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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Feb 1937, p. 3

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thumsday february ulh 1817 the acton free press taom 3ur jffree flrpuff frljnrt tnrg the sequel to valentine by harriet lummis smictt auxin bruce decided on viatots to hla mind thoro wns grassneas about candy oven uhenll cazna in hcartshupod box he brushed the thought of chocolates aside contemptuously therefore and mado up us mind to send violets ho had ovon spent tho previous evening campoeuig poem to accompany his offering being modest martin vjiut under rio illusions ub to the ocm it was ot vory good jfc ho hud feillim thut leila albaon vould understand thut he hud tpociii from hta hcarjl ho priced 5m vlolcli with diffident ulr that amused tho experlwicrd railcl uoman accustomed ui she was to bash ful and impecunious young men to whom tiding vlolclii to girl wus distinctly an event having mode up hli mind btforelumd iia to tho price he could ilfortl to pay ho jiolccted komollihitf that cost tlollar more will you talco them or thall wo send them askci tin clerk send them please tho clerk looked for tho pencil with uhtch write tho uddrciij tuid than tuld apologetically must have left my pencil in the other room if ycull wait just minute the shop was un oldfashioned dwell ing house the lower floor of which luid been taken over by the florist for busi ness purposes while ho and his family lived upstairs as the clerk hurried into tlio adjolnlng room two young seldom thought about her except when she was under his eyes and not always then at ten oclock the next fprtnoon the vlolols were delivered tho floruty man in natty blue uniform came into the office and shouted miss mary tucker mary tucker typing busily did not look up annie hyiui little irish girl called to her dont you hour miss tucker its for you mary turned her face showing aston ishment why dont think it can bo mlvs mary tucker read the horit man care of the dixon manning company why then it is mary stood up jilgned her name rather tthakjjy witf took the little purple box whether or not she would luive opened it if it had not been for aluilc ityun martin woj not turo but instantly anulo was be itde her her mischievous face aglow with curiosity open 11 tjulckl awkardly mary tucker opened tho purple box at the lght of the violets her face changed strangely martin pretending to be busy with lib book keeping noticed her expression for via first tlmo ho felt glad tliat marys tiamo had flmtlied into ills mind as the clerk stood waiting pencil in hand he liad no idea btmch of violets would make girl look like that why theyre beauts mjucled people entered the shop they were annlewhosent cm ery much absorbed in eacii other much so that they passed martin by though he luul been nonexistent ho knew them both however in fact the girl was lcllu herself oh orchids pleise she was saying in that insistent voice of hers that was so easy to hear even when she jlld not ipiak loudly expect to be snowed under with vloluts grant pollard laughed boisterously say arc you as popular oa all that charlie harrli always sends me violeu en valentine day said leila and tiien have friend in chicago and another in detroit who always send me rtowers ond generally they select violets and shouldnt be surprised to get bunch from martin bruce oh come oif laughed grant old bruce never sent you violets hes scared of girls hes not jxared of mo said leila at least he doesnt act so he looks at me this way sho gave what must have been an amusing demonstration of what la popularly renown as costing sheeps eyes grant roared again and leila joined in hie laughter tne two then moved en out of martins hearing tile clerk came back little out of breath sorry to have kept you wait ing what is the address please martin looked at her blankly what was the addrtiji of course he was not going to send violets to lelln he had known that when he had seen her gaz ing at grant pcllard just as she had uazed at him martin the previous evening if that liad not been enougn lor lum her silly boasting about tlie lolebf she expected mould have taught him hip lesson or months he had ltenjfashioning an image which ne called leila and endowed with graces and reticences to which the real leila was stranger to iilum shall send them please repeated the dlerk patlentlj martin spoke the name ol the first iirl of whom he thought why he thought of her he had no idea mils mary tucker the clerk wrote it doun address please care ol the dixonmannlng com pany seventh floor wilson building do jou wish to enclose card no lie moved touard the door and lie amused voice recalled him is this charge martin came back it is car crimson lianded her bill and escaped into tlu crlspness of the iyjruar night oncv outside he tore the poem to bits martin did considerable thinking be fore lie uent to gleep thut night at hint he taced the fact that he hud been attracted to leila just because she hud wildrose complexion long curling lishpb and us aluujh well iresed because of these uttnictlons lie nu deliberately rlmt his eyes to cert dicta he now sau quite clearly leila collected admirers as some paiple col lect sumpi her prctt cnresslng uu meant an little as kittens purring martin uni not angry utth her but as he lay uukeful in the dark he reallvd hou lucky he had been fortiluae chance the truth had iwen brought home to him before the affair hud gone so far tluit enlightenment would have hurt him desjwrately suddenly martin slurted to laugh me wus thinking pf mary tucker surprise when tlie violets were delivered why lw had plrkrd out mary he hud no idea taken by mi prise as he was he had spoken the first name that came into his head ml is tucker was one of the uenotirupherii at the office pleusuit plain wry silent girl older than him self martin saw her every day und dont know it appeared there was no card and annie laughed guess you know who sent etn all right no really dont know said xiary but she did not speak ojulte so empliat ically as before in sudden consterna tion martin bent over his ledger as the days went by martin wonder ed whether mary tucker really was dif ferent or whether it was only tliat lie was beginning to notice her he luul alunja thought of her rather us one would think of an adding machine very useful hut without personality some times however he surprised her smiling to herself when she spoke to annie ryan or to himself there was real friendliness in her voice one afternoon in march young man called for mary tucker and the two uent away together annie ryan could hardly wait until the door closed be hind them to explain matters saint valentine she said to martin you mean st patrick no mean hes tlie one who sent her violets for valentine martin glanced at the freckled face all aglow with vicarious satisfaction in marys romance where did you get that idea she told me so annie ryan was instantly aware that martin uos interested she found her self saying more than she had intend ed you see they used to be engaged this is sort of secret but of course you wont tell and then they liad falling out she hadnt seen him for two ears and then lie sent her those violets very thoughtful of him yes wasnt it and now well guess theyre nob engaged again but it looks as if they were going to be perhaps so said martin nancom mltally annies chatter left lum with an odd sense of responsibility mary was too nice girl to throw herself away on liar another week went by martin had spent on unusually busy day and had remained quarter of an hour after the others had gone at last he locked the door behind him and walked over to the elevators one elevator was coming up just as another was going down and tlie doors of the two opened simultaneously on seventh floor martin about to step into the downcar drew back suddenly the young man who had called for mary tucker week before stepped from the other car martin waited moment then fal lowed him along the corridor sup pose you wanted to see miss tucker tlie young man turned to face him yes did evidently shes gone yes shes gone replied martin itathcr to ills own surprise then lie heard himself saying by the way id like to ask you about tliosc violets what violets those you sent her you know on valentine day tho young mans tuee went white cant see that its any of your busi ness well if iou ordered her viovb sent here one or the other of us didnt get lib moneys worth the young man did not speak mar tin wilted moment then unlocked the oft ice door let come in minute tlie oung man followed him into the office nd dropped into chair didnt know lie said you mean you didnt knowtliat you hud rlvul in this office well you liavctit im hot thinking about that sort of thing just et but mtwj tucker is line girl and she devrvta the right sort of mail youre right said tlie young man by uie way wliotu your niunt martin bruce im prank immlop youre right about mary silos tlie best ever much too good for me didnt send those violets but have you ilttle time to listen oft ahead mary and were brought up in the same little town said iuniop we were enguged be tore catne to tills city was working on newspaper work ing at night and got in tlie way of taking drink to hrace me up im not excusing myself jmt its true that at first it was awfully hard couldnt seem to sleep in tlie daytime and id start my ailghta work feeling ull in well after mary came to the city went to see her one day when id taken more than usual in plain words was drunk and was as disgusting as other fellows are when theyre drunk she gave me back my ring and it sered ino right yes said martin it did well it opened my eye3 to tlie fact that wan in fair way to ruin my life id lodt the thing valued most but couldnt sec tlve use of losing all the rest made up my mind that was done with drink havent touclied it since good for you said martin tlie fifteenth of last tsibruary got letter from mary tliankhig me for tlie violets id sent her and saying shed be glad to have me come to see her have daytime job now and that night went around honestly meant to tell licr tliat hadnt sent tho violets but she was so sure id done it and so touclied by my remembering her tliat was afraid to take tlie risk jpf explaining listen said martin want to explain how came to send those violets he told his story briefly and when lie liad finished dunlop said eagerly if tliats the waylt happened perliaps you wouldnt mind if let the thing stand wouldnt mind for myself martin answered he hesitated before he ad ded but if had my eje on as fine girl as mary tucker id despise to win her by mistake for moment dunlop was silent then he rose to his feet youre right young fellow he said ill win her fairly or not at all he gripped mar tins hand and left the room when martin came into the office next morning mary uaa already at licr machine his first thought uas that she had groun pretty over night she liad lovely color he had never seen before her eyes were luminous as she caught martins gaze her color deepened she looked about her to make sure they were alone then said quickly he told me everything mr bruce tlmnk you for the violets do you mean ask ed martin eanlngly she lougticd and blushed yes for them and lat your good advice it was annie who made the impor tant announcement few days later old you notice miss tuckers new ring its diamond not very big but what of uiat7 violets in ivbruary and diamond in march some folks liavo all the luck oil theres lots of time for young things like you and roc mahln con soled her you remember that theres valentine iay every year ihjsv to it st kkakon at niagara eakxh canada has wealth of highways and other attractions which invite motor ing tourists from many lands during the past tourist season from april 1st to november 3oth total of 1636g71 automobile were handled in wards and outwards at tlie busy port of niagara palls an increase of 1bg660 compared with tlie corresponding period of 1935 hireign cars entered numbered hilzo while the number repoled outward was 35330 an increase of 77858 cards in ward and of 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