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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 25 Feb 1937, p. 6

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thl acton thee pkfcss tiiurdday february 23th 1037 good ruhcurnon 11 lie bit of hope makes rainy day look say and little bit of charity makes glad weary way lltuc bit or patience often nukes the unhbae come and little bit of loe makea very happy home tm koote aklmfclt morning moods by barbara hrooki when irbruury kuurnlfik art cold mil dark and ruy we iwll out of bed nhlctatitly feeling that it till nolntf tobfd unit md not getting up time it nil wi find ouimk vra and yrnurhj und vi rjtwi ury of it ull we iy wn uo thrmgh th morning in it iiiiu of mind not conduclvu to cf llclcnt uork eh crful rsonullty wt lai uhut ull mutter and bum it tin uh itlu or on people ii untiling in fuel but tlit right thiiu midwinter ictlvitk an heavy ii bruary wo have torrd up qultu uuut rervt from our before christ mas und after chrutmu hurrying wl row cirelci ubout our bedtime hour md each nlfcht ml out little on our qu it of ihtp wt ilp breukfiut on mo nin when wc ure behind icheduk itlt our dreeing wi drink eolfee lute it night nd then tovi for un hour two lotm precious moment of in geiural flip away from our slan ird of healthful living und kooii little coldinrm comtt icraullng in th window or uruhr the door and we arc doun wlutt cull do about ull thb jotl probably osk little dlbelkvinaly you that much of this activity ami much of tlu tired feeling unavoidable prhaps the uctlvlty but something can bo done to kvim the tired fetllnj if tiie increased activities of midwinter ire allotted for und an adjustment in the dully schedule made then too udjuslnunt in 6ur food habits should lu made that tlu bodj cm do mor combat futllue and dlrcue wc ugrfiit or starter uiat the duj bciain uith very sub tantlal break fa ven lr jou an prced for time try to plan jour geltlnc up that you ill have more than the traditional minute to natch cup of coffee sit dou drau few deep breath and then hi calm unhurried frame of mind have jour fruit or fruit juice your ori ixadytoeat cereal jour loldenbrouu toa erg nd fragran colfee afar week of thl lclurely bnkfa tinu you ulll begin to look for ird to morning uui will find it treat diil tihr to net out of bed irouiiu tliat ood bri il fa aualt you one pr unbuilt bu int had impiii ii for buhr breikfiu unon tmplojif il oul lir huln bruakfiltcd for thl pir buildlnj trtcted in acton imes clark unilir cmplojlr hit th it higher afttru irdi proprietor of the roal of llflchncj during uorklnji cluntt hotel uhcrt tlu williamson hour ua rt iclicd tuau who uin hlocl now mds ns the builder lie vlii kd tint is tlu oplnlin shared in in lptrt brlcllijer mid laid tlu husint liibliuer tlaclur and nutri rlcl ior ill tin hst brl building too jioor to take paper loo poor to join grange so uhtn the price uaa rljna he dfd not know the change and wd lib uheat for dollar tuas worth quarter more and nou the man is poorer than lie had been before iil neighbor lookout told him thl ide the market toun he hould have come in ooner willie pro erle uere down hut tben perhaju tlr even slncl corn on the rise and ulmt jou rin by uattinr will pa for jour supplies corn rl inn whj wild it the cliap uho bought my heat said thl jeur corn un plenty but mine uas hard to beat so he paid three rhillhiff what everjuhere tla four the difference uould rive me hundred dollar more hi dreu the rein and started with plrit adl doin vid did heap of thlnklnr before lie reached the toun the up hot of the matter ou easllj mliiht tic thl jeir iil uikcj tvo pipers and couldn do uith it iyom the old scrip bool utll hnl bed up the old school li ttiel md nou mu favel northuard tin llttlt bricl houe thu nou ho rull ua made tint tort front on iln street at the foot hould come to work ulthoubjuf lducition lane un tbe llrst brici tlnnl luncheon thouph lei urelj hould ijoi be too hcaj nils ls wd me il ir rettim in jour qtiol of protect lodfixm frulti and tntiblt milk md uhole crain cereals the cont iln the ltamln mil miner il neceitk which lulp ua to uard olf infection and ketp our ttjitim retaliated if our bodj inachln functlonlnt retulnrl it ls hard for germ to take permunt nt lodfiiiiff the evenliik nicil cm include the polehi and carbohydrate requirements ucll as additional crci ejetabk an extra fruit bran muffins ened eieral tlmeo ueeklj and alternated ulth bran toned in aime otlier form 111 help to upplj bulk tlu diet unci ensure regularltj the eatlnu before bed habit oui lit to lie curtailed little durhu the inter tinu light me il is not harmful luce it conduclxi to nltep but toci mu wmt or too niuny stimulant in to uii and dnimfiil ikp if juu are ulna tute lined and jour ho te nm jou coffi ucct pt it uith mill uid drink sum llki irtjr tourtt di inaluls thl but tin thouuhtful hktevs ivt lu tuist tlu and dt dft in utd lli it lllllll fc llftt uid lit in utd lli till itti mittir ur 11 ll ii kn vs iliit thi lu in ls ln irt su tl ptibli to ioiti tumil it 111 lilt ur hvln lu uii ts ihist ml lli in ill tlilni ti in ll wlllt tltl nn bi 111 ulll in til ul 111 111 txi lilt in ilth di iii hi link ii it ii ir 11 tl nt ti hi iua wabliutn luir which taj in iltn waihlluiton in my tl had ijinl there mini diil vvuhhulon vulltii ou knou washington tjid lur kuld oh mr washington liiibt huvi tlopikd hen bfon waa hired erected in act soim of old chap thought it io too bid to spoil good bricklayer mil non productlv taern keeper mr ci irl purchased the nitlmil hotel st marys betueen and citnty jeir ueo but later sold it and ran flax mill ulth great success he has been dead over tucnty year tiiltl is uondcrful jprlnp of spjen did clear cold uatcr in the cellar of thl little hou it lia supplied the cupaiiu utux ciceelknt uiiter for many yeirs the first time uiu thla aprlnjr uiu oitr half century ago uhen staf ford zimmerman and his family lived dure un pending an hour or so there uith tu zimmerman boy and urb mtmn took me doun cellar for drink thinking it was to have sulg the splendid uect elder the zlmmer mans il ed to be famous for readily utnt cold uater man uo then md had uecn for year uo more th little surprl ed uhen mel dipiud up cupful of that clear sparkling uater and olltred it to me nixt to the hou uil wm overton bliek tultli shop when bui had ipou up md iriud his trade ulth hi futht in uu id ship on tin otlur sldi of tin strut btliu hit old ciltforntu hou ht fu id tuy uith oil old mm tilltti him and built hop foi him if then ij 11 did ul bu hit tlun vt ir but lu newr seem ij sulsiitd md lliuilly dd ut uul it hilunitt hun hi ttl in tjlul nilthlni untl farmini but tl rt mu lu iptd tt ri il iimr nut ii ill hi dl tl uhll in htl nt it ii it lu ih it anthony su ns pum nt it hi vmltliiiu hi wi urn hi did thrivlui in tlu lit ik illt ii in an nt sh lu sit tl id rn win id li li iln in tin nn mtlm ih bl ul mith sb uu muvid our tin tlu dim uui fr uilim uiul umuru intti irn numbi ji iri it ch irlii ii lim miurtul it into dui him hnusi hit gitrden north of the lte tif the nul blaekainlth shop uili for many yum vucant lot til scholars had short euo ucrojs lu tn to tlu conur of tlu shop riicre uus uclluoru path but course the dlgnlfled teachers never used it remember may day loud burst one aprlnjc between sixty and seventy years ago which swelled the little errck which runs through the corner of this lot until it flooded tlu wlioh corner it made dandy plat for the barefoot boys and girls to wadt through but some or them got more than their feet wot it woa deeper uuui they expected and legit and beats of troiwers wtrc ivoaked with water thertj and wmo were booked wltli niothern slippers when the wearers reach home the kiddles ujhi to delight hi nutiiitf on the ends of the little bridge near thn shhujle mill and dangle their fett hi the water running through now the creek li hardly to be noticed sldnoy smith built shlnglu mill uu the next lot in urn duy when ekur pine was ubundaiit hi kwiueslng and nnwia gawejn iiill war about eighty yt ir ago shingle wt ru real ihlngk in thaa duj cuur yellow pliu of food uelght und well iuuii cm of thou sand of imiure were mad her ah mill tmplojtd fjii lie imk of and ikiji mtii rtcelved about ieven yort shlllhik anil liny to joc per elnj for thi ir irvl lu head tawyi wu paid about niiu york hilling and somithm j5 rhl mill the ubject of nunu rou pruhk on the irt of the boyi the bljt chapji uho thought them elven imart of tlu lllagi one llalloueeu gam of tlum got into the engine room which uu ik uii the chool lane and took olf the mttul wing door in front of the uui of the team boiler it wilt not found for week in the meantime the ililntflt mill wan uliub down for two or threv day while the foreman went to goldle jl mccujloch oalt for ne hue door in 1r7q lduard moore wlio had uold out his intereit in the moore brother shingle stave and heading factory in 1r75 to take the management of the ncu glove leather tannery of storey moore co jusl opened wlusro the beardmore co orflcej now stujid left the tannery builnes ind purchancd tho smith nhliuclo mill he had spent hla life in the lumber and ihlnglc bunlncji and load no love for the tannery and ltr nctivltie but his operation or uii bulnc unn rhorfllved on may 21av of the following year he took up cant hook to arlt uorkman in the yard in rolling an unu ually heavy log by udden jerk he sustained internal lnjurlt and although the crvlces of uch killed rurpcons an dr herod of guelph and dr alklns of toronto ucrc called in fpr con ultation with dr lourj the family physician no reliof could be riven and uils robust chrl tlan man who ua of great value to the community pa ed auaj four day ifter the accident at the early atje of forty five year the garape building of sandy mc taic uil formerly the stephenon hop and uo moved from aero the roid about fifteen years aro it has been ch uucd much to ult pre ent day needs the mill un then operated for time by samuel moore ind later thomas moore brother of the decea ed ifti uhlch it wi purchared jame broun and hon hall me jr broun is hall built honu for them elves on the main st ei front of th pro pi rty and both re idtd there for iome je ir mf hill dl po ed of hi lntere and went into the planning mill bu int in berlin nou kitchener an mr broun devoted hl ittentlon to th lumber buslne and the old hingle mill is tlinllj rit erted tlu propertj north of the old iilngh mill also had quite an lntere ting hi torj auaj back in the slxtie dr mc gun in and chariot sidney smith built mall heepkin tannerj there they pulled ool and made the pelu into ruhil itather few years sufficed howt vt ut this business so remote from uil natural taste and previous en virtunnent of the individual prprlt or illlii und lumber were mitre to thitr liking und tiny iwth rt verted to their old time vocation in tannery cvciituully went into tlu audit of thi ctitiudu glovt works mr otoiey ulwuyit felt that ho could give the publit bi tier glovt if hi tolitied tho li athi undtr hbi own upt rvlsloif hi steund exptrtrt und lu due coilrw fhu bueknkin it athi ra kid antl oth unci ueru bt ing manufueturtd and kent in quantltlt to the glove fiutory it wiu ulmiut this tinu that thi ta li ne ry wu tmtptilarly known on tin street among thi young folks ili storey iiulkskln academy and tlu lmbllc schofil ie mr iia kid lunnery joking tltli which uluay putad ulth luugh among tin wt 11 known work nun uho id pailllotn in tho laniicry wen harry atktil ilyde wlio mar rl bi lit cumi ron john cumeron tt uiul nfleiuard unit to guelph lake char of tin city ill william itam iy ii mc rancl muuul garrett ji wll on ant 6tlur lu buiiii un llnally dl conlintu tl lu building tiwwl itlli ftn ye ir ih boy ti ed the many ulndou for target und ucci cded ini mil hlng every blejed mu of tlum inojly the btilldlnc uu old to tlu late dr coxe uho ied it to tin ground and id the himlwr and tlu thousand of brick in the big chim ney in the rectlon of the com modioli arage on main street nou operated by jennhif broj the big fifty barrel oak vat uhere the sheep and lamb tklru utro leaked made famou bath tub for the em ploy ec on saturday nlghtr after re celvinc the weekend ck in up wife of one of the men uggested one aummcr nlfht that she and number of her girl friend would like to lue the improvled bath tub if he could en ure proper privacy he readily ncqulerced and then gai the thing nu ay to few boon companion the uomen folic went to the tannery that saturday night after the tea things uere washed up and the hoile ict in order locked themselves in and proceeded to enjoy their cooling bath they had just ftottcn disrobed and into the blp vat uhen terrifying racket uas heard at the tannery door tlun there ua crimbk frantic 0s if mou id appeared and the ladle ool ikt saturday evenlnf bath te minuted with an uncpccted udden ne tlu fellhif of the bit eventy foot chimney ua an event of in tore ventr uere cut into the ide near the ba and it fell within feu inches or the point where the contractoi de lred it mr broun ecured everal ln terctlnr photo of ii during it graceful dl cent jcl ueel ulii trivtl the railway to tn to elve brief erles of recollect ins of the hem treet uinpri moore broo hinpk tivi and he idlng mill etc all tf which ivcll as other lndustrii ut ie loe ite tl jit thi pr ijierty ou net bv mr dm un uowagrr quern attends vm premiere for the first time rlnce the death of king george the doaagcr queen mary is pictured in public thin photo was made as her maje left the london theatro where she attended performance of dreaming lip in aid of slum cl6arance project next day she attended rhowlng of the new canadian epic the ore it barrier canadian girl marriage annulled tzl tin pit nt tinu not ii id try to iv tin iv se hn ml elli ul allm pipe tobacco for mild cool smoke business directory medical dr mcnivbn physician and rvrgeoa oftlce and resldenceooroer avenuo and elrtn street dr nelson pbyalefaui wloa bmrgtitu electro therapy phatm dr wm cullen physician and sorga office hours li and t8 sundays by apimihitment wilbur stnt just north of mill strtet tefcphone 138 legal rarmer kollrluir notary imbllo coiiveyiuiocr te icion oruxo hour j0 to 12 00 noon 00 to 00 wkiiu tluj md saturday jo ta 12 noon only llmlud amount and cluxt of work limit taken client innot bo un or work done ufter hour exoc it by prevlou arrungenunt kenneth langdon klarrlatcr holicuor motaxy pnhjfci onicejt acton geotkolawn overt seynucjt cafe usinstrebis lr appolntmentg thone acton 66 oeorgetown 88 office hohrs acton tuesday anf thursday lisp to 30 uigs on request il1kntal buchanan loental office in lftuhtnan block hours 0am until 0pm ktnld by appointment gas for extractions cloud wednesduy afternoon phtmm pearen slds kintal hurxooti moved to our new quarter in the symon block phone 30 mill strtt ac4on tfxtvi princess rlk prince erik klnj chrlstlin tf dennn ha annulled the irrlapc of hi cousin princi erik and the run ranees lol bo ith inddnuf liter of the lute bi oth ottuw cmidi lumber kinf married at ottawa on february 1th 1924 the ci upli hid nil mo of their tinu on cilifarnla usa chicken firm the prince uid prince had petitioned the king to annul the marriage unu tinu in but it vv believed the klne uas attempting to dl uade them from the step llu fo er ottawa rtrl ulll ce ic to be member of the danish royal home and will her title of princess and countess of ro enborg the couple huw two thlllren on en and daughter four defend arm inenae guard gaint iv raid young veterinary ureoon office cnmpbellvllle ontario phone milton mom general wt 1tclalii in life firo health and accident automobile vvmastorni plate glass boiler fidelity bonds farm insurance annuities and all general lines of insurance also ocean steamship tickets lkad1nc comvan1u btcfcljiant facilitits ucpreaienbitwfl kvououvd aftaoolji llorl tkt ciuuulm for mawktu only fred wright office cooper uloek offled 05 llioiic kuld 102j bltlt ki uli ii pud fcmpl caiiatl ulll uding hli gn ally hurt id tlniatth fir national deft net against th atlaek of parllutm ntary opjwi it ion mi mbt ih dh ft nee 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