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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 25 Feb 1937, p. 5

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thursday february 25th 1j7 the acton free press paob p1vb ei6 cnal miss clrm lnts was home from oalt during the weeknd mr oorge soper jr won homo from oalt for the weekend mv stan coy of dolt vialted acton friends over tne weekend miu doris mcdonald was home from bemsvllle for the weekend mias edna hlnton is holidaying wltn her brother in new york city mr lloyd easterbroofc of toronto visited in acton over the weekend mr john moore of dunds visited his mother and sister during the week end mr and mrs gordon of tor onto visited at tiie home of mr und mrs lailt mr and mni jus livingstone of gtielnh spent the weekend with mr and mrs george soper mrs campbell currlc of chatham spent the weekend with her parcnta mr and mrs savage mrs gordon johnston of hamilton is spending week with her parents mr and mr henry saycrs friends regret tliut george fbotltt li again in the hospital in guelph all wish him prompt recovery mrs wm sutclirfc of chesley and mr tnos utcliue of toronto were visitors at the liomo of mr lanbt mr and mrs sutcllffe ohd slurley of detroit mich visited at the parental home with mr and mrs ii lantil mr and mrs eugene mcwicrson and babe of toronto spent sunday at the liome of hls parent mr and mrs root mcpherson mr and mrs howard dlgnon of kla garaon the lake spent the weekend the home of her parents mr and mrs mowat meiers arthur gamble ulng itams den arid miss jessie young spent tlie weekend with ucv and mrs elvhi aambli cu is torville mr and mrs chan wilson were entertained at guelph on sunday by mr wilsons family in honor of their twentyfifth adding anniversary friends will be pleased to hear that mr win fryer la home from st josephs hospital guelph after treat ment and wish him speedy recovery many will regret to learn that but llollowuy has been 111 for the post two weeks with pneumonia but all ux pleased that his condition is impraiintf mrs bell of windsor and mr and mr laird mcdonald and murray jr of detroit mich spent the week end at the parental home with mr and mrs it mcdonald mr and mrs prank browning or toronto islted with their sister and brother here over the weekend miss fcuta dills who has been spending few weeks here returned to toronto with them mr george green has been admitted to christie street hospital toronto for treatment he has been sick at hli home for several ueeks ulth stomach trouble and his friends ulsh him speedy recovery mr george dennis of campbeuville wishes to announce the engagement ir his youngest daughter ethel marjorie to mr gordon currle son of mr and mrs duncan currle campbeuville the marriage to take place quietly the latter part of march george wallace clothes shop 123yongest toronto opposite ryriebirlra king clancy for clean sport continued from page one patterson ro speclium to ejn ffiiml ortkojptlo minimi pnnlmkb iu wyndliaat si not llil ouelph phone 2108 quality jkoeajmaj ft gregory theatre fkidav febbuakst sslh tarzan escapes breathtaking new junge ad venture starring johnny welss mullcr and maureen osulllvun cartoon garden galetefi phapter flash gordon satukdav febituaby 27th the man who uved twice strangest drama since dr jckyll and mr hyde starring ralph bellamy comedy pep pery salt novelties stars of tomorrow scrappys trailer feminine invasion pox news monday maech lut the dancing littat done entirely in technicolor tarring statfi duna comedy ladles love hats novelties fishermans luck vltaphone topnotchers coming theodora goes wild smart comedy starring in nc dunn the welshcripps wedding quiet but pretty ueddlng war solem nized saturday february 20th at three oclock at the baptist parsonuse georgetown by rev banter when mls sadie crlpps of acton second daughter of mr and mrs kdwln crlpps was united in marriage to jolin george welsh eldest son of mr and the late mrs john welsh eugenia ontario the bride given in marriage by her father was becomingly gouned in ulne crepe with lace and accessories to match after the ceremony the wedding party uent to the home of the brides brother mr and mrs crlpps georgetown where loely supper was nerved after short honeymoon mr and mrs welsh will reside on the grooms farm at dun can ontario canadian wool irlcks iugiieu keeping pace with other agricultural products prices for the canadian wool clip in 103g have been on higher level than for some years the price improve ment has varied on different types of ool but ov er all prices have been running about 25 per cent to 30 per cent oer those of 1d35 subject to the general improvement in business being maintained the outlook continues favorable for reasonably steady mar kets generally speaking the quality of the 103g uool clip was fully equal to that of the previous season sheep raising is carried on in all the provinces of canada and is an impor tant branch of tlie jive stock industry wool crading regulations were initiated in 1913 by the dominion department of agriculture and since that time great deal or attention has been given to lm proving the quality of canadlun waol und the manner of its preparation fur market tub hashing of wool and the washing of uool on the slieep have been discouraged and today practically all uool sold commercially in canada is marketed in the grease and the fleeces arc rolled and tied intact as they arc shorn markets for canadian wool have ex panded of late years substantial quan tities have been moved to england and to the continent with more limited quantity to tlte united states the home market has taken about the same amount as in previous years exports of uool from canada during the first nine man tfis of 1030 amounted to 538000 pounds compared with 5005000 pounds during the corresponding period of 1935 of the 103g total the move ment to the united kingdom via quite small but there were substantial in creases to the united tsates und to number or other countries canada continues us country defi cient in wool production and during tlie first nine montlis of 103g imported 18591o00 pounds of wool compared with 10022000 pounds in 1035 left after the first time he wore them conncll always wore coat with belt and always went through the same pro cedure when getting ready for game these little superstitions dont mean thing but every player has them what was wrong with the maple leafs this year was another question he was often asked his answer was that on the team were seven players who were getting their first year in the big game they just lacked thcexperl ence but he predicted that the toronto team would be pretty cloae to the stan ley cup this year if they didnt win it it was one of the nicest teams seen in years and in apps the leafs had oiw of the greatest players who ever laced on hockoy hoot ho gave tribute to conny smytho as great guy and real boas towork for and assured acton that mr smythe would be glad to arrange for oilier players to visit acton on other occasions llov donald stuart of guclpli was second speaker and his impressions of russia gained in visit there made second splendid address for this meet ing he had gone to ttussla to study tlie penal system but had never been able to get much of an insight into the hussion institutions ho had come awuy feeling that russia was good place to have been toand to get away from ho couldnt liclp having tlie im pression that the itussian government was exploiting the hussion people prices are high in kussia and wages low in comparison to these prices liv ing conditions ore crowded and usually one room to one family he didnt tee any of the marvellous apartment houses he liad heard about the hussions lie felt were not making tlie progress tlioy would like us to think they ore they are however making tremendous strides in the care and education of children dr stuart told of many interesting and amusing experiences in russia their customs and many or the very fine buildings under the present plan pro dukin was not going ahead or design ed anil tlie people were discontented the thanks of the club to king clan cy ilev mr stuart and the ladles in charge of the supper was expressed by the president dills and given hearty applause in seconding by tlw gathering acton wins group again continued from page one moke electuicxty than ever before witong ankweil beautiful oung uomun entered the outer office und ajlced if the manager uai disengaged well he rather buy wild the secretary trying to be complimentary but hfh aluajs pleastd to jec pretty girls jlke you li utdt so replied the visitor in frozen olie will jou please tell him his wife tints to see him jviit mattkit ov time my wife ukrs ta for brrakrubt while like corfee vouu booll get used to teu lianokokttissimo tuo thousand lingers thumjied one hundred pianos in concert ub tuhvi okluhoma each of the hundred pianos urrangd in roui in an auditorium in that clt hail tuo players who had been uctlli for the one concert for seven months the orcheuru parb of the veclullurltten concertos were assign ed to the pianists at tlielr lvotues scat tered throughout oklahoma und the hundred players met there few dajs before the concert to proctle to gether for houn ik fore their public appearance mr boyd rlngo and hti uife uho are piano teachers at the uuherslty of tulsa whlcli sponsored the eent were the directors or tlie concert they began the concert sever al jeurs ago with ten pluiuu lost year there uere fifty one pluno manufj turer imule forty pianos all ullkd used hi tlu concert thirtyfive piano tuner were employed to tunc the in strument cheap electricity developed principal ly from nbundont uaterpower is steadily revolutionizing conditions in homes and factories througlvput canada electric power is cheaper in nomc parts of canada than elsewhere in north america use of electricity in canada particu larly in homes exceeded all past records in 1030 tlie output of electricit reached new high level al 25193174 000 kllouutt hours gain of per cent above the 1035 output secondary power delivered to electric boilers uho reached new high point at g922 810000 kilowatt hours which uns per cent of the total output and 10 per cent above the 1035 output of secondary pouer consumption of firm power in canada or total output leiu exports and secondary poucr amounted to 16dd25150c0 kllouutt hours an in crease of per cent und the highest jet recorded the per capita consumption has been estimated at 1950 kllouutt hour of the total consumption of electric energy in canada approximately 35 per cent is used for lighting purposen the highlj electrified pulp und paper industry use about 10 per cent und the mining in dustry about 11 per cent tlie allelec tric home is rapidly attaining public ac ceptance and electricity is being made available to an everincreasing extent in the rural districts where it operates milking machines churns feed choppers and other farm machinery in urban centres many neuiyhullt homes are being fully electrified with adequate uirlng proper lighting ullelectrlc kit chens and air conditioning old houses ure being modernized to an evcrin cte using extent by means of electricity about threcquerters of all homes in canada are wired for electricity taking into consideration the exten sive rural districts in canada which have not yet been reached by the elec tric transmission lines und the fact that only lfl3 per cent of the potential hydro electric power in the country has been developed tlie use or electric ap pliances in canadian homes is very ex tensive it has been estlmutod that 13 per cent of nil canadian homes ure equipped ulth electric refrigerators 10 per cent ulth electric ranges 33 per cent ulth electric washing machines und gi per cent with rudlos facto cillapiik the highest and most coveted honor bestoued by the british crown is mem bership in the most noble order of the garter nufjc ubc klai loor old iyed seems to have got it badly said mabel whats he been doing now asked her friend why uus the reply ever since he got engaged to the vicars daughter hes been earing his collar the wrong wuy round and now hes having stained glass wlndous put in his new carl kaiser got through but shot wide and lindsay did the same for acton at 510 ezard picked up the puck glbbcns had carrieo in and placed nice one in tlie corner that goal put the game hi lie bag at 30 and improved tlie last fifteen minutes of play mario took mconiys nass but missed scoring at minutes terry made perfect pass to lindsav and dude made perfect slw past 0rmeu wallets trtw penalty for dumping lotuer ji guelph tried to use the ad vautqt kaiser went in and woods made beautiful save gcmmell came out to save score from lindsay woods made another nice stop when morrison was in marzo put his sliot right into gunimclls iads coullng went for rt when lie dutnped marzo there wai shuffle around guelph mt with three or four close to scoring but fall ing to get the rubber over the line wulters missed on terry puss woods cuttig out to save when morrison broke uwuy and the junior goalie made an other nice suvi when morrison wa in when three guelph men broke glbbetis made beautiful check to break up the rush and stopped what looked like sure goal and so the game ended 30 for acton havent heard of uny protects so again acton wins the group tlie lineup acton woods goal kcntrter und walters defence terry centre lind say und mario wings mooney ezard marxo olbbens and andcnn al ternates guelph gcmmell goal mcmil lan and brill defence kaiser centre meron und morrison wings seattle kelly coullng ridley and gcmmell alternates jolham sub goalie referee johnnie mitchell hamilton iialton juniors to stage dramatic series at recent meeting of the county executive of the junior farmers and junior institute members it war decid ed to conduct dramatic series for the dick trophy we understand from president walter linham that four clubs have entered the competition with milton and kilbride junior meet ing in the milton high scliool on tues day march 2nd and norval and pal ermo on friday march 5th in the sam hall interest uppears to be very keen in this series and it is anticipated that there will be large crowd of support ers an the two evenings in question little later in the month the winning club uiu meet for the championship utw dear vpx pbess frequent comment from this pen in t11 fxek pasxs has been and so lfhie goes onl in the calgary herald of february 13th was despatch from sedalla alia re mr maclachlan 87 years of one who still hale and hearty delights in rounding up cattle on porse bacy and obiter outdoor exercises knowing setalia as on former charge of tlie folks here enquiry elicited the fact that mr macl was hot only re membered but uiat he was the simon maclachlan who used to live in erin north of acton hi the leslie school community the item says lie came rrom ontario in 101 and living wltli couple of sons harold and frank and so time pioves on itecciit advice from mid west am erican city that one who was one of the earliest subjects of actons continua tion scliool has become possessor of graii dduughter thereby entailing on tlie present writer the distinctions prefix ing yreat to such title reminds of tlie onuard march of time and letter from canadas largest city discloses that tlio eldest daughter hi the home of oneuinu faint patem graduate and whom several readers have met at just passed high school entrance ut 05 class medal list and so entitled to years free tuition in uny montreal high school those who remember the industrious little knitter will share in grandpas ap preciation of the news her letter af fords in this connection it may be noted tliat tile paterfamilias own re mark at close of first days experience in miss minnie holmes primary room was my ill be sorry when pass the entmnce but still time rolls on and while time rolls on out lierc in the west it lias been rolling much snow into the roads and especially into tlie newly snowplowed tranches in the southern liart of the province roads have become almost impassable the rural mail from hlnh hiver out the peklsko route near dula of windsor ranch hud to take to team of wliite mules as being best able to iet through but the c2 mile round usually made in three hours by car takes about tuo days here in the valley region where on account of distance from rail so many heavy trucks have to convey tanks machinery etc the situation is very acute more so because big wells come blowing in one recentlj being 2100 barrels crude daily not far from u12 050 one of last summer several others are netting ready as near these as legal hope to have time to get some of both out so we will liave material for some repair work and new building the new building loan of 300000 which is available on easy terms may be an advantage to some folk who are reasonably sure of stated regular in come und in position to pay it back in the prescribed time but few in this country are in that position so must necessarily build and repair or remodel at their own expense as they are able money in moat cases is too easily borrowed but not so easy to pay back this has been the experience with great many hi years gone by and after years of striving to repay the loan tlu home or farm has finally had to be socrined to satisfy tlie creditors marketing our surplus vegetables em plojed our time over tlie weekend prices were fairly good but owing to so much sickness and unemployment by those sick made it bit discouraging but no losses except tlie expense of getting to market it was suid in sat urday hist that there are 4400 down with flu in kirkland alone mild weather hi not favorable to good health folk are inclined to be care less with proper clothing or other neces sary cure there is much less sickness in the country than in towns and villages where people dont congregate to the same extent and get more fresh air we arc glad to report our bunch all real uell mild weather and the seed catalogues klves one tlio spring fever and maga zines papers etc advertising baby chicks starts conversation and planning for tlie summers activities theres such variety of planning necessary too nowadays to meet everciianglng conditions modem methods of soil preparation weed control seed selection culture etc keeps the progreudve farmer gardener or horticulturist busy studying continu ally tlio same applies to stock and poullry raisers only tlie best in every line is considered good enough but after all the effort is not wasted who doesnt admire nice horse coy sheep or pig or lovely lot of fowl or the beautiful flowers or vegetables on dis play at almost every season of the year for tlie past two or three weeks weve enjoyed some lovely bloom wife takes great joy growing and caring for flow ers and has had three roses bushes hi full bloom some pots of tulips with or various colors out at once an ivy with or bundles of flowers pink ger anium with bunclics out ut once and some others cant name but enjoy hit in spite of winter outside uc liavo some summer inside now my space is gone again so for this time cordially yours it johnson canaman employment xmirovklk emplojees of 10100 firm in canada totalled 1o440g9 at the beginning of december compared with tia5 155 per sons employed by 0461 firm 011 decem ber list 1935 tlie dominion bureau of statistics index ut 1101 uatl 11 per cent higher than ut the opening of the year the improvement effected dur ing tlie last tuelve montlis considerably exceeded the normal tlie re was pronounced and general revival in manufacturing mining and logging although most of the indus tries included in the montluy surveys of employment sliowod decided betterment compared with tlie last few years con struction being the outstanding excep tion geographically the recovery on the whole lias been widespread although activity in tlie prairie provinces in the last two montlis was less than in tlie same period of 1935 barley research in close cooperation ulth industry research on malting barley is being car ried on in the division of biology and agriculture of the national research ly possible turner valley alta coleman dear fm pnrss the last issue of jour paper was real interesting one we enjoy so mucn laboratories of canada the results of tlll qcll nhf ulu communitj news the investigation are expected to provide mentioned the reports of full fair better basis for the selection of the convention also uere appreciated so mast desirable types of barley for malt mimy nu fmmu impossible to ing and as maltsters ordinarily pay comnmc pj fairs that it is encourag premlum ranging at the present tirn to ho uho taue auch un lntercst up to 25 cents bushel for barley of ln mil aucceisfu pir malting quality the advantages of this acum imr mr kcrr deserve raise for his untiring efforts and think has earned his promotion research to farmer are obvious the average crop of barley ln canada during the last live jeu has been 73 215000 jmshels of uhlch trom live to seven million bushels uere used each ear locally for the production of mall made in cunadlnn mills in 1935 wa3 c41 1000 bushels during the same year the consumption of malt in canadian was much interested in chronicle of ginger farm and must add little to the patch work nullt my good wile is somewhat different than the writer of that article in that lie is aluujs on the lookout for some men wanted for engineering training in television radio sound pic tures most unusual opportunity for men selected now training sponsored by ii de vry who is also leading manufacturer of sound equipment training material prepared under supervision of dr lee deporcst father of radio and sound advanced students und gradu ate nlded to preferred positions with leading concerns or in opening own business this olfcr is thoroughly genuine only qualified men will be accepted for dctailv write giving age phone occupation kfetobests llox 41 acton free fuess ask our customers now is the time to bring your cur in and have the engine tuned up to factory specifications we have tuned up number of local cars and our customers have been delighted with their improved performance we go over your engine thoroughly and make all the adjustments in many cases no new parts are needed but if these are required we advise you you get new car per formance from your car and save in gasjtnd oil have this work done now and be all ready for spring no improvement in performance no charge jennings bros shell gas and oils service for ah card phone 25 acton breweries amounted to 3500000 busheu lg or pattern lor quilt or ru making she member or both the ladies aid and womens institute exports of 2500000 bushels went chiefly to the united states in addition som of the barley exported to the united states used for malting and it is estimated thut nt least from one to two million bushels of cunadlnn barley are malted each jenr in the united iclnfi dom great itook how to lle coirtti hockey star by torrtrny gorman manager and couch of th montreal maroon profuly lllu truttxl tend contain lit it many valuable tlptf on how to pluy tit game also uydjia4c picyutetf okay mjhvurt itrhwhuj of jfiitttltti croup uontjval uiunon croup ifc caiiatluuti irf jiijtuil tuiunt of luldy knftlirott paul haytusa ltuu llliiko ijtl itiailnuio juallarur ilowta xlufoiia jalimiy limium ttijcml ilftfty lurry ivtakomy itoy vvtuura aco luiby wrt uiit your choice ihj atoie far labl from tin oj crown rani or ijlv wiine corn syrup wrlto on tin buck your tiumc umj add read plainly und thi word xiticktty boob or th utimtioj the picture you wutti one book or ptcturi for each label mii the lulx1 to the uddrmm below kdwaddsbuho crdwn brand corn syrup the ramous enuqy food hm canada srrafcctf oohranlf umitoj toionto yg uheie thuy lot of uiat kind of work so of course ue at home hear plans patterns etc discussed so are quite familiar ulth it all just recently she sent und not box of patches und after doing lot of cutting and seaing together sufficient blocks uere ready for quilt the lining was sewn on the frame fine lleece uool that hod been picked and made into lajen was used for inner lining then top luid on and bunted looked on while all this pro cess was in the making and after watching wife quilt for some houn dur ing three or four evenings and seeing what small space she got overi re marked that when she had such good ieulng machine that was capable of sewing patches on all sorts of clothing und sewing mitts that why uouldnt it do that quilting great deul quicker and eusler when it was being done in blocks well of course my remarks created an urnumenl ultli the result thut my uife took the quilt out of the frames and ulth my help she uent ut it on the muchlne ill admit it was bit difficult holding it properly on account of its size but ue accomplished the job thut afternoon in spite of lute start and it uus agreed to be good job and wry une glad it was finished hut this hasnt stopped the hid they haie an other one on tle go so think til just leave uell enough alone und not get mixed up in quilt making uny more we have hail real mild ueek lr three uhule days and nights tin ther mometer was above freezing so our now willed away doun rite it continues mild but we feel qultv sure ll isnt spring in this country yel the boir mude greut progress with tlielr uood and the pile lms lncreusd ir sli considerably they are hoping for another good week to try utul finish theyliav un opportunity to nt both logi and shlnglo sawn at mill being ttfcud juht feu mitt from 113 und food mileage fueling the household machine is an important item these linys after all on the road of daily life mont of us have to get the the inst mile out of every dollar we spend high food mileage means careful buying thoughtful selection of the foods that not only suit the tastes and physical needs of the familybut the pocketbook as well thats the value of advertising every week here in your paper are presented new and interesting food ideas new ways of preparing old reliable favorites new combinations of the roods the rnmily needs in ways theyll like standard unvarying quality is the out standing feature of advertised merchandise in general and of food products in par ticular quite tactor in getting high food food mileage read the food advertised in the free press it will show you the way to higher food mileage

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