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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Feb 1937, p. 2

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nun two the acton free press thursday rtmtoarv lllh ttm 3t arton 3freg jrp6b publubed every thursday acton oilrlo sci stkiitiow hates per yr la 4nc united sttea 50c kdditionsl single copic ilotii oil anil new uidrcuci ilioum be mtn wbeo change aildreii la irequeated canceiiation fd thai moit of our ub aimbera prefer nol to have llieir ubatrilioa interrupted in case they ail to rmt uor eapiratum wlule aub acripttona will dot carried in arrears over an utesacd period yet in if re uilir it cuicl we jum ilie aubaenber wlabca the aervice continued auvmuislnl warks on animation ami ieii alth itieh every precaution will be ulien to avoid error hie rec hra accepla ailvertumif in column on tin iiulertuixlinil that it will not be liable lot any error in my ailvertiaemmt published brreiiiulei uulcam irojl of icli advertnenniit rjuvul in writing by the jdvrrturr and returned to the ree 1reaa huaincaa oftee duly aiifned by tlie advertlaer an with audi errjr or corrcclwita plainly noted wriluil thereon wlw that cahe il jy error ao tc la not corrected bjr the frce rena iti liability aliall not excre auch proportion of the entire cot auch jdvertinenient the apice occupied by the uoie1 rror bears to the whole trace occupied by micli ivertisement ahloi dii jilor tu umionks lditonal and huamcin ouv keeidence 174 ijl just foolish recently published news article gives the in formation that new battleships cost 35 000 000 to build and 000 000 yctr to operate they ar manned by 1300 men and will hurl 000 tb shell seventeen miles and can pierce twelve inch armor plate isnt it great game for supposedly civilized folk to be engaged in science has also made new iids that make it easier to hit and destroy the other fellows boat costing millions of dollars it does all seem so foolish that nations live an attitude of fear and mistrust of each other that make for constant expenditure and some day the use of all this distructive apparatus the war to end wars has not as yet accomplished its purpose if rhcs expenditures on war materials were diverted to other avenues new and modern homes pensions unemployment insurance nnd nil such legislation could be readily taken care of wouldnt it be better to use the moneys to help people live right thin arranging for their speed extermination whe nations disagree but ue suppose it all goes bic to the plan of things as it present constituted that individuals and are successful in the light of their achievements of suprem icy over the othei fellow the cost of the supremacy seems to mattci little and the destruction left behind doesn bothe consciences cmijiduh economic recovery nineteen thirty six was eir of economic re eovery in canada according to the domiman bureau of statistics most of the major factors advanced to new high levels since the minima were reached during the worst phases of the depression in 1032 and the first quirtcr of i33 the index of business operations is the most significant factor considered this connection re fleeting the actual volume of production in wide ariety of industries the business index expressed as percentage of the base edr of averaged lit in ih compared with 102 in the preceding year the gun of hs per cent represents satis factory advance oer the levels of 10s5 especially view of the considerable betterment which look pi ice in the latter year over the lou point of the depression after the recession of the first quarter the trend continued upward during the ir the gain in the index from that time being prietieilh continuous from month to month he level is recently been 20 per cent above the ise vear of chosen as being represent itive of iver ige condition in tho post ir period owing to ciop short iges md improved dem ind in world markets considerable mere ist is shown in commodity prices dining tlk ittei half of iho muked idv iiiee took pi ue in business operation the standing in november hung mote livoiihi th iii it ul lllle since mil mo with the le voveiv being shued in the mining ncusiint elc 1c povici hid llllomohlu lld tilled llldllstlles lie index ol iii mill ictui uig production shout an vie ise of 10 pel cent ocl ms eu business oh lined bv the construct in indtistiv in up showe slight pel cent iju iin uui ik pi tec dm vc rile production nl tltcii ie out is tlu highest in histoi vy lejisrennj tin if nc 10 pt cent over the output in mo vttinil ide ilso ton ib lite to the economic nunuv in mo itli mi poits shouillj iii of is tl ce lit ovel in el explits up 22 it pti cent ihe ollici il common lock index uver iped ll2 in lmo complied with in ihs gum ol 27 per cent uu the index of milling stocks aveiugcd 2ls per cent higher in the same comparison who will pay them one can readily understdrrd that with ebocern making the money reported by the general motors that workers might claim larger share ox ixtvr profits hut in the ease of workers on the cnr demanding return of pay cuts when the liistitu lion now must draw on the public treitury for main tenancc is hard to conceive strike at the present time on the railways would but have tendency to jdivort business the railway now enjoy to other avenues and lose ground that would uevei ht il gained at the moment it would ceni that iiilwiiy woik eis would be bettei advised to devote their effort to promoting means of popularizing their busme giving better service and in such effort making more secure their position lodny the average ulro id engineer hasnt the dittieulties to encounter and overcome that are those of bu oi truck driver slippery roads togs and railroad crossings are the menace of the latter every foot of his journey and the bus or tuick duver the whole crew more interest in the employe and less in the union in tin case of the ttionally owned railway would perhaps mean assurance ol ictuin of the cuts but ftrt let the utility show nn ability to pay undoubtedly is was pointed out last week sulnius in connection ilivt you my nc lliclion of tlu cill with the cnr need some revision but not up lon tmmn qlu uu on ward ordered tud win jc uil he tin ch rlc pot dninu and hluttid tin iwill bek ilu council for ini utre ma tly yis we rojd ihcm ia lllnlr thc cich week we receive in the mails number of hrln ul lrli tukr simi tlldi jil tie of thc pi ice and pipers and quite often as we tike them out of th uh hlr bmtlur quiu mlut in bulm driwer at the post ofhce or as we proceed up the inj up thr community only one rate street with thc armful we are met with thc querv pw of tll nou fide in the township clerks of the past and present day clerk day of kraimwiu tciih of when clerkh drink jfiet kl taction uy hiank 1ay coilttiilld ivoin ijisl wlc umuiu thi morl of tin only rioil intrruptd lection thl lown hlp hiu knou on forci ui tin emelu ion that the clerk lkcalul in iiuiblt uikuil luwm lit vvu 5j hud ut ch rk for ii ir uie iiilinbcr of th lir comull in aio and iiiev in iu55 iikjulrlnt tirtht into th niuller con ulu tl joint xfenabb lkeunif iduit now iw irlni tlu u0 murk ilu convi raitlon uie lomeuh il folloy vou ri im mix uu ikclion tlf us tr mcnuhb txdcril or il ki in nullitl lhc munlclpil ejection far councillor ur father uu uull ditt mr vfcnubo uerttl ui horn in 111 umild be onlv 17 not old liioik to witt do you read them all es we read most of toun hip willi im tlu secretary of tlu speed lde school them in most instances they are like weekly visits tjdr robert jojce ir tnothf of friends we dont know thc local names but we prominent chincter he performed many marrinrce ctremonlo in the eirv now good many of the editors of those weekly dov ijjl rreat crantlon uovre newspapers and missing opening the copy one week nlm secretnrj of the police vulnjc sort of leaves vacancy in that week program of nockuood and nl for no we find thit the problems discussed in other the rockuood school section lm re ut liberal uho came towns are the sime problems to be met in acton from qulhcc in 1037 it the time the ernmor rebel uee locked up in hamilton john ua early advised thai ernmo ua poor place for liberal to cttie he nearly krt thc tounshlp uttllnr on lot conce ion in thp very often the solution has been found in some community and it cm be applied here then too one finds in these pipers scnttered here ind thcr throughout the province and dominion not the views of the city but the views of the rural sections ljtlrcm nortn rorner ncu occupied by his son john and tb quite noticeable how widely divergent are whcn jolm sr mcrcd hc council these views sometimes tor instance the city vie he had little to iv during hli tlmt joar of the income ta and pensions payments was direct clorc ot tlll ulun thc councillor mere belnp pild he hest ly opposite to those of the rest of the province it taud jibqut tajcinr lhe mqnc rayinr flensed the rest of ontario just as much ns it dis ih it he fi it thit he had hardly earned pleased toronto it ir 11 inil lot hrln idvitd him to take it we could mention that among that bund there for said he you will not be here very ire some that we never fail to read while others un you show more lnteret in when time is short are not so thoroughly perused town hip iirdrs perhaps it would be just as well not to mention thorough sorting over and perhaps tint the reason that we don re id more books md ilthough member of the tree library board do not dr iw much rcicjing miteruil from its excellent issortment ol liter uuro hlr loric affair the man who james in lers wild navod the llvrs or th tebcla at hamilton junir iiham nnts in in vottvr dry in uccortl iiui ulth hb eonvli lion hi vote il ironiplly drowned by hi eomrudi ju ih nt llim jill votrtl wlitt utu dllf nn uif opinion llki that tui iil who havt to tin tiifi linpti onini nt and poj ibb id th iby huiibhik ilu alt of tlu vol ua dry wt mil no xplan itlou iflvcil uhy only il turind ouj to uluriu thin un lit ium on th puitlnu jlj ufotdilh ulth thl to vote tlu cninull on librtiury tli uuthor ijd liu luuik4 of ilu 11 to tlu fol lowiui hmkitpn jllm harrl of tlu di 11 iltiltl eiir ulaek of the irnh ann john dlckion of the orovi inn arthur join of the 1vu coriu inn jumr loub ntre inn ji ujlurufwwl of uu ii11h wu hon and wlllblm it vtl of thc comim rei il hotel in 11172 thr llcen follow xfclirt xi itthiu rnch ilij oiki kill urn hi ui oiir corner inn itjbtrt dr ii trnniui hotf john brkn centre inn jia heruooel half way hon donald ikndirnn viiton inn john cummin dominion hotel stricklind duliuld rillroid iiouj wm blow of uil commerclil hotel and jlrlini ih lmiford ef ihe grove inn tlu town hip ua not quite ucl in iij77 when the dunk in dyliu wt defe ited by j10 to ju ullh 21h elector not vqtlnr in liter ycir 111i0 bx ime dccl hely dry over 00 of the electorate irnnir tlu tit ion for prohibition in i91 sliue then publi cpfnlon in wun tuny trom tlu dry column apparent ly tempt nice ideo rrou fat while liqiior flows frit and recede while loci option or prohibition arc in force onl prominent tounshlp official uho doe 11 profcy to be dry teccntly prl ed me untie discussing tlie cpldemk of drunken drivlnr by ctatlng that in lik opjnlon the ltuation uould eventu ally rlfht ll by the drink drouninjj ilwlf out survey of the situation over lonr term of years to ju tify his contention have already mentioned the unique experience throuph uhlch this town ohlp pasod in lo inr three reeve bj death ulthin thc space of monthr with the immediate uccessor of th three dyinr uhlle in olficc 17 year uitlr 1t0 de continuutd net week 11 hxfw iil somk storm lld iiikiu wiih ruin illliu at tihml ntiuld of hi why don you in idc cut of uu lorm kid frit ndly pall nmn ul jlorm lorni an nxl pit miinji uulthir dr uu in lh m4 vou ill thl itorm ui re pr intetl lounllm hoti hor inn ja houl willi mi iri worn you told tin you ui it tlu df it lute put itlu htubuid vi my dt ir iri woman ih hou il fr murphy iu you lit tin rue pat oh that uie not nu my dmr thit ftllow tlu myiilf and cu it mm do not control ut awfully llkt mi jthiy prolll by tlu amir mauroi wanted to help ihi lirthln wuylitd tlu trav her puh liili and blowhu up uu niliuuy tepn cmry yir iki inhrf ics ui ked cl out or my uuyl runtcd tho otlu but ih hlu una not lo tw ctopind ihi ilh for ir iu olfcred in luiuitv ibl invalid xi iry lu tho ch mi nut that inplni draught for mi ma am lun rlni up tuul if lu expcln nn ti knp iu ik ill nuht iltliiff for ipjjllars ot by ada gtovicc isditorivl notes janu loph in misjudrcd hk in in for john ri ered years conn names but that bundle every week gets pret liul ics reevi record un equallid in cr inuxa lir it is ird ei how man from the atanif north eorner the is tkd md tlu sin ilk popul ttcd pirt of tlu town hip could hold the reeve ship ii alnst all comer for that period but study of ill ur at tint time throws inu hkht on the itter ilu town hip had bun divided hit it lit school section in 1070 all of ii il si thl hid curt died the isnunl of ouu si ctions and feeling hid bun at hit pitch larue num be of itep iytr id attended cyuncurmtlthils durlni the ylar uhlle tin qui lion beini ftnlht out and it umi the council chamber would hold the croud and ue irby hall usih school neittirs ipjie ir lo hive been ilrly quiit in 1071 but in the lowi put of tlu iounship in 107j quite in is ilsi lu rocku ood di minded school un tinr that nu ctlon tu lo uud tiklni irt from ambers md of court tlu tu return tu penny post ige in the tie ir future might tn nuou ly objecud iliest not be to much to expect inr iltnbh pirt of uu ir ut nu nt and ulnti tlu in ittt cum to in ad it unit 11 mi tlnj in ma ciuneluor john hiri and william look it the map ot mope shows thit austin nulfulil mond that rocuwimki net is sh iped like slippei and italy like boot which iu liw deputy hnw john mi rlli and couuelllor john dlckli li numd that tlu si uni remain in hi iii it john ria id hi hat uie jiiwir ti ii rockuood hol md teiher willie whit ii lbbl will nbiit lftul animal that rows fur other animnk let credit for whin minimi ul it would wide aiothe milestone of ackievement in public service hs been passed by llio company cjurinq 1936 of iho many significant fcalures of tho annuil report perhaps tho most sinking is that during sixfyp years ofoperationthosun life of canada has paid in bono ils to its policyholders and beneficiaries more than one billion dollars features ol 193g assuranccjs th totlce th incra in ouuranc jn iorco yttocim th improvomont in gmral bum riwut condition interest ftxte mcl on ui company invit mantj fcgiuja tncrwjmcl assets of tko company incrse4 by nvnty million dolliu in 193g and nr now mn huncwd and kuttntybvan inilhon dollim tho hitjht an th companyi hutoty tividendli to policyholdefn prticiptinapohcyholde wdluhh in tli company proorbri hy incrdl dividend paymant dunno 1037 income 10 0fl3 diuduhilcmcntd 103 0fl ri1 lxctas or income ovew dicdunactfcnta go coo 7q payments to policyiioldebd and uenericiariea durinu tb yr ibm 77u0 303 tine oranlulun oec 104 001 ausetfl 777 103 539 liaullitiefl 740 4g6u3 paid up capital 13 000 000 nj ixlncitcrhtoitilikr4liamn account j3 50 303 fardprltlonlmnorrfcoinjrablwial 7gfl 0c3 contingency rcaehvfc 10000000 fcumplua ib ib 200 iucurltiwr orul in ilia balaitc limt mt boob valuer which in sun life assurance company of canada head office montreal canadians and their industries and cinudi lntcrcc uil ar lh7 uith ihjil ili bushels ol when in store as eonipiirccl iih 2ti is si hushus lar apo can id it seems yill soon line refill ir eoni merci il ur service it is to he hoped it is more prohtahle thin the lail servie it now operates with an estini ited suiplus ul wmu00 on pel itions in the iost olllee ijep irtment posslhh lr indieites to the durham cliroiuele uln iiiiieh kilkinj iii tli it part nl the uorld there is the hydroelectric industry ihe hijjhua lliiouh aelon and on either mile his eeitnnly id splendid ittention uith mild this unite ind motorists ire ippieei me ol the uork ol the men uliu hue ehuje ol these dnisions ipt him win mi inthi motoi li uil is possihle on nmsi eei dur in ilie inter hut tin run in dis it is in from eilo ihlei mihhi is one ol the uoist dls ol the pi se ll si ison ih it is id ill lll id ones tin nu iiiim tlu plil iii ii mi li hi iqulrtil pul irliy thai liowt lor my yia to tlie iown hip ahnosi lohn hi was known tlu iown hip uui ii ilu id ntli man on it imin it uu tin ulu rl iduit from hi ti in inuuli lp il uf in hi li uil lltl ul il lilts sm10 tile oililt oiiiieil md sjl the ou il ire likely to help tnillkill tillietllties it hi nnpton appuenih iheu ilu lllj in tl mum ip win ilh un 111 iii ii citabliilicd ionj before the commcxcial use of electuary was even dreamed of tlie danl of montreal has seen the hydro elctnric industry rise from its infjney and has provided helpful financial mtvice in every phase of ihe utilization of water power to industrial and domestic use with abundant snow an rainfall on die uplands and ample reservoir capjciryin numerous lakes canada is fortunate in hamiie reliable supply of water power uithin transmission distauie of the prtncij al industrial enures only oik countr the united states has lraicr it tal of hj jro tlcanc dci cluj nicnt mi ill in three ijiurtets if the jowcr itiii meni in ii iihijttiinoj iiuluur is in canada is tit oil tin ven mm etnr aiudian hiunts ml jn an ri tu are eijutj cii with this nuidern sctjm qicap hydro clccuic power has been an important factor in the rapid development of the minmg industries ir has been deciding factor in the refining of base metals from canadian mines which only few years ago was monopoly of foreign countries tlie ue of water power has one hand in hand also with the ex pansion of the rear forest industries of canada tlie production of hydro clcttiie power has advanced steadily since die recovery of im reaching new high records each jcar ihe per eaj ua output is eiteccdcd only hy that of nc rway ytt nly one jiuhof the known avail al le water power resi uiiti ot cana la has been mill ed my iro tin trie in lustncs and their cm loyci all over anada find in thc itanl of montreal the eonveiucnt and helpful tnlii service they ncc wh ti ul like to this in titutn ih ii mu till it lilt tit li in ban iv of montreal ae ui iij ro the dominion unie in ol st untu hi uli in uui ust dm in ii sail tlu husiiie iuilv lie id lot tlie ilj kel no mu will ln in objection ti leuehllll 111 it level hilt llll still hlle ei elinest ije lie to doid tile yell tint lollow ed the ik ot iljl ii 11 il it li ti tb 11 in iu out pti hi uu it inpi ih lh ii il mh md ji md tin ti ipt iii hum th ups ul mil lu tin lu iii tlu olul uul 111 111 tl till 11 ftld mill hit tint 11 111 uiobms w1lcom1i iii null midi rasi aim jm monium ttll nfl hm inc stul till komi ol id iaiis acci mui olhm ah iqnt

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