Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 18 Feb 1937, p. 3

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thursday pxbbuaby lath 1037 the acton free press ip jurer ilrrna iinrt stnrg through the white night by john soott douglas ft jwnow swlrlod in blinding flurries ijpl outside the general store ot the yukon town of otter crncic suddenly another sound altered through the shrilling wind beating blur jaatiall intf flakes ubiniist the frosted panes rjie unmistakable patter of racing dog tcct and the crunch of sled runners oa loosely packed snow phlhp sounderd lulscd his laxse roughhywn body from the clmlr tacinit the redhot stove a3 tin runners arew silent tho door burnt open to frame rlzjjcd rcdchcekud tmm oiyoiiist the white backdrop of snow lor moment before ho clawed out the chlll blast of un ahukim winter take my chair and warm jourelf invited ihulp unlit llffhtln his face the atrutpr uuiipcd now oif hu nmkluka thunki ho uild in bin dee rich voice gucs will he pulled his reindeer parkj over his licui and placod it iiear the stove where it dripped rivulets lie then jerked oif hu muklukii and wumiud hk feet mulle quirked hk urbiiled lieavlly ardtxl face its ho pulled out leather tuck which was attached by leather thong to hu belt riiuy cwi tell you there aint anything betturn pay dirt hi alaska lie chuckled but im hcrj to uiy tlierca more cold uiun uafi ever lound not my take here more than teii thousand dollars und im setting out while im ui1 uble hut theres lot more where this came from left note ou my claim clvin free title to the under philip breath caught in hk throat the young man had come to alaiki ultli uw hope of finding cold but he hut come out that morning with lea than two hundred dollar wcrth of duu the rtiullr of nearly cars uoo he hail not even paid for hli emifp inent the 10 le support of hi mother and lounger slrter he had left them uith enough money to run their houe hcld jcar and had promised to re turn with fortune he had learned houfcver that big companies took out the gold with elaborate machinery the ptydlrt he had counted on forthcoming only in unnll quantities philip suired acrot tle ground arcund the fire to the lean dark face of jule lebroge his es ere narrowed to glltering black mil and hk thin nos trite were slightly diluted as the hair breed asked softly and uhere to thl claim one may have for the finding mileu tiuits uhat id like to knou de clared philip hostility in the glance ht turned touard lebrage tliu old prcspector regarded the half breeds aquiline face coldly but his blue ey tlioued slightly when philp soundera ipoke he shrugged align tl cant tell you exactly he said itc up in the yukon hills back here joull give me map maybe can give jou general directions ill never uant the claim again and iti never bccn tiled ive been prospect in for nigh onto forty jears and im cue old sour dough who got enough sense to get out with my pile instead dyln up here in the cold pliillp eagerly placed tattered map before the old prospector vv he traced the general direction to hi digging ulth stubby forefinger the store keeper and the other tuo old men uatched ulth interest for on aluskin pioneer ii to old to continue dreaming some striking it rich philip knew houever that only jules lubrage inning that group uas contemplating hat he htm elf had already planned to brave the approaching storm hi ordt to be ilrst to set stake en the deserted rial in his ejeb gleaming uith black light lebrage raked himself from careful inspection of the map cjnlcal smtl twisted hk thin up as he looked philip you too ure thinking of tak ing that claim no thats nn intentluii said philip hre stirred in the dcptlu ut lebram ulack cje you might viv urvlf tlii trouble maliti with mir stiinn ot curs philip felt hli miicle tuitrhin with anger and an angr torrent of orris leajwd to hi lip to stilled iiiinr intuitive mnse before uttei uiue the halfbreed ua trlng to ir kate him and he had almat fallen uto tin trap he forced smile 1ls mouth and shrugged llghil as pit kid up ills parkji and drou ir ms broad shoulden he smiled at tin old pnwpi run and stalked out of th lure iharvim as lie stejipi into tin injilnr wind that labran does ue pead hjuassed hi sleigh whlm vis tied ai the other mdi of the diirt piled street hl nun liih uas rn as iid intended to pn on lu taiuikof that tljy but hk dns uere not in hi iiss through break in un butldin he htudlid the sk to tile noithuaii it uas ilull and leailen uith suite black cloutk jllng omlnouslv lou lor moment he hesltuted bliz zard uai bloulng up was ii worth th ihanee he deliberated udnklng of hu mother and sutr in ivuttle und hk exuberant promke tjiat he would return with fortune willi sinking heavi ness within lie reflected i10w nalvo he had been at that moment he heard ihe crunch of runners on tlie fresh undulating carpet of white ho turned and saw the halfbreed trotting after hu lean sinewy hasky pock lebraso called jecringly as lie passed you might pave yourself trouble mslou your curs can llovcr keep pace with my pack twisted smile flickered moinenuial ly on philip lipji jules lebrogo was irving to bluif out his competitor ho must know hk own lean poorlyfed degs could never keep up with philips frvjli powerful huskier not even with the head start he was betting hk firm yountf jaw stiffened wllh resolution ullyutrd or no blizzard philip would attempt reaching the old pro pec tors claim if it should cliulicc that he hud to holeup somewhere lie uctlld see to jt tliat lit passed the halfbred before tliuli time come wiien they kturteil out igaln he would be ahead fifteen minutes later iuj luul har nessed hk dogs and was moving down the deserted street the husky pack lieu along at an effortless gait over the rolling white carpet at first philip trotted behind them on hk snowshoei having topped the rise above tlur town he rode on the runners of hk sturdy sled the ulnd rose in velocity walling icras the uastes of drifted snow the crisp frozen breath of the north bit through philips heavy reindeer purka probing ith icy fingers at lib body occasicnally the jouth would jump off tue runners and hurry along beside the dtgs unvlng hk arms to restore circulation it uas losing battle how ever und he knew he uould have to stop to build are soon whether or not he overtook the lialfbreed darkness uas creeping over tlic uorthorn ullderness as he plunged down the frozen slope to the melodtna hlvcr ils treeflanked banks channel for ringing winds stirring the soft snow over the blue ice which protected the river for long distance philip knew lie uld follow the rher before ho turn ed off into the yukon mills the dogs struck the snowcovered ice the sleigh swerved and then sped along swiftly behind the powerful pack philip shuddered slightly as he heard the dk tint howl of umber wolf he saw faintly vkible tracks on the rivers ice and hk spirits lifted in realization that he was overtaking le brage he pushed on despite thdfact that he was ncfilng into the storm he would overtake the halfbreed push on for an hour and then dig in for the night trusting to hk arctic sleeping bag and ring of burning logs to protect him against wolves an hour passed two hours and uu th se persktent tracks of the hurrying lchrajje continued darkness had long since fallen and the penetrant chill of night bit into philip mercilessly ill have to stop here or freeze he finally muttered through chattering teeth perhaps can push on and overtake lebrage in the morning abruptly hk eye was caught by black something in the vague blur of sulrling snow ahead lebrngc new determination fl wed into hk weary half frozen body he would get ahead of the halfbreed yet suddenly philip realized hat the sleigh ahead was not moving he could not see lebrage anywhere he called to his dogs to stop their wolf eyes slun in the darkness as lie passed them hi heart seemed to stop beating for several seconds as philip approached the other team it wju not lebrage it was heading the wrong way down river besides the tracks left by the halfbreed were clearly vulble leading past this sleigh philip scowled as he observed with feeling of resentment that the sleigh had only four dogs which seemed too weak to stand let ydene drag sleigh on which was man the furs on the sleigh suddenly mov ed and plil lip halted with shock of surprise some one was sobbing con vulsively some one who looked sus piciously like small boy he tapped slim shoulder tentatively and on elec trical shiver coursed down hk splno whan girls face appeared staring up at him with misted blue eyefl and trem bling lip who wlio arc you he asked uttering the first words which came to mind dawn dawn korris said the girl quickly iilie saw him taring ut tile supine figure under the buuikeui and uiutwcrcd the mlestlou in his eyes thats 1uther im taking him to the doctor at otter creek he hes dan gerously ill philip listened to the delirious tnanii confused babble nodding youd bet ter camp here he said curtly bllvirdt coming up youll never get through to otter creek tonight her little chin sel stubbornly and philip suddenly realised that despite her blue lips and coldpinched feature the girl was very preuy he liked the spirit with which she answered him have to push on broke my ax twj dais ago and cant get wood three of my degs deserted last night asked man who was going uprlver few minutes ago if lie could spare me dog or so but he only laughed at me and uent on something went dead inside philip as he realized the plight of the girl and knew that the man who liad refused to help her was the halfbreed his feel ings for lebrage had never been more than mi intense unreasoning distrust of the man now he knew its basis the girl and her father could die for all the halfbreed cared philip could in nay understand the others attitude rich find of gold iaj ahead of lebrage and there uas an other man coming after him uho want ed it ns badly as he philip realized with sick feeling of emptiness within tint lebrage would gain possession rt the claim on which he had counted so heavily what of the girl his lips hardened hite line there as not chance she could reach otter creek alone her dogs were nearly dead she was in little better shape herself with sinking feeling in the pit of hu tomach philip made iiib decision come he said gruffly iii take your father back my dgs are fresh we may get through he considered for moment hitching some of lir exhausted dogs to his owi team he had no satisfactory way of doing this however and he doubted if they would be worth much anywav he knew they uould trot along behind tenderly he removed the heavy mni on the sleigh to his own larger one youd better get on too he said to the girl no she said with spirit won make ycur dos carry double philip suspected that she rdused because she wanted the dogs to mak better time for her fathers sake she trudged along beside the sleigh as it turned around starting down river the tempestuous fury of the blizzard finally held them in its grip part her progress uas impossible plulip first thought to stop on one cf the banks where the trees would protect them from the ulnd but the phosphorescent gleam of jellou eves in the woods and the low snarls his dogs warned him again the course nicy must camp on the river then much as he dreaded its windswept expanse he chopped huge quantity wood and built ring of logs on th river ice the dogs blj pile of wood and their slelglis lie placed in the centre of the ring the girl uas solicit us in caring for her father but refused to sleep herself soon she was nodding and philip gruffly ordered hertto crawl into his sleeping toag promising to watch out for her father philip never knew how lie himself stood uiat vigil he was dascd with weariness yet he dared not sleep hi bones ached with cold and stiffness every time he arose to look over the ring of logs liowever which lie kept constantly burning lie could see tlie circle of ycllow bottomless cvcs just outside tlie reach of his light hy morning tlie sjiow was falling foster but the winds rury luul subsid ed the old prospectors voice was weaker dawn silently helped philip prepare breakfast they pushed on then through the white night of alaskas winter dawn trudging along by the sleigh to give speed to tlie dogs that her father might live admiration burned hi hi eve as philip watched her what little trojmi she was thus they reached otur creek philip engaged room for diiun at the tiny boarding house next door to the doctors and was able to ingiig another rocm for himself at private home the flglu for mr norrls hfe uus hard one and doctor liigles at ilnt despaired of winning tlie crisis was passed in two weeks however in an other week so quickly did strength ilnw hark into the hardy bdy of the old prospector he uas able to go out for an hour or so every day to talk with the oldtimers who wit around the stove in the general stlre one day when he returned to the boarding house suddenly philip and daun jumped up from tho couch on hleh they had been sitting in clce proximity flushing mr norrls laugh ed boisterously oh ho as if have not known all along ycung people are all alike philip smiled his ejes meeting dawns was hoping youd feel that way sir because dawn and uell mr norrls chuckled have no ob jections at all philip you sec ive taken quite liking to jou 3oung fel ler and now that youre be soninlaw id like to take up certain matter uith ou mr norrls pretended to look verj severe but there war twinkle in his genial blue ejes whj didnt jou tell rric you were tr lug to find the toby hawkins claim why faltered philip never thought of it ycu see dawn and were so busy getting you well again well said mr norrls it so hap pt ns that toby and ive been friends ror over ten jears id dropped in there with daun on the way to tanana when found his note and derided to place my cwn stakes there since toby hud pulled out we were coming down here to file our claims when took 111 just this morning filed tlie claim in jour name and mine so that joung fellow who passed up is duo for big disappointment observing philips look of astonishment mr norrls added reckon acted bit hastily philip but after down dropped hint about how she felt just decided such part nership would be mighty ntco wed ding present ckttinc along conversations overheard in the bus often bring one up with jolt if you listen carefully you frequently hear things that make you think that ufa lint so bad after all fulrly wclltiullt man was talking to his fellowpassenger they started cliuttlng just outside of kltclicner and by the time they liad arrived in ouelph urrc on good terms tlie man who led the talking was shaking about his studies in law at the university of tor onto and said he was in his third jear at ofiode hall hut am somewhat handicapped he rcpuirked und it difficult to get around is easily as the either hut some day intend to overcome this und make name for myself in law it used to be that thought more of playing rinrby than studjlng but tlvat was all changed year iigo his voice dropped here and it was impossible to find what liad changed for him ao ouelph for the rest it was ovldent tliough when he tusked for his crutches im cripple he said both his limlm were artificial and he walked on steel jointed legi with the aid of crutches canadas favourite tea salada tea cai1p in to help duttons amcrks uus mcidknts li this toronto want to get out at toronto driver said maiden lady of some 55 cars my niece is going to meet me at toronto and muit gel out she tnsiitcd ns soon an the bus crossed the bloor street bridge prom then on at every stop light until she uas met at spadlna she would leave her seat and scramble up to the front want ing to lcae the bui por innately she had been put in the care of the driver when she got on the bus up near acton and he knew where she wanted to get out the last time she came to toronto sin was actuallj out of the bus three time before could convince her that siic had the wrong stop grinned the driver one or thee dajs she is going to rut lost and then ill lie urong for letting her leave the bin finally she fairly tumbled into the arms of her waiting niece at bloor and spadlna being gentleman the driver permit ted hlmrelf but small sigh of rellof stamp collector ih boston recently pasted 18000 stamps on his automobile completely covering it after jcarn of starry pucks topping in minor professional leigucs alfle moore got hlg initial chance as major league goalkeeper bolstering the wobbly new york americana moore was called up from new haven eagles by manager red dutton after goalie worters had left tlie job for hospital bed nnd lome chabot his successor had keen 15 goals drift past him ln two games here is moore all ready to do or die for tlie dear old amerks end the feel punk dragfoot days dull iicaunchcr poor appetite sleepleiisneiis are warninr iikii you feel low hate to work those symptoms may point to const ipj tion due to lowhulk meals why throw these days out of you life purttculaily when rvrului habit make you feel so 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