Halton Hills and North Halton newspapers
Independent & Free Press (Georgetown, ON), 10 Nov 2006, p. 11

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Pte. Grant Allan, A58026 Pte. W.A. Sinclair, B44826 Lt. Bdr. W.C. Jones, A28027 Gnr. J. Jamieson, A28061 Gar. J.A. Henderson, A28103 L. Bdr. J. Nicol, A28139 Gnr. T. Nicol, 29th Battery (Ha) R.C.A., C.A.S.F., Base P.O., Canada Pte. J. McGeachie, B73037, A. Co., 48th Highlanders, Corunna Barracks, Aldershot, Hants, England. Pte. Lazenby, H16205, C. Co. 36, C.A.S.F., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. P. Purdy, B86185, 1st Division, Petrol Co., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. Ivan Martin, B89945, 5th Field Ambulance, Medical Corps, R.C.A. M.C., C.A.S.F., Base P.O., Canada. Gar. W.M. Caldwell, 6130, 9th Field Battery, Base P.O., Canada. Spr. Hector C. Guthrie, R.C. England, B26115, 1st Car Batt., Base P.O., Canada. Sapper S. Gisby, B26163, No. 1 Tunnelling Co., R.C.F., Base P.O., Canada. Lieut. T.V. Kenney, 2nd Div. Supply Col., R.C.A.S.C., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. R.A. Johnson, B86183, Sec. C., Supply Colymn, 2nd Division, R.C.A.S.C., C.A.S.F., Unit 198, Base P.O., Canada. Pte. W.L. Turner, B37586, 11,Q.Coy., Unit 182, R.I.L.I., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. Norman Gibson, A27201, 11th Field Amb., R.C.A.M.C., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. II, II. Godfrey, No. 2028-L, S.S.I., 7th Corp., Junior Leader School, Base P.O., Canada. Capt. Gordon Sutherland, C. Coy., P.P.C.L.I., Base P.O., Canada. Corp. Wm. Nicolak, 16185, C. Coy., P.P.C.L.I. Pte. Archie Martin, B29943, A. Coy. 5th Field Amb. Corps., C.A.S.F., R.C.A.M.C., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. V.H. Brown, B94843, No. 3 (Corp. Provost Coy., C.A.S.F., Base, P.O., Canada. C.S.M., J.H. Alger, B51522, 2nd Div. Am. Coy, R.C.A.S.C., Base P.O., Canada. L.-Cpl. Bend Rutledge, B66841, No. 2 (Cdn.), Provost Co., C.A.S.F., Base, P.O., Canada. Gnr. F. Near, 28131, C. Battery, No. 1 Can. Artillery, Holding Unit, C.A.S.F., Base P.O., Canada. Pte. J.D. Young, B51575, 2nd Div. Petrol, R.C.A.S.C. Pte. C.A. Tyler, B76738, Toronto Scottish Regt., M.G., Holding Unit, Borden-Hants, England. Tpr. E. Lansborough, B36781, 4th Can. Recc.Squadron, 2nd Canadian Division, Canadian Army P.O., England. Pte. Wm. J. Cassidy, B8356, No. General Holding Unit, No. 1 Supply Personnel Section, R.C.A.S.C, Cpl.J.C. Jocque, B97168, Princess Louise Dragoon Guards. Ptd. M. S. McLellan, B51675, 1st Cdn. Sp. Sv. Btn. C.A.O. Tpr. John McHugh, A59691, IV Pldg. Ptd. H.C. Price, A76065, Lincoln and Welland Regiment. Tpr. Harold Robson, Fort Gary House. Pte. John A. Robson. Leonard Cripps Lyle Cripps Pte. John Barber, B82286. Advanced Training Centre, C.A.L.A. No. 1 Coy, 48th Highlanders, Hut 23, Overseas L.Cpt. W.J. Finlay, H1 Co. 48th Highlanders, A11, Advance Training Centre, Camp Borden. Bug. C. Byrne, A35482, 16/49th Battery, R.C.A., C.A.S.F., 12th Canadian Field Regiment, Sussex Military Camp, Sussex, N.B. Pte. W.S. Coleman, B74674, 6th Platoon, 2 I.R.S.C., 48th Highlanders C.A.S.F., Camp Borden. Pts. Jas. James, B74716, No. 2 L.T.C., No. 1 Coy, 7th Plat., 48th Highlanders, Camp Borden. Pte. H. Freuler, B435556, C.A.T.C., No. 22, North Bay. F.G. Hill, A19433, R.C.O.C., T.C., Nickle Bldg.,Kingston, Ontario. Pte. Lawrie Atkinson, A47599, 24th Field Ambulance, Valcartier Camp, Quebec. Pte. N. Morton, B43066, C. Coy, 15th Platoon, Duff.-Hald. P. Rifles, Niagara Camp Pte. W.H. Rogers, B74752, Base Depot, Stanley Barracks, Toronto. Pte. E.C. Varey, B30085, No. 6 Clinic, No. 1 Manning Depot, Toronto Cpl. Edward A. Clifford, B83230, 7th Light Field Amb., R.C.A.M.C., Toronto. Pte. Norman Clements, C.A.S.F., Toronto. Pte. Gordon Titus, C.A.S.F., Stanley Barracks, Toronto. Pte. Norman B. Wright, B51606, 1st Batt. Lorne Scots, P.D. & H. Regt. Pte. Rob. Anderson Pte. Allan Kirkness Pte. Bus. Morton, Dufferin-Halimand Rifles, Niagara. Pte. N. Morton, B13066, C. Coy, 15th Platoon, Duff-Hald P. Rifles, Niagara Camp. Sgt. Frank Terry, B13076, C Co., D & H Rifles, Niagara Camp (overseas) Pte. Cecil Wilson, B43040, First Batt. DufferinHalimand Rifles, Niagara. Pte. Norman Clements, C.A.S.F., Toronto Pte. Wm. Cripps, C.A.S.F., Kitchener. Pte. John Gibbons, Princess Louise Argyle and Sutherland Light Infantry, Niagara Falls. Capt. A.J. Buchanan Pte. Harold Skilling Pte. William Withers Pte. Andrew Wilson, Army Medical Corp. Pte. Doug Price, Army Medical Corp. Pte. Frances Papillon Pte. Plunder Pte. John Waterhouse with 16 Corp. of Canadian Dental Corps. attached to R.C.A.F. Pte. D.G. Ryder, B30101, No. 6 Clinic, C.D.C. No. 1, Manning Depot, R.C.A.F., Toronto. Pte. Clarke Powers, B30102, No. 6 Clinic, C.D.D., No. 1, Manning Depot, R.C.A.F., Toronto. Pte. Clifford Dale, H.L.L., Hamilton. Pte. F.I. Holloway, A17060 A. Co 4, Plat. No. 12 Base Training Centre A.F., Chatham, Ont. Gar. K.A. McDonald, B6755, C Battery, R.C.A.T.C, Petawawa Camp. Pte. Allan Leishman, B36081, Canadian Dental Clinic, R.C.A.F., Trenton, Ont. Pte. George K. McLellan, No. 5 Coy A19RCA5C, Camp Borden. Cpl. J. A. McLellan, Valcartier. Sgt. E. A. Hansen, Toronto. Douglas Smith, AC-2, R70132, No. 6 Repair Depot Military P.O. 303, Trenton, Ont. Edward Lloyd Brewley, Wing 1 Squadron 1, R.C.A.F., St. Thomas, Ont. Wilson Brewley, No. 1 Bat and Gunnery School, R.C.A.F., Jarvis, Ont. Douglas McDonald, R.C.A.F., St. Thomas Kenneth Buck, R83372 No. 1 Wireless School, R.C.A.F., Montreal. Jos. Hurst, AC-2, No. 3 Service Flying Training School, Brantford, Ont. Ac-2 Alex Job, R88943, R.C.A.F., Jarvis School. J.C. Van Goozen, AC2, R6362, 1st Wind, 2nd Sqdn. 19th Eatry, R.C.A.F., St. Thomas, Ont. Sgt. Martin Buck, No. 9712, No. 3 SPTS, R.C.A.F., Summerside, P.E.I. Bill Watters, R.C.A.F. AC2 F.A. Van Wyck, R93320, No. 3 Equip. Depot,R.C.A.F., Moncton, N.B. T.E. Watson, AC R93317, Medical Service, T.T.S., St. Thomas, Ont. Joe Lasby, R.C.A.F., Aircraft Training School, Galt. L. R. McKersie, LAC A Group, R263158 #1 T.S.U., Debert, N.S. Sgt. Gordon K.. McLellan, R200655.


Pte. George Airdrie Pte. Wm. A. Airdrie Pte. C. Allen B46868 Pte. Ivan F. Bragg Sgt. J. Irwin, Lorne Scots, Base Depot Pte. Gene Inglis, B31929, B. Co., Hamilton Barracks. Pte. W.H. Elliott, B-57838 P.D.A.H. Regt. C.A.A., Standard Barracks, Hamilton. Cpt. R. O'hara, B51658, D. Co. Lorne Scots No. 11 Platoon Standard Barracks, Hamilton. Robt. Heatley S.A. James Wm. J. Finlay L-Cpl. J.W. Scriven, B71757, Canadian Provost Corps., North Bay, Ontario. V.A. Wheeler, A/R.R.A., IV, R.C., N. Barracks, Halifax, N.S. Len Lambert, H.C.N. Barracks, Howe block, Mess T1, Esquimalt, B.C. Gordon Gibbons, H.M.C.S., Neden I Mess, A Block, Fleet Mall Office, Esquimalt, B.C.


Gar, G.C. Wallace, A35393 Gar. A.R. Ford, A35257 Gar. J. Goy Gar. B.A. Patrick, A35282 Gar. B.D. Hodge, H35391 Gar. F.H. Taylor L.B.D.R. Neil Patrick, A35428 Gar. P. Kenney, A35292 Gar. Osbert Pittman, A35339 Pte. N.A. Price, A35258 Gar. H. Taylor Gar. J. Huard, 16/43rd Battery, R.C.A., C.A.S.F., 12th Canadian Field Regiment, Sussex Military Camp, Sussex, N.B. Pte. G.H. Bayliss, A37531 Pte. J. Cooney, A37183 Pte. D. Guthrie Pte. H.O. Cook, A37582 Pte. D.I. Close, A37537 Pte. F.J. Holmes, A37517 Pte. J. Murphy Pte. Ray Hillier Pte. John Chisholm Pte. R. Cross Pte. H. Woods Pte. J. O'Rourke, H.L.I. of Canada, Military Cmp, Debert N.S. L. Bdr. H. Deforest, A35206, 3rd Can Division, H3, R.C.A., Debert, N.S. Bag. C. Byrne, 435412, M.D. No. 1, Westbery Barracks, London, Ont., C.D.A.V. Wing Fus. Storey, R.M., A531894, D. Coy, No. 2, R.T.C., Knollwood Park, Kitchener. Pte. Gordon Cook, A570030, No. 10 Training Depot, Camp Hospital, Kitchener Pte. Ernest Wilson, A570158, No. 10 Training Depot, Camp Hospital, Kitchener Pte. Aubrey Gervais, Kitchener Pte. Wm. Cripps, C.A.S.F., Kitchener Capt. P.W. Pearen, Camp Borden Pte. H.W. Carnohan, B74660, Btn. Army Tank Bat., Ont. Reg. C Coy 13 Sec., Camp Borden, Ont. Pte. P.A. Elliott, B74689, "A" Infantry


H.V. Dron, A2016, AB-AA, L.G. D.E.M.E. H.M.C. Dockyards, Halifax, N.S. Thomas Albert Atkinson


Pte. Hugh O'Rourke Pte. George McHugh Pte. Geo. Lazenby Pte. Alex McDonald Pte. a. McDonald, B36055, 2C Coy, VVet. Gd. of Canada, New Toronto. Pte. Earl Davidson


Robert Allen, R165753 Tofino Air Base, Vancouver, B.C. John W. Chapman, AC3, R83767, R.C.A.F., Debert, Nova Scotia. Hector N. Lambert, R83571, No. 31 A.N.S., R.C.A.F., Port Albert, Ont. F.G. Turner, L.A.C., R64429, No. S.S.F.T.S. Summerside, P.E.I. Sgt. Pilot H.H. Hinton, I.A.C., No. 72327, E.F.T.S., Malton, Ont. G.A. Molorn, A.C. No. R85317, R.C.A.F., I.T.S., Regina, Sask. Lloyd Miller, A.C.2, No. 2 Headquarters, R.C.A.F., Toronto.

The list of Georgetown veterans on page 10 was first printed in the The Georgetown Herald in Feb. 1945. The Acton list (above) was printed in The Acton Free Press in April and May 1941 and was pulled from microfilms at the Halton Hills Public Library (Acton branch). In recent years The Independent & Free Press has added names. If you know of veterans omitted please call The Independent & Free Press at 905-873-0301 ext. 245.

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