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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 18 Feb 1937, p. 7

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thto0day february 18th 1037 the acton free press paoe skvkn the home write it down that hero labored hero rang and laughed uaid neigh bored heres the sum of all my story heres my fortune and my klury these four walls and friendly door mark the goal struggled for never mind its present worth heres one hundred feet of earth when the piuuutoy tun mm every dream uhlrh came to me write it down my lift uncloses here umonn thimf budding rumi in this palch ot lawn ive tendid here is all vw counted uplcndld heres the od thuli held rue true uic tasks ivi had to do here for all the uortd to ui is my secret thitight and plan through the lonit yeari gone brian this is what striikklvd for write it duun uhen have prrkliud here is everything lv in rfshed that these uall should flow with beauty spurred my jugglm soul toluty tliati there siuld tn tfladnevt hire kept ni tolllnif jeur by jiur here in phlox uild mar old is my every purpose told every thought und every act werf to keep thli home intact kdur glkst twenty ykalts ago vom the xmuj of the tree 1vju of thunday february zznd toll mua nlckllli luft till week viilt friends at cecil wlwotuhi ncwa from westlnchouac uarrucloi the checker league has largo mem bership on wednesjuy ivbruary uth there uas urigadc route march to dunrfus the 164 th ing the leadline battalion it soper la taking an course at the armories pretty double uedding took place at uockv ood lhirtonag on jvbrtjary 14th when myrtle mid ada daughtcri of mr and mn win aljan erin be came uic bride or mr eknwjck und mr mclean of llalllnufad gunner alvin mcdonald uas up say ing goodbye to hli uunt mrs scott und other frknds before olnif overs im last week the funeral of the lute chu mcllae mjd took place on vylday dr mdtao had practised his prhfejjion in toronto until fcvfcrunjy last year al though eightyfive yean of age the past year he had rumded with lilrt son rev calvin mckoo pastor of the presbyterian church at dresden the total cot of the war to germany to date 1b estimated at g0006000 marks maukved gttgory brush at st albans church rectory on tuesday imiru ary 20th 1917 by rev smith catherine victoria second duughur of mr and mn matthou brush to mr joseph gregory of olenn neu york kki bell at the family residence lot 21 concewion marifraucyn on sun day lybrunry ltlth 1917 john bell in hi g7h ir chronicles of ginger farm written specially for the acton kree lroni jweniojlinfc clauke queer how onet like and dlsllki mtine tlmiut change ului the pa ears ivr insuinn have urn had any use for pieced pillu tilth ro many make as if from force of habit it mint ed to hw utte ly mnseli for busy unhiiuji to spend hi time cutting up rfi rdy gtwwl material und then sewing it togetht again at the nii time hae uluu bieii ru idy to admit that piecliu ult might be rial plcasur to oldtili prioiii or to setnllnvulldi lint for vigorous healthy woman spend lur time this un mnj to me iturly ridleuloiii and tin this inter our inshtul cldcd to niale two pjllu fo the pur posu of rulsing money member ucre dlwdcd into two groups with capt iln for curb group to tell ou thu truth did not think much of tlie uut al though woj julte willing tn help with whatever the rest jihi want to do the llnt thing our group did wan lo have tnecthig to select pittern the one chan uuj pieced basket with bouquet of appllqued iioucn two rtf our tnemberu uce detiiihd to cut the putchet and then nt another meetlntf we were eicli given bloce to put to gether the day of thir meeting was tluit awful ley slippery wet monday when there wee nlniast ns many curs in the dlth as there were on uie rouli and every plice uas like law to walk on we lie the nearest to the hou where the meeting was held but at flnt never thought of going because thought these from distance would never think or turning out but wa the meeting postponed not bit of it the good ladles choaed up ns prlghtly and energetic as the flowers in spring the men folk stajed around and played cards in the kitchen and the wenthcr uius hardly mentioned at all we women took ta our patclies and oh the fun we hid trjlng to get our pieces together it was as bad as jig saw pucde quite few of us had never pieced block before and with such difficult pattern to work oi uc sure had some job on our hands some of us innate urn would sew our pieces together ulth the tiniest wee stitches onl find when we had finished that we had some pie ts upside down or the edges uneven how many times ripped mln out wouldnt like to tell jou but one thing is ctrtiin the worl begin ha il fasriimltm for me when rnv path wi ihnll completed li proud as muock iiih uhen tin ilnlshd bl tk me und exitiv vhi it theunuay school lesson or suniav eeitliljauy zlhi the iowfil oi jkhus over dlath golden exl am he nsurn linn nd the mir john 11 1a von text john jjh jj lh of nil ho in lcry nil oe thu vhine ultliiurjxr dutrotnw death unking in the world and lhul in tnoim nt he knew for tusle of ny of lit ultimate tntiili wltl in mj so siiijii to follow on cal iry time 30 expo lunilr tliiu and the life slls ititervlew ignifleitit imaco hi thany am the hi luiie 2jjh id lh martlia il deejjy trum iidouj son to uuh ituptndotu claim ti yd tabluh in the minds of hs follpwjn nmii ly that agaihit himsi lfat luirl of ufe death had no piw thy brothir in 11 rlse again he promlsk in iiliswtr to the uhcxprt ssed cry of mar tini heai then as inr answer ihowed she thought he refem to uie general rcurrertion in some dim and dislint future he uddid thos iubllme words hich in all the age follow ing have win willpilng of comfort to mirrow inif linru am the riiuhrec xlcn and the llle belle vest thou thlti 10 martha had just expre jed her faith in ills lnterccssoi power with god vii 21 21 she now proclaims her faith in mi dlvlnitj believe that thou art the christ the son of god he is asking every one of us today the same question ur llevest thou it is all important that ou should john 10 31 the full bufore import of jtsus words was still too deep victim iii i1iiti come nh 3744 ji sils ii tsuut to pi form his inn hhlstilois nducle to tall bn to hfe man who liu ri four days dmd jt is lie alone who an and who will uile the dtid but what man lutido in mir do man must flnt take awav the ttom tin re is many man todui end 111 trmpisii and thu whom us would rale from hli uuie generar he is calling lis 1uke away the stone are we doing our it mai thu vv ho faith was still impeifect who saw but darkly the might truth jesus had jdven her pro ttstid at his bidding how little we apprehend of the fullpys of the prom ise of god could we but take him at his word vie would be utnuued at the dicmuie we would make ph 11 if thou uouldeit believe thou shnulder me in the absolutely un broken rommunlon that existed between ji siis and his naher ui knew that ills prayer was already answered but that the faith of those beholding might be strengthened he gave audible thanks before the answer waji madu manifest we too can have the same assurance that our prnien are heard und uie answer billowed tl john 22 14 15 john 15 then jesus cried with loud voice and he that was dead came rorth death powerless the lord of life gave up hi for martha os her reply shows 17 but all that god asks of us is to claim the faith we already poses then with delpeuid understanding he gives enlargement of faith thess 10 peter 10 it jtsus wept 323g at this point martha hurried to marj with the ulad tidings the master come and calleth foi tine mary full ing ills feet in homage greet jesus with the same words that martha und iv the power or his resurrec tion the genuineness of this miracle bej mid quistlon 4t supplied the jews with one more incontrovertible proof that jesus was the messiah cf john 10 24 25t and prepared the minds of his dlsclplic for the fact of iils own resurrection with their own ejes they had seen the dliid come forth to new life through the might of ills word who is oils who holds the keys of lire used the thought that must have been and duith onlj he who is life ilself auvlksc ukvtiikit ukblcul fklit cbol canidlan frut production in 1033 sufre ed grtalv fiuin adver weather conditions and fur almot all claves fruit reduction lorn ids ields have been recorded in outaio quebec and nova scotia the apple crop wo affected by early fronts and in ontario thu hot of tea to put xd flnih to the afte dry summer which followed led to noon but hi st irt qulung it will was me ml to be wllh hip ur prie to me ni this lav wt urjihei nn lni and suppoi ill tin ulie 11 attend evin suppt lni th hive come through tire an it to et to the met tin of tours ti ie cup heav eduction in ield the nova scotia crop was adversely uffected bj widespread ipidenmic of sc lb and severe infestation of aphid the total can adian cop for 1d3c was million barrels compared with million barrel in 1030 damage of permanent nature to trees has been reported onl in british columbia new plantings of apple trees approached lialf million trees in 193c the higlust figure slm 192g apple markets in the autumn ir 193g luve teen reosonablv stable and tlie exiiort demand has been brl how ever with short crop in canada and much heavier crop in great britain exports to hut market are expected tu be from 30 to 11 per cent below tho of 193s the iiritislu market requires lul apple or gh iualltv and of peclflc varieties lown hii llv in on columbia ui alj wa of iood qualltv the jevd of llj ihmand from freli rhe lari niiin eordi otcurrt il the pe ich crop tarlo and llrltbh below avtiait bin prices were above following good fruit and priki lni ber of plantliu during i03ti canada imp ills tl much larr volume of pears than are jmrti lii vear the domestic rp wis mauiiallv hi low that of the pnvlou vtar and prices avehid slithl hlj lu he grapi crop ul lojti vv tu inalles for ten jears and prl vwie higher than li the previiu vai ontario ulmrles purchased whili in hrltihl oe an allduj bu vltli nndwirh lun and it me tell this there wasnt soul lu the neigh nr hood vvhoe 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blank to quilt mi now tin linn turn ing whin shill have pi quilt mjsi if if iv iwaj afti uppermost in their minds during the pasi four day lord if thou hadst been here inj brother had not died dut there reems tt be more of wonder and perplexity in her expression than of tproach why had jesus not hur ried to rave him whom he loved but chrlstr has many lov in reasons which we do not undersl ind for ilia dealings ulth us the ester had sought bothe saved from death jesas would give them brother triumphant over death there was no conversation bctueen je us and mrj her faith intuitive and implicit was equal to the occasion jesus hud given martha wondrous promise and glorious hope her mbt cilled foi teaching and in miction he nave mary inoe hi sy mpathy and his tears jji jtsus wtp he groaned in pint uui wi triulilid lln lid our hears iv be th it mu lati john mud in the wonderful so in beth ui pu down thi retjid of tmi lord immin ti nduit iii fl 17 ii it not au for ljiu and his th tl ji wi pt 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