward the girls anxious blue eyes darted back to the soggy rubber boat motionless in the lulcci brassy centre it still told its story it was the first link in unsolving the mystery surround ing the complete disappearance of her father and older brother march mys tery how week old thousand feet above tlie lake helen prepared for the landing loosening heir shuts harness so that she could quickly free herself of its encumbering ucight uhcu kle struck the uuttr fifty fetfc aboto the turface the drop ped free striking with great plash and plunging down down down into the lukewarm lake siuj drove herself swiftly to tlie surface with powerful strokes of her jim browned urms and struck out for the bout although its soggy condition indicated duys of ex posure to tropical bun it still sup ported her weight when she clambered over the doughnut shaped ring of in flated rubber to wifely she found paddle and liandpump hi tlie bottom with the latter she pumped fresh air into the boot glancing about for ight of log like shape hie girl was relieved to see none if there ucre ulllgators in thu lake they tiad sunk into the mud to scapj the merciless afternoon tun uradleys aeroplane uas now silent th absence of 1u pulsating beat left her feeling singularly alone she felt mull chill fingers of terror creeping about her heart and foughli hysterical impulse to cry out could iir father have landed here if so when was the aeroplane march had piloted was it too swalloued up by the evercreeping jungle swallowed up as had been the marks of great mayan civilisation which now decayed in its depths helen shuddered slightly as ulic pick ed up her paddle ir the flnt time then she saw great gleaming palace of white stone with steps wading into uie water it was mayou edifice buri ed hejw la the jungle for centuries that xpuins what brought leather down to this lake thought helen with faint feeling of relief fumiy brad and didnt see it before llut guess that isnt so strange after all the way its buried in jungle foliage she remembered that she liad prom lied to call to llradley after lie hc landed it was too easily possible to be come lost in tliat impenetrable tangle of palm lush jungle growth and liana vines slie called at lnuralii as she paddled touard the uhlte stone palace and presently auoke the mocking echoes of the jungle monkcja chattered an grily in high drooping palms parrots commenced an agitated diatribe crim son flamingos beat ions graceful uingi against the dead air as the fleu hur riedly auaj she receupd no answer to her calls had bradley been hurt landing in uhnt from distance thej had suppod uos clearing as xieltn approached thi mayan palace her clear blue eti grew uide ulth wonder it um structure of flnelynttnl stones urnassinj un thing she luui fur sten for architectural in auty she oreu her rubber bo it up ono the tiny itrp uhlch fitted the imill feet of prehistoric jjeople ller heit leaiml os iil iu the mark of sh in the ngiold gncn slime on the bot tum mipj iiiti imjt lw the truck her father broth the boit ulih ti immbi of tlur iitropiwie on tt titmn that itunnlng up the on thruv he rtached the top tmuthlt and pintlli once more he culled liiatlle tin time rcoutiiu throuih tlnlterui of immkejj uiul ruirmi nhi of pjriot hl jl drifted her lu contlmud to call hi nie uhile hwrepin the junglefringed hon or the lake the uaur had been el uhile she uu in the bout cli surfore nou from an elevation it hud turned braiij again nearlj an hour li ter rdle apjwajvd at thv bottom of the stairs unuiujte with ujjich lld cut hu out of the bujji gripped hi his liund ite niopprd pcr plratian orf his bvoiucd forehead and smiled up at her any sign of dad7 lie panted footprints right near where youre standing sold helen then added hope fully he must be somewhere near thats his boat all right ilradlcy nodded staring at its number tills must liavo been big city ho said after moments rest mn acrouf decayed buildings all through the bush and do you know why tliere was clearing where set down my plane that spot hud been paved with stone blocks at some distant time helen she nodded her eyes ailing with won der the monoljtlis at quirigua were erected around 551 tk these build ings must bo much older perhaps cen turies guess can moke the climb now said bradley starting up when lie had joined lier at the top of the steps they explored the rooms of the palace the dust of ages had fettled hi niches and on protrusion which must liave served as shelves here and there was place where the dust was missing some ones recently taken relics from here fiald heleu truit an archaeologist like dad said bradley wnlllng ho must be somewhere around but where hlt plane he had land plane just as ue did 4x1 heun hu couldnt liavo landed in the lake and that clearings tha only posmble landing place near here her brothers liru tightened in white line and his lean terlous face sobered no ones ever landed tliere before declared bradley with certainty id have seen wheel tracks it pub grim interpretation on their expedition week earlier mr watson luul left uitli march his oldest son from guate mala city he liad made frequent trips over the jungle in search of lojt mayan city uhoie only claim to existence lay in an ancient muun legend conse quently neither bradley nor helen had felt any concern regarding this particu lar flight until he liad foiled to return that night then tlitlr apprehensions roie the next day the two ot tliem set out in tlie second aeroplane which mr watwin uicd in archaeological expora uon both helen and bradley could fly ship as well as march mr wnuon had given them all training wiien lie had decided to retire from business to devote the rest of his life to the fur tlierlng of human knowledge by arch aeological research one day helen would take the controls the next day bradley tiiey pushed fartlier and far ther over uie trackless jungle until on this their sixth day of search they had teen tlie rubber boat hi tlie lake helens firm little jaw suddenly ttlf fened us ten brad theres no use pretending dads somewhere around he bnt or lied liave heard all tliat clamor was making to lead you here well have to face facts and get to work if wcve to leave this forlorn place be fore dark either dad and mark upset in the lake and drowned xw else tliey tried to escape through tlie jungle bradley nodded solemnly thats logical and if they took to the jungle theres little chance of tlielr go wins through alive it looks bad lets not jump to conclusions helen tald hurriedly ill search tlie lake and jou look for signs of their depar ture through the jungle wiiat say bradley agreed helen walked sloulv doun the tep stairs puihlng out again in uie rubber boat she liad covered half uie loko wlien she saw lier falhera aeroplane in the clear waters quite plainly visible fifty feet below iter helen was inclined to return to brad icy with her discovery but some lm pulse drove lier on to further investiga tion slie was glad it had fur at the opposite end of the lake she uncovered fomr thing far more startling plainly visible in uie short expanse of soft mud at tliat end ttere the pontoon marks of an aeroplane second ueroplapc an amphibian had landed at tills lake shortly after her fa uier hod evidently rescuing him why liad not ho communicated with them at guatemala city if tie was safe blic could find no satisfactory ansacr lj tills question so she paddled back to tlie palace bradley met her on uie steps ills face flushed with excitement found uliere theyd camped for perhaps fou or five days he greeted lier theyd built thatched hut ugalnst uie side of ulo palace mid there were the boncrt of quite number of iguanas the number of these rcpfcllo boned gavo me ah csumate of their length of stay something cant understand though tliat their macholcs are in the hut and theres only one place where uicyvo cut into the bush and then for only fifteen or tuenty feet it lookd as if uieyd tried to hide tliat trull too cant understand it helen laughed ut lier brothers seri ousness and then explained what she had learned oh said bradley with relief then they got out safely ior liaps just uils morning im going to take look at tliat trail before wc leave said helen the fact that theyre tried to hide it puzzles me she made lier way around uie palace ulth difficulty to the trail hewn uirough the heavily matted bush at tlvc end of tlie sliort trail she stopped her eyes nurroued thoughtful suddenly dead leaves to one side caughb her attention and she dived into the bush with cry under the dead leavei were number of priceless archaeological lindj beautifully carved golden disk num ber of trlngj of tiny golden bells per haps string once uorn by some majan princes bronze and nold rings and ear rings goldembossed plaques obsidian knives with carved golden handles malachite spindle uhorl golden scep ter and jade ornaments last but not lenit uas mr watsons big camera far minute helen could nob trust herself to speak she looked up at bradley with trembling llpi and saw his jaw muscles white and strained under his tan brad jou know fauier ould never go away leaving these uilngjj behind him somethings hap pened to him youre right said her brother slou theres something sinister about uils whole busnicts panic begun to teue ijelen at her brothers words sameliow the worth or her minister back home came flash ing into lier mind flooding her soul ulth relief tlie sermon liad faded into the limbo of uie past but ills quotation liad remained bright and shining in her mind be still and know that am god those uords luul often saved her from anger anxiety irksome quarrels now in this moment when it seemed tlmt some terrible disaster liad befallen her father those uords gave tlie girl hope and courage she cald wlui calmness which sur prised brodly youre sure dad didnt push through tlie bush absolutely then dad went out by plane said helen wlui finality come well take uiese things he left uithus they re present priceless find brad he stared at her for moment in perplexity and then silently stuffed hl pockets and his flying helmet uitlf mayan relics they found their way to uie clearing by the troll he liad made and pushed the aeroplane hack to the extreme end of uie stone amphitheatre it was narrow squeeze getting out of that clearing despite the fact uiat bradley gunned the biplane savagely for fifteen mlnutis before taxiing down the clearing they brushed uio tops of uie highest palms and then climb ed in spirals above uie lost mayan city and uie little lake tticy arrived wiuioub mishap hi cludod dc guatemala and sped along to uie palace hotel in taxicab bradley asked at the desk if any tele grams luul arrived but uie obsequious clerk shook his head in definite nega tive bradley paced the room like caged lion when uiey reached their suite of rooms they would liave communi cated wlui us if theyd gotten out safe ly ho declared something torriblea happened to dad and march be suu and know uiat am godl commanded some inner voice dont let brad stampede you into doing some thing youll regret aloud helen said quietly brad will you please let me think this out clearly and stop your paclng7 her brother stared at lier moment sluiking wlui anger youre hopeless im going down to uie telegraph office to see if any messages have come ho slammed out of the room helen was relieved now at hast aho might have chance to think sud denly an unforeseen possibility occur red to her so simple tliat alio marvel led she had not thought of it before when bradley returned soon urtcr she knew from his expression that there was no word come wlui me brad she said im going to visit the various airports he followed wluiout questioning she went to three airports asking about on amphibian at tlie third site learned that one occasionally landed there the owner was an arcliaeologlst of more pretension than accomplishment his name was sidney yandell namo which surred unpleasant memories in her mind sidney yandell liad once been mem ber of tho royal geographic society but luul been requested to resign when lier father utterly unconscious ilut he as hurting anyone and seeking only the truth had exploded yandells spu poiud discovery of heretofore unknown mujan ruins her fauier had followed the trail of stevens an early writer abou the mini of yucatan and had publish ed the pho unwittingly mr watson had caurcht some queer angles on some of the buildings and sidney yandell consciously taking only queer angles of the same longknown ruins had been caught in his own deception through no intent of her fauier yan dells claim io fame faded when mr watsons photouraplis proved uiat tlie impostors lost city uas only photo graphic delusion for uie yucatan city liad been known for thirty years yan dell had subsequently been asked to rc ilcn from tho royal geographic society and he bore mr watson an unreason ing dislike helen had heard of late uiat sidney yandell was trying to vindicate himself continued on page seven guaranteed relief from constipation common 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