Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 11 Feb 1937, p. 1

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jciim jfttt bftss sixty second year no 33 acion oniakio niuksday kkuahy hh lh7 ilit home prjnt pages five cents acton takes first playoff ratepayers of wins from guelph by 51 eram object to iree tutting suggisfs wuka1 board royal city team outclassed in first game on tuesday night morrison checked out of the picture owing match in wellington slcond gam un ufc to night the first playoff gumc went to acton on tuesday night when they beat the guelph team by 51 in the acton arena the type of game the royal city puck bters play did not make it particular ly thrilling game and acton proved that they can meet thu typo of play thai has bcuun them twice lii ouelph with wooney cut owing to the injury to his right hand acton was just little leary on what might happen but joe woods stepped out and played one of the llnest games of his hockey career and it looks as if he earned per manent place on tlie line up morri son played every position on the lineup except goal on tuesday but he never got real break all night well here the wuy we saw it anyway tlie crowd was pretty fair one but nob what would liave been on hand if georgetown had been the opposition and the ice was perfect mcrojj for ouelph came close on inbound guelph started right out playing live man defence and waiting for the breaks acton carried the play to guelph lind say muslng on terry pass keritner nearly kent one under gemmell tt leg coeding wenli for rest when he trip ped mono and acton put on the pres sure but mlscd on plenty of nice chances there wasn much pep to the game for the first fifteen minutes terry missed on nice break kaard went on for tripping and coullng drew anotlilr rest when he dumped woods into tlie boueu walters went in but gemmell saved and lizard missed the open net the last five minuter saw the only real action of the period tiere was no score guelph could get past the acton dcfinet morrison uil moved to centre at the iturt of the second period lindsay war closu when oemmcll let hu stick go to kuvu the heart kaler wai ditto for guelph uhen he only liad greer to beat ktntncr war in on his own rebounj but gemmell beut him tlicn lot of shinny developed and battinrthc puck up und doun tin tlie first goal came at 53 hen woodr picked up rebound to bulge tlic twine back of gemmell up to this time of the nine tori of tlui ontario mow mm association mr tln in roronto thbi wtk elected willlngton county us thu iciie of tlt annual international match tlib ye ur rhe mutch will centre at run from tlie htutty farm and ex tend ovi an area of 500 ucres lowara fcjoru with guelph tlie near city fourtetn miles away severul other bid for tlw contest were made to the aio elation william kewrrtan vila lorneville council gnes grant if piowinf match htld in wellington und that thu horses taking part should be ihown on exhibition after tin con te mr new man ubo believed tllut tha unnual plow ing contest might be en livened by tugofwar between two iht council for tin own hip truma mi in the rown hall rock wood ut jo on monday ebruary nth memlwi till pn nt with reeve ii storey in tlie clialr mr arch mi nubb port that tie auditor hud nt lux verification notlci to 100 of thoje in arrtari for lxc rulepuyen hud rrturni the notice accepting tin oul landing unount correct und no compluinu miggested the plowing match might by of trror md hit during tin urininated at clock in the afternoon daj allowed for that purpose mr mcnubb al pre ented the fol lowing auditor report rockwood hydraklectrlc we the undersigned audlton of tlie townrhip of lramaai hereby certify that ue hav examined the booki and horw und cluht en he claimed that of lh nockuood njurotlcc tikht men on om idc could duoat tuo md rm corrtct fln1 on oulcr credit bajmc in the ron bank ifcx uood of 5125841 and debenture debt kialton coufjtv orange of 082 22 on december 31t 103g we lodge meet at milton hlr lntl credit in the same bank of h7 45 bclnr consumer deposits one of uic largest gutherlnts in the arch mcnubb poit few jcar attended the annual 1q auditor mcetlnjf on saturday at milton ue lirte number of rutcpoyen were presentatlves from all lodgi in llulton prtxnt and protertc were mode ngalnt county were present und large dele the cutting of tree and tlie erection cf nation from hamilton and carlisle fence on what was apparently town after hart addresses by the retiring chip property on the fourth line officers tlie following were appoinud for 1937 wood gkn willinms county master robinson horn by county teputy marter ii mosaic acton cliaplitn rev cameron burlington recording secretary bro rtclmrdcon oak ille financial secrftary broune acton tubli ilmiliit government wheat boinj to il in marketing and appointing of government uupervlior for the wlnnlpep grain lxchunge hir been untie ted by law above pre ident of the united grain groueri ltd mr law joubl the practicability of reviving the whtut poob on con tract hiiir and made hli ucrestlon to the til rt eon royal oraln commlirlan it winnipec ettin woman tound deao bro ic greenock liter ry society tieasurer bro bradley horn by lt lecturer graliam hornby deputy lecturer bro john w1i ron hornby lecturer bro geo peicocc milton marshal bra lainr oikville auditor bro woodr glen william and bro beatty horn by bo jas ilirper provincial grind trt urer of grand lodrt of ontario wt uos ted by grind period guelph hid only once been patt turc of grind of brltlh acton blue line al bro pattereon meron wtnt in and when grcr came out ft 11 over him and crashed into the boards he wxr laid out for awhile but uos able to go on in the game twry was clare when gcinmell uui dow to sav morrison ai in but greer uied ni ely at 10 25 walters got the second counter when he wrored on txard nssbt eyurd and glbbens were but gemmell licit them and the guelph boy stopped plenty of fly ing rubber for uhlle walter nearly slip ped one in the corner body check were being handed out pretty olid und fnllr heavy at 15 minute marzo ot the third goal from lindsays pass gemmell btat terry uhen he was right in und greer did the uime for kaler acton ure bottkd up tlie guelph crew for auhlk at 17 55 ljird scored on nice solo to make it four thl iicrlod had more action puslud in it guelph uas not in the picture there weren any penal uei but it uu becau tluy winnt dt ervwl idle crlpp wa tlie recipient ktntiur drew penalty turly in the of miny lovely 1ft ut iyiduy evenin third period wilier and ierry unit from friend who gathered at her horn in but aemnuu beat them actoii on unr stm townd ociol even cirried tin iuuy tn when tluy um inj fur to hi murruim rollou horlhandwi undiy wa in on ei il wu id by mr the council adjourned for one hour to view the site hi qucrtlon and on their return it uas moved by gray and albert luih and carried that the clerk ir instructed to refer ai the county cown attorney the cutting and taking of trees on uhat appears to be townrhip property by the property ouner of lot conccnrlon and that similar action be token on instruction of coun 11 against any party cuttlnp and taking tree on township property the rcrulur mcetlni of the greenock liter ry society ua htld in the chool on thu evening rvbruiry 4th after the bu ine meeting conducted by the evident mr etwood johnrton the following profpam was rven with mr will jolin ton cluilrman group onr with mr ba ii johnston as oc ompani pap on current bvenl by lome wirellaw vocal duett by ml mj elva pe irtn and marion leslie re idinij by jean mann guitar duett by lau on mccutcheon nnd llwood john ton pcech by mr bil 11 john mouth organ election by je ton irdluu recitation wet lunch and concluding featurx mv prcd anu council uljourn by jociul hour were mich oth at 30 shower for rrioetore but oeniinill but gudph temid to have it id in thilr hoes md for aim fuuri ul down certainly were horl on unbltioii kentner unit in but gemmell be it him andc an mu ed eorlnj by luehe uhen gemmell uas out of tin uil hid drew pt illy for ivlni tin board ii ron ceinllnued on page ihhlin 1terar hoi is ho socivl tin iiidir nuitiii of tin dublin ik rury wa hi hi in tin firm of liuv tocl il on lrldiy nine at th uuiul bu in di yu um with juh blucx nitid tlw eh dmi for tin following pr lrmi riilurtsiin lid in communltv tni ng iltii uhich riadllig wis itvtn by muru crum in seitig uut 1m uj tht elrl fullowed wltli umr by mn ufu anotlu ruding eivtn by hora iiyrn uut thfn ilunii uaii ft atur uhen tlie glru dl ilatui put on by iume of th junior icli mil glrb follow ed by diwlt by dorothy uu und wuda mcgluughlln solo uuu nil dered by vcrua wtrjater mr davidson ucted ai ulktlihlerr tir tilt kale of the boxes hie if tnalndel of the cvrjllll was kpctlt in dalielng uilt ir iiuiil we ire atln hi to nl lit rli id und hbor itu ill to y1 in lu ilth ippini md xl lurl thnurh tin lid loni iirm thnujh which ir num nrliu whili in ul hliu mill und pic rlty vi vn uill iliul hi ry vv ill lift ll it th ptthwiiy not by my in ii ii ih will hut in tin iw uith mil in kihui md hh wt vvlth peril nci ivi lin uuhr vi th ihl ii ui ii ii in pt ir ul mir officii mil in tin futmi fuiinds und ml iombolts liu nit or sin jol null be ki 1ft wi pn iiitid to ml cripp whj wa eumpli tt ly taki by urprl but llmnkid tin gutht ring lu fi xtfti wordi hit inahiiu uf tin vi nim was hu nt hi pluylug guiin and enutesl and refushiiunl wei rvrd briugliu an tnjoyuble evening to eliit about rtfty wni pitmnt at ihn vcnl bi dllll tiltli mini iw hs iv in ml jiilen ami in or lll villi vv irdict 00 tl tin by ilil uillv jilt in ilav mil in rn bv lit as rt nil in ntlclint tin ct ntrt roid uniiiii win it in whli lu ullih drlv ii churle ir ijl in rj town vv ii um tin uu dilvm by mi iht nti iir nti ml alllaii whlli id ui tn tin uejdmt pi ihillir aw irdi on thi county nirt ivi il ir ti icirijini lllll ult ih in ivti vvlilili ron mr ju tti makln oronlo pi jltled um of tht xhortrsl htard in pi ciiuntv lttlng of tin upn nu court in jl ry dt lib ruttd two houri foi briiiling lu tht vtrdlet at riqui uf ihi ut in oinihi jiutltv mukiiik gruntttl day htuy of judgmrut nelthbor of ml llizabeth con boy erin ated 7c became alarmed when they did not her ubout on saturday forced an cntrun to the home and found her dead dr scott aid death wa due to natural cutel and epreed the opinion he had been dead for twentyfour hours ml conboy who lived her entire life in that dllrlct was member of erin united church she livid alone for many years one brother thoma jf toronto survhes moved by gray seconded by john hlndley and carried that im mediate rtcpj be taken by the clerk to or certain the proper form of byliw neccsrnry to define iefil road fence in the town hip with vleu to prohibit barbed wire ro id fences and to arrange with the mlnlter of land ind tore for an interview by the council retard lnt the uitir rli lit and prlvllect of the public ind tin munlclpillty at tin rlvir it the fourth line it wi movid by pinkney ind ndley unci carrledr that the tovvn hip co operate uith the county tn ih wirble riy cimpiljn and thu jj5 oo be granted uhen required to the pro vincinl pjoumen if thel 1137 match hi id in the county of wellington on motion of me lush and hind ley it war decided to forward member hip due of 00 to the ont irlo good roads as delation moved by john hindley seconded bv albert luh and cirrled that the utec of the police vlll ife of rod wood be invited to the next meeting of council to dlctiji the vllliie bridges and the village hare of town hip pen moved by mer plnl ney md illncl ley and carried it iccount uu ivint ini to 57j0 ho in ed tur iymt nt to muud iy united church young peoples on tin day nlh the meet lnr wis undlr the leader hip of mlsr velm murray the ml lonory conen er mus murray led in prayer and ml il le nlcol read the crlpture in the bujlne period tebruary 19tn ii de lded definitely the dato for tin muicil conte ind dr cullen tj ike iirrmjtnunts for trm porta kn to lite wood for the vnlenttnr snrlil dr mi rrou th mr vjrm in gib on iv on the uudli nee with duett sylvu ne mcn ibb the edltor re ul till ind ejilun of the upllfter md rman gib rendired olo very ellentlv tin topi starting vv himn is iken by mor relief accounts of 47518 are given approval iisfuik council warble ply powder to ue supplied by township 1n ljui ing council held tin lr reiiilur monthly me tlnr monday ulttrnoon deputy rieve robln in count lllon wlln may and ldwin irrop were premnl ri ve george currli pn idd ut tin miellng the mlnutet of hut meetln were read and conflnned moved by ii muy aconded aj robin on that the treasurer pay relief account pre unted by th relief officer 4475 ih carried moved by robnlson seconded by wllon that the treasurer pay the road sheetr in pre ented by the road superintendent g13t cir ried moved by ldwln harrop seconded by wilron hint the report of the medical officer of health be filed carried the treasurer uni by motion author ized to pay tlie follow inr iccountr wclr caretaker or st divldi cemetery 11 00 dept of health or ontirio re insulin bennett takinr patlentr to toronto hospital bell telephone co service municipal world subr rlptlans to munlclrjl world bennett reglrtratlonr of births marriages and death tor 1030 10 00 movee by edwin harrop seconded by robinson that the treasurer pay joseph sanford 250 00 re collector ac count carried moved ay wllon econded by if may that the township of ej qucslng purchase sufficient warble ply powder to treat the cattle in the town ship carried the by law no 077 to prant per mission to the reeve and treasurer to borrovv money to nice the current ex penditure of the town hip war read required the blink filled in with the um cf torty thousind dallar moved by edwin harrop econded oy wll on tint this council author ize our solicitor mr elliott to tal up the matter of the hiinte rt carried moved by robin on onded by edwin harrop th it th council do low adjourn to mat mond iy mirch sth at 130 ni it the call of the hi evt curried juniors win from orangeville but lose to georgetown tin il game brings hem hi second position for the pkiv ofis orinklville elimin ated 35 10 00 33 00 aclov vmi gioucnottn iv way oils cookili by crackle oram villi canu to acton liu thur dy to play tin lr la reiualnlnif aim of tin ehidult md vvert bi it to orangeville cored the llr toal jf the game when broun cooped up walker pa to beat wood from clo in acton tied it up when bayll pat id to lyltr to notch the twine ot 45 acton ucnt out in front when holme piujd to joctpie to moke acton recond goal oranievlllo come back tronf and tied it up when walker rcored on pu from brown the period ended two all nnd play war even pennltie being handed out to olbben and mc mi lion the lecond period opened up with oninpevllle getting two pennlliei walker and walker being the offen der acton third goal of tlie game came from the rtick of ben baylies on par oul by brurh walker received another penalty and acton went two up when jone banged sproit pas to make the rcore to acton tallied again uhen big steve gibbenr pushed hbi uay through orangeville defence to make it 52 for actoii the third and final period belonped to acton when tyler rcored three goalr to brine hl scoring average way up tyler cored all the goal for acton in the third period and dc erved them he being the only acton man who waj really tyler scored his flri coal on piss from jocquc to make it for acton patterson and brown were ne hod to the cooler for cross checking and steve gibbon followed them tyler ored hi second goal of the period uhen he broke away alone and beat duncan to bring the total up to and his own total up to three oriinrcvilu third gaol and only one of the period came from the stick of man involved in motor mixup their majesties first picture leaving for kngiam lal ihurdiy evrnhi mr win mlddli ton we ho for her ulect betty watt and roup of rh wl irl friend the ew nt was little il ivtniiil in nt of molly hvir who ii iv tht mill with lu iimtlu mr itvir md in lu hoiiu in nnd um und il tune wt ri durlni uu ivmlni tin 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irmlchael lhuburr georgetown acton acton junior joumeyeel to genru town on monday nlht to pi iy the la leinalnini ume in their chidule althoueh the boy dropped the rame georietown they still are lolnt to tike the group championship tlu first period openid with jones irltil on pa from uus briuh to opt tlu coriiir for acton geortt lovvn tied 11 ujj feu minute later uhen slo ky corid unai ud afti he llted through the acton di fence bial wikki from clo in pinaltli in hits rlod were handed out to stockford and pattir on he econd pi rlod aw eton take tin ud aj iln wlitu bruih cooped joiil bound to buil it pit bur rou hs play wiu tarted to rout hi up in till lerlod and sander on reciivej the llr lmnilty when hi lappul june over the faci with hl tick with giori town man hort they tirted to hoot it down the lei and sioii rtind on ioiik hard dilvi from ciiitu to tli tlu ron all patter on rcetlved ptnilty fir trlpplm sukic ft nl and vvlth ai ton in in hort di on tow tool tin li id in han di on eori on pa from lo ky maki lu nnit to stuekford livid pt iially foi tripping and georjitown orle to lihootlng tt down the lee and tin pi rlod endi ui for gmrt iwn iht third md find pt licul tu with ict ni htul rouudini tlu acton dt ft net and pliklnit out nu bthlnd wood to in ilci tlu eon to san dt tin rui ivil jh illy and with gitiru town pliyin short slo broki awuy to bt it uhl uiul pu giorutloun thru up hlghl uiu si ky mi el wlui it tond fnnn alma linpo ibh uni it to put nor mn four up uuli riuu and gibbon itrt hid ikimltu no tlutkliu and 31 iy 11 followtd mi 111 afti tlum with alton pluyine tuo mm hut tin boy from tlu puptr own fullt to ini oinrutlouiw vi nth uoul until ft mil lin stlek of slotiky wluu lu tt ar id im atiotlnr lonu uhot from iinln ie at ton thlrtl uoul tamt fiom tin ttlek if ipunk win aft many com luded on page tight llin drlvir wre churn with ln fioitlon of tin hi hwuy ivuifl act by riffle otfl tr riy hodgfcon brampton on monday following lm le between four tiuck and ba on the icy pave mi ut of no highway we of bramp ton sliet lt and fog iiiudi tin jam on of the wor of it kind yt dv eloped on provincial ro td in ur brampton the officer uie kept bui from 11 jo am to loti than jo pm getting tin vehlclt or ted out and the road clear ed iortunately no one wu injured but all vehicle involved suffered dam it tlie trouble beriin ot 11 jo am when iruck owned by lee york lllxabelh street ijoronto wa flopped 6n the hlthway uhlle the driver exumined the motor another truck driven by wm gibon guelph pollct choree truck the york motor and threw it into the dluli the pivcment according to the officer had no been sanded and al though he phoned for ti landing creu the and truck did not reach the cene of the accident until nearly 00 pm gluon the officer ald hud been un able to avoid the york truck bcaile of an approaching motor at 50 norman snyder of georgetown driving stake body truce uent into the ditch at the scene of the cldent after the officer had arranged flare to uurn motorbil of the danger ahead of them another truck owned by snyder and drhen by wilfred brecn georgetown stopped to give assistance and bui in charge of ueg carter toronto crashed into the back of the parked truck throwing it forward none of the bus passengers was injured al though several ucre shaken by the im pact rinally the road wa randed and all of the truck ucre put back on tlie road ind removed from the scene traffic officer hodion registered charges icoint lee york norman snyder and rc carter womens institute meeting the regular monthly birlncs meeting if the women intitule war held ttt the nomc or mr salt crescent street on thur day last mrs gamble pn siih five minute talk on the motto do not wa te ume loaklnfrh your lilll climb it ua riven by mr wiltlerupln roll call uai ansuercd oy for stole bread current event is riven by mls elliott and an in strumtntol election by florence salt the report of the convention was pre sented mrs gamble pave the ubject hltorica research in ilalton county which recounted tlie llr political meeting and disputes urst pojt olflci thrilling torus of adventures with bear and uolve in the pioneer day the conte my rirt picture is won by mr gamble and mr francis wild oci il time was pent and vote of thank wo then to mrs salt fir of her home al to the lunch md pro ram committee coming events tmicniciils ol mcrtirn rrti other veiilt ut ler cj line arc il aritc lo crmi iir will mn imnni tl arue in rmriit ol jsc ihulti uu plee or unlit aid ml pi arl ntwton will pn nt concert in tin uniltd chureh on murili 17th aeton woiiu in tltutt will hold ki no in tlu mca on itbrutirv jiul if malay miteh sihtdiikd worm in erv uli ocl itlon ucim uid nice in uglon hall itin bru iry hlh colli ctlon umh rved until iy stmday iftei iiix libruary 13th to clock at tin mie of mr ttr smith admi it tvtrybody uilcnnu iii nliht undt tin ouspl llu illi nil comrrlttit lcnnx soelely movlni plituri irt land and liu mil wil it iyavl rvln in kn chu manh if th oi tin lii lvirybkly wdconu j3 day 1tbruirv th ut 11 ejock colnni gioigt dh will addled publlt muting hi thi own hull bur lington aiuipleti uberul coiuitvutlv ahstielutlun and wimien couiervutlvu club llurllnklojt all wclceuiu

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