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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Feb 1937, p. 5

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fxbruary 11th 1u7 the acton free press patjk f1vb j7amaju mr amos mason has been in mon treal for sever days this week mr howard tathan of woodbridge la visiting at the home of his father here mr john mann left ion sunday for truro njb after spending few weeks at his home here mlu nellie hall and mr wllllaxn slau of toronto spent the weekend at their home here misses mary and colena sharp of toronto visited at the home of mrs speight this week miss bessie itawllngs has returned home from three weeks visit with friends ati port sydney my and mrs illchard leavens misses eileen and dorothy of welland visited with acton friends last week mr and mrs victor alger liave re moved to toronto where they have pur chased grocery store business mr jas mcdonald of kw westmin ster bc is visiting with his mother mrs ieter mcdonald lake avenue misses isabel and kollle anderson spent the weekend at the home of hev and mrs macdonald in tor onto mr and mrs evertt denny left on monday for fourday special tour to the experimental riim of purina mills at st louis mo mr li kerr second vicepresid ent of the ontario pairs association is attending the annual convention in torontohals week mr and tfrs nell mcdonald of kit chener idled at tlu home of iilj brother mil alex mcdonald and with other actum friends mrs peua mcdonald who lias been seriously 111 tile past few weeks ul nox improving and many friends wish for htr pertly convalescence ft lends regret that mrs uar berce is critically 111 at her home here and that her condition during the past few dajs has shown no improvement george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite ryrieblrira patterson ro 8peclallat ta ere eaxmlamuh ortbopuo tnmjmmtm tltmmtwm 1m wjndham st nnt to onelpu puonk aios quality aeeormcy fl gregory theatre void febsuakv isth iotio joe starring joe brown lies oneman team wlien he gets up deam comedy its all over now cartoon little bcau porky song jilt way out west chapter plash gor don sattjkdtav hbeuabv 13th devil ttoxx mad mystery and weird adven ture starring lionel barrymorc and maureen osuhlvan com edy perfect 36s popeye uttle sweet pea novelty not guilty pose news monday tubkifaev isth east meets west komance of dashing young oriental prince starring georgj arllss comedy it happened alright novelties the seeing eye talking tliru my heart vaudeville is ulc coming stage struck costarring dick powell and joan ttloudcl increased wintke wlltat pcantings increased planting of winter wheat are rejvorted from most of tlie wiieat produelng countries in canada win ter wheat seeding in the fall of 103g increased by 20 per cent compared with the fall of 1035 the ilgured being j02000 acres in 1036 585000 acres 111 1035 in tlie united states tlie largest acreage of winter wtieat on record in that country 57000000 acres was sown in tlie fall of 1935 increased plantings art also reported in tlie danube coun tries in tlie british isles in india and in the soviet union evidencing the world trend towards larger wheat pro duction in response to tlie lowest world wheat supply in 10 years 41 eaktn million ykakt portyone persons in tlie united stated reported annual incomes of million dollars for the whole country the average reported net income was 3376 and the tax paid was hg which was 20 higher than in 1034 3992 c27 of the reports shotted incomes of leaj than s5 000 about showed in comes over 25000 after all 41 out of 120 000000 is not very large pe centage cf multimillionaires in country of so mariyeolasslal trusts and combiner and numerous instances have oten forthcoming in recent yearu tliat the men who enjoy such incomes are devoting more and more of their re surccs to educational and cliarltable punwws the same in true in england recent example being the act of lard nuffield who gave 10000000 for hos pital and other cliaritahle purposes rambling around with gr oceries an interesting list mtt uttktsi skixlng lb lipton tea 17 and attractive cuiiiur polly prim catchup inc 12c lino spcclul kkovah health salts keep tin itilndy spc homes dcst puddings lots of flavors pk jc ukqiihe ucicnsi to exiout livii foutrav under an order ol the ilrltlsti mia lstry of agriculture and pluierles ulilch becomes effective on 1vbruary 15th 1d31 the liuidlnu in ort imialn of live noultrv olid hatching iiti from all countries exceptliuf icortiiern ireland the channel islands and tlu isle of man 13 prohibit unlej the exporter has license lulled the hrltlsn ministry the order prohibits the importation into oreat britain of domestic fouls turkeys ueese luoday old clilcjcs of domestic fou is und cuus of domestic fouls tntemled for hatching all ship ments allectitl bj the order musl ulso be accumpiiiutl tertlflcuc issued by vetermarv emploved the na tional uowrumeiii of the exiwrtln tounlrj jtitliik that the blrtls and in the case of hitchliu enns the birds tltat laid tile ems are fne froni the everal dlsiases siwdlled in tile order und have been free from the diseases for at least sis months prior to the date of ship ment arid that all the other everal requirements of the order lue been met this order will not affect canada verv stelouslj as shlpmenls of live iwmltry or hutchtnir ims made from llle dominion 10 great hrltaln are very snvall in 1d35 only 24 live birds were exikirteil und in i1j3 the tmlnber vvas rj tliese ulilliieots vvere for brecilnif purposes nd no hat4ilivif eugj vvcre uilpped jelly powder 7t wtth vaee tumbler 32 oz jar jam raspberry or strauicrry amnk lee scotts cake flour with stmr toc pure pork lard bulk soap flakes pine and plakey lb large plcg rinso ne with phee lifebuoy ne g5 navel orvnges isxtra lge sbu fltsh stfnacii cattitots caiutagk lettuce ckleuy tomatoes oeances guaieek1uit bananas lemons aimes cakes ue carry llbi itatid of ikkkfrean ii li iujuiu 13c to dse arr lihim ic me i1eliveu dbituoni lac1ilan currix the death occurred in oalt hospital on monday of lachlan currie who passed away after short ulneas tlte late mr curxie was born in erin township and was the aon of thelate nell and janet clinic lie was in his seventy fourth year while in erin lie fanned until some fifteen years ago when he came to ttils district to reside with his brother the late donald currie ile is survived by one son albert cunie of puslinch township the funeral was tictd thursday afternoon at 130 oclock from the home of his sistcr inlaw mrs donald currie itisltnch township inlcrmcnt wa4 in palrvlcw cemetery acton acton takes first playoff game continued from page one patiuck cllalllks oiimkns the brother and jxstcnj and many friends lierc were liulccd shocked to learn of the death in vancouver wednesday of hut week of patrick charles glbbens of vuncouvcr mr gibben was tiatlve of esqucslng township and spent his boyhood and early manhood in acton and the dis trict he left licre ubout forty yean ao and resided in toronto for eight years in 0og he removed to vancouv er and lias resided there since that time lie had suffered several serious illnesses but succumbed to an attack of pneumonia patrick clmxles glbbens was son of the late william and alicia glbbens lie attended school in boyhood at dublin and in acton lie was music ian of some ability and played the violin and piano well in 1906 he ucnt to vancouver where lie opened real estate and brokerage business which lie conducted with success until the time of his death citizens of vancouver regarded him highly and in 1920 he was elected to the city council lie served on tills body for 12 years and for two years was member of the police commission last year lie was chairman of the city council police and traffic committee and took leading part in appointment of nn expert to conduct modern traffic rurey for vancouver he uoa publle jplrited citizen who gae freely of his time and talent in the progre of hu city in vancouver as in acton he was familiarly knoun as pat glbueiys he was fiftysix ears of age and passed auay at his home at 2255 eton street vancouver dc surviving orchis wife one son douglas and one daughter mrs mollroy all or vancouver two sisters mrs peter sayers and miss minnie glbbens acton and two broth ers councillor thos glbbens acton and john albbens of toronto remain to these bereaved tlie sympathy or many friends goes out at tills time tlie funeral was held on saturday morning with services in our lady of sorrows church and interment was made in vancouver canadian silk industry grows tlie spectacular demand for silk both natural and artificial lias been the fea ture of tlie textile industry in canada during recent years at time wlien practically all other industries were ex periencing diminishing demand for tlieir products tlie slllc industry showed remarkable expansion while other industries liad to struggle hard to regain the 1923 level of poductlon this indus try lias since then recorded an increase of 24 per cent in capital investment 131 per cent in number of employees 110 per cent in talary and vtage pay ments 80 per cent in cost of materials used and 93 per cent in gross value of production with extensive natural resources in wood of tlie type required in tlie manu facture of artificial silk canadas silk industry may be expected to increase to very great extent tlie principal items of production of tlie canadian silk in dustry during 1035 included 40401088 jards of fabrics of which 23113806 vards were artificial silk fabrics o0b3 397 yards uerc real silk and 5i04gfi95 jardi of rcll and artificial rllk mixtures in addition produqtlon of real and arti ficial silk yams threads embroidery etc amounted to a907g44 pounds the gross value of production of tlie can adian allk industry in 1935 uus 28045 340 an increase of more than jicr cent over the preceding car made nice break but greer beat him kcntncr was lectured by the referee at 955 gdelph finally got counter when meron took kaisers acton was man short at the time meron went in again but shot wild kalse made nice break but greer beat him and did tlie same for morrison when lie finally got through glbbens was wild on his sho4 actons firth goal was at 1130 when terry took around the back of tile net and slipped it liithc corner meron got nasty one wlien the end of stick oaugtii him in the eye gcm mell saved plenty of more shots and was pretty lucky too he as cry busy boy terry and mario were close on tliclr rjfort morrlson was hi again but greer beut him nicely and so the ilrst playotf uent to acton at 51 on the nlghtb pluy they deserved the in but the guclph outllt played brand of hotkey that is liard to beat and thry will have to be in the game from the start to wind up tlie mrlei in tuo games tonight cutlph has already beaten them twice tlie jliieup as given on tlie olfcul sheet uus guelph geimnell goj mcmillan and morrlsoj defence kaiser centre meron and brill wings kelly gemniell dcattle dcliroskl and coul hig altern acton greer goal walters kcnt ner defence terry centre lindsay and marzo wings kzard marsu woods glbbens aiwl anderson alter nates referee tee ihuman kitcliener kiust uax on sports ksarkd kxcavatlons in progress at pompeii may reveal the first ports ground ever recorded to be disqualified because of dlsorderllnesjj by tlie spectators men working under tlie direction or profes sor majurl curator or the excavations have brought to light wall which is believed to form part of tlie ground in which teams from pompeii and nocera staged on athletic contest in 19 history records that hundreds or noeer nns uent to pompeii to see the match while the result uus still undoclded decision of the referee uas cliailenged and pompellan and noceran spectatorn came to blous the matter uas refer red to the emperor nero who disquali fied the pompeilan grounds for ten ean man driven to death uy dog how man who had frenzied fear of dogs for 21 years uas driven to death by one was told at the inquest or william hitchlngs or penar england frederick hltchtngs son said thai in 1915 two alsatian dogs jumped against his father and terrified him since then he had been obsessed with rear of dogs and ould not enter house where canine was kept william ii bentley retired poor law officer described how lie saw hltchlnas running touard tlia sea followed by dog bark ing furiously at his heels hltclungs disappeared from view over the step slope leading to tlie sea corner kelway said it was plain tliat hitchlngs slipped down tlie slope into the water and had been uable to geb out whod pay tlie uife of on aberdonian had suc cessfully undergone an operation tor ap pendtltis day or tuo after the operation her husband uas having drink with the doctor who in moment or rorget fulness mentioned that tlie operation should have laum place four or five jears earlier tlie lathcrinlau received the bill natures history there fc not the unie opiwirtunlt fur joung men toduy tluyl there uai yvjru iuo moit of tlu patlis busl nevi and professional success are croudrd to overflowing sutnuel u11 termxr nature ill be reported all thing are engngid in writing their hltorv tlie planet the pebble goes attended bj its shadow tlie roung nick leaves its ratrlie on the mountain the riier its channel in the soil the animal it bonii in the stratum the fern and leaf thrii numlft epitaph 111 the coil tlie falling dop nukoi lu sculpture the sand or stone not foot tep into tin snow along the ground but prints in charurters more or lev lifting map of its march ijvey act of the ran hurrlbi itmlf in the meinoru of hl fellow und hi 1l own manner und face the air full of sounds th kj of toleiii the ground all memor anda and liiiatur and every object veed over with hints whirh the lnliuient kiiiitjoii crat llook how to tie came hockey star by toirrty gommh kiiatiier audi comch of the montreal kvuroonri rofusly lllua rated kid containing many viiuublt tirmoit how to pla th game o7ro alrrocajunics kyuirti ifumtmtj fit ffiniiig crcmip tin ml ubtiukiut gnm ijj cvtuuluua or ihjmjuji ymlurti of tumy intlwviu puul hal joiiuiv ainun iviii mi vt iuu art ikii rail ul wliat called freedom of the prey in llbirul countrle bi really the worst funny that ls exrrclu1 unonjmou ly ihiul qocbbeu your choice ttf the abn for lulu from tin of crown iiuaniv or lily white hii syrup write on the hack jour nume und address plulnlv und the vvorduvvjlvy tuuth or the itattteof the picture you uvmi one iwuik or picture for tuch iiiliel mull tlu luhel to the uddrchdlmlow cdwaddsbuhc crown brand cork syrup the ramous enebgy food rimalhslatahiiujfanvulj not tucli bad week at that the juniors won one and lost one and are in tlie playofls with oeorge town tlie intermediates took tlie ilrst one of the playoffs on tuesday from guelph tlie play uiat won for guelph in two other games didnt click tiib time lrovlng of course tliat good thing call be overworked acton hud funny one last week it uzad to be tliat the local got piuiliandllng from georgetown when they defeated that quad last week the georgetown club blam acton for not beating guelph ko tliat ceorgtown ciuld gt another clumce in the playolfb weve heard of punk referees and oil sorts of allbls but tliats the first time weve heard of tt team being expected to carry themsehc and another town into playolf poiltlon those joke from gcoraelown are overcrowding the scrap book but believe it or not tlie neighbors were so serious about it tliat they paid for telegram to air their indignation georgetown had clumce to clinch place in the playoffs by defeating guelph when they couldnt do it with the assistance of au the territory between georgetown and toronto they hadnt any license to be in the playolfs the neighbors to the east certainly got tlie breaks in players this year and have the least right to raise squawk of an of the teams we know just how you feel george town weve had disappointments too when we thought the locals should have unn but joull get over it georgetown by tlie time the flowers bloom in the springtime we do hope travelling expenses have not been too high and other incidentals speaking of bouquets the georgetown herald tells of an incident tliat liap pened in toronto uhen the midget boys were visiting in the maple leaf gardens and being entertained by tlie players tf the maroons heres the paragraph tlie maroons were very much impressed uith the idea of midget hockey as plajed in george town but tlie payoff came when lionel conachcr enquired tlie whereabouts of georgetoun and the reply came back from northcott its near acton acton paper please copy after the game the boys were taken into the dressing rooms of the pro teams and discussed ulth them the hockey league of georgetoun oh hum and thats uhat comes of toun being something in hockey circles thanks and if vie hear of one for georgetown well be glad to pass it along well be seeing more jet from george toun as thej have hustling bunch or juniors who are lined up in the play offs against acton nou were oir predictions because uc woutdnt want to jinx the local boys the intermediates have an assign ment on their hands tonight and if they come through acton will have group winners again gualph will be out to win because loss for them cloes their hockey for tlib year fergus and arthur are plajlng off and eloru and elmira in group no tlie finals mil be 011 nod ueek for this group llkelj in group 11 owen sound and wal kerton me plajlng oil for the right ti meet durham oh vi we heard of durhim and that town has team that very much 111 the running again this jear moonev accident euijit at bad tune the little hngi of hk right hand ua amputated at the llrt joint the injury is prugit vtn all right but it will be two weru tielme lie dare go bail in the game jie wimmi has shown marked im provement in hi game latelj und er tainh tepiwd into the breach on tilc da nlrelj we dont pick star from the local team we like to we them iluj as team lucaue after nil theyll get far her on that jiut bv the way of diversion won der what sorb of baseball team well have this year two of georgetowns midgec teams will play in maple leaf gardens on saturday night february 20th before the big game the management bock of tlicse lads certainly deserves lot of credit for tlie work being done with tlicse lads and heres prediction it will cer tainly liave bearing toward future hockey in georgetown that will be bene ficial kos kiiark tlie three tramps had broiled chic ken and tliey were arguing over the equitable division leuj suggested they wlu coin head said sam tall called tom wr uvuglicd okay ill take what is left cixck stolen to hold train return fxom tlmaru nz to south africa an old railway station clock has rcvfjaled how it was taken to hold train until the end of boxing match it was given an honored place atr the empire exposition in job nnraburg lieutenant ii tho secretary of tlie south african war veterans asso ciation of new zealand relates that his regiment halted at kroonstadtr during tlie south african war we did not want the clock particularly he said we simply an ted to prevent tlie train from departing without us while ve were watching thrilling boxing match between an english lieutenant and one one of uic burghers from the kroon stadt commando tlie only way to en sure this uas to hide the station clock milch was the only guide to the de parture of trains wcrk is tlie price if living and work and uorry are tlie price of leadership herbert hoover keeping uptodate thats ford policy and its our policy too last week harry norton spent at the ford school for mechanics finding out how we can give better service on your ford car when we sell you ford car our obligation to you does not cease we endeavor to see that your car gives you the utmost satisfaction so much satisfaction that you are an enthusiastic ford owner like thousands of others who drive the ford v8 genuine ford vs parts and efficient workmanship norton motors ford sales and service phone g9 acton youthful vancouver star rival for deariria durbiri tj barbara read shares spotlight with winni pegs pride in new motion picture found fame in last year kuuuaha head ueauliiul vancouver girl by lr ttollktt central krjs cutuullui writer vancouver reb deannu durbln hj earold winnipeg burn radio star lsnt the only canadian breaking into the movie another is barbara read 19 daugh ter or mr and mrs john head 100g stephims street vancouver who plajs one of the leading parts in three smart girls thirteen years ago passengers on vancouver observation can used to uateh with delight slim little girl uho danced for them uhlle the car stopjud fur feu moments in icerrlsdau climbed lit half year talented and beautiful barbara has had phenomenal rise in the movies for it artually took place in half year last summer she was discovered in california utile theatre group by pred erlc march the well lnoun star and on la recommendation was given part in the production as the picture progressed burbarui role gained in importance und wlien th film emerged from tlie cutting room slie was sharing honors ulth deunnu dur bln other iiroducers saw her poilhlll tii und she is iyw busy on the years are iiiig now being lllmed by lhiruhuhint itrti at lakelieod barbara was born in port arthur ontario four dajs after christmas iu 1017 she came to vancouver ulth her parents shortlj ufter her fourth birth day und lived in tlie 5100 block trafal gar street kerrlsdale 1924 she moved to laguna beach to live uith an aunt mrs mcoui louirh at tustin high school in laguna she joined theatrical group and in 1933 urn picked by columbia motion picture co scouts to receive slxniontlis training course iong hours or studj tlid not appeal to her ut that time she screentetoj ierfrtl but apparentlj her heart wail on the btthing beach and tennis court and she didnt break into picture until hre jears later her hair is chestnut hcoun naturally ttirlj she is live feet three indies tall und weighs slightly more than 100 pound her parents have lived in vancouver for the past sevelilvn years mr llead is cmplnjed ulth coiutrucuon com pany working at new westminster next mmilh barbaras contract renewed uiul ut much higher figure it rumuied

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